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POLL: Why do you want to be good at golf?

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I have gone through a variety of motivations in my life. I played high-school golf and wanted to qualify for the state tournament. After that I played in a few tournaments a year and wanted to play well. Even later I played only business golf scrambles and usually played the "A" spot. My teammates depended on me. Later it became a way to compete with myself. This has become the most rewarding era.

Now at age 78, for sometime now it has been a way of competing with aging. A losing proposition. But I have shot my age several times a year since age 73 and that is my goal for each round. But you need to keep moving to shorter yardages.


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I certainly don’t play it often enough, but yes, I’d like to be better at it. Why? In my life I’ve only ever played tennis competitively at the high school level. I was too small for football or hockey, I couldn’t throw well enough for baseball, I didn’t have the patience to run for track or cross country, and my basketball game was shot after I hit my growth spurt. So I played tennis for 10 years, but I never really connected with it.

Golf is the first sport I ever truly became addicted to from day 1. It just seems natural that I’d want to be better at it.

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I don't want to be good at golf.  I want to be able to look at each round I play and say, "Today good enough."  I have been lucky to make some really good shots (no hole in one, yet), playing with some really good people, playing some beautiful courses, having some really good belly laughs on the course, and being able to go home to a really understanding wife at the end of the day.  If I get to the point where the goodness of the game is outweighed by the fact that the score isn't good enough, then I think I will have lost my desire to play and I would be able to walk away.

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- Harvey Penick

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I want to be able to pass the knowledge on to the kids I coach. I feel that if I'm not a good player or can't physically show them what certain things look like, I'm not an effective coach.

Also, I want to win my family's golf tournament. I'm already the low handicap guy and I need to shoot 2 rounds at just about even to win (FYI I've never shot a shore of even for 18 holes). So yeah, I need to be good at golf lol

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