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Vice Pro Plus balls


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On 9/12/2022 at 9:06 AM, mynerds said:

Picked up a box of pure white Pro Plus balls at target this weekend for a planned DIY ball-fitting project. If anyone is looking for the black or gold versions (both sold out online), they're at least still in stock at my target. I'd have to imagine they were restocked or people just tend to not go to target for golf balls 🤷‍♂️. They also had the Drive balls but no Pro's, Tour's, or any of their other types.

I believe Target is phasing out the Pro Plus, which is why most stores have the black and gold. I've seen the Drive but the only time I've seen Pro is the Pro Drip. No other models. Maybe there's a new version of Pro Plus coming out?

My big concern for Target is that the better quality balls update every couple years and I'm not sure Target will update their inventory. 

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So after much searching there is no doubt that the Vice golf balls are the best bang for buck here in Switzerland. 

I know the Pro Plus likely fits my game the best, however at 208 chf for 60 it is the most expensive. I am more curious if anyone has tried the Pro Zero. I know it isn't as highly rated and all that I have found in my quick search was it is much harder of a golf ball. Which is a feeling I am not opposed to. The price is near 50 chf cheaper for 60 so the value is certainly there. 

Love to hear some thoughts from spys who have used the Pro Zero. 

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