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PGA Show in Orlando, what was new

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I am not endorsing any products.  However, I spent a week in Orlando for the PGA Merchandise Show and thought members might find it interesting to know what some of the "new inventions" were.

Company name: What the product does.

360 Only:  A magnetic hat clip that holds a divot tool with ball marker

Alignment Ball Mark:  A ball marker that pushes into the green with dual plastic pegs.  You then rotate the arrow to point down your putting line.

Ahh Towel:  Small "cool" towels packets that are quite cold.

Golf Ball Plucker:  Extendable golf ball retrieval tool designed for use in your cart during scrambles.  I got one that fits in my hip pocket (slightly large) that I use on the green as I have trouble bending over or getting up and down.

Golf Fundamentals:  Sorry, I never did quite figure it out.

Putter Stand:  Device attaches to the end of grip to snap out to hold grip off the grass.

Kelkin Enterprises:  Incinerator Golf Ball, guaranteed not to slice or hook???  Probably can't get any spin either.

Lean Lock Putter:  Very long putter designed to putt at an angle.  Once again, I didn't really quite understand.

Runner:  Putter with adjustable weights in the putter head.

Tetra-Gram P-Putter:  Putter.  Looks like a blade putter with a mallot head on the "toe" half.  Has numbers on the "mallot" side to allow you to adjust distance. Italian.  These two guys were a blast.

Stance Caddy:  Series of attached wooden sticks used to gain proper foot alignment. Very complex.

Swing Jim:  Weighted Swing Practice Shaft.

The Gruv Shoppe:  Golf brush to be used on the practice range.

Zoom Broom:  Electric air broom for removing leaves, etc.  They say it will go in your bag, but it seems rather large.

XiQ:  Fleet Key is a digital key to replace standard keys in golf cart.

Kolven the Golf Ball Game:  Board game.  Liked by about everyone.

Precision Marker:  Precision Marker/Trainer Combo.  Golf marker and trainer; both designed to improve your game through better putting.

One thing I saw in the clothing section was:

Fitterest-Has golf shoe with valves to let air in and out of shoe.

I saw a lot of other things, but that's all for now.


SDVOSB precision Marker, Richard Sweet, Founder

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