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Best method to implement a swing change

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I recently got a tripod and started filming my swing. I'm trying to implement the following video by Athletic Motion Golf:

When I do the drill to start the downswing with my hands apart it lines up perfectly on plane and in line with my trail arm like it should. I've tried to move slowly and even at half speed but I continue to get steep anyway. As soon as I do the drill I can repeat the perfect position every time but adding any speed it gets steep again. 

Do you have any advice on how to implement this change? Is it continue to do very slow movements to try and engrain the feel then speed up a little? Any advice on how to make this change would be greatly appreciated. 

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Do the drill for 5-6 swings then take swings from the same position with your normal grip.

Even before that have you tried the progression drill with the open hand in the side? If no then try. If yes what was your result?

But keep in mind that there may be other issues in your swing that’s preventing you from being in the proper positions in the backswing and then downswing that effect your ability to do it with regular swings.

Also look at your swing doing the drill with spilt hands and one doing it with regular swings and see where things go wrong.

Lastly probably better and less frustrating long term to get some lessons 

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Yes , there could be many reasons for an overly steep downswing  so its best to look at the whole swing in its entirety to try and understand the cause and effect. Maybe your natural body type is suited to a steeper swing and it might not be a fault at all. 


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Why are you making this change?  Have you chosen to do it based on your expert evaluation of your own swing on video?  Do you really have the expertise to determine that this is what you need?  For most of us, the "steepness" you apparently have noticed is a symptom of something else, and there are lots of "something else" possibilities.   My suggestion, get some instruction from a skilled instructor.  He can help diagnose the CAUSE of the steepness, and provide drills that address the cause, instead of addressing the symptoms.

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