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Grip Solvent VS Mineral Spirits

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I may have some insight. Are you sure you used traditional mineral spirits or did you by chance use a "green" mineral spirits substitute not realizing it?  Ive bought at home depot a can of "Klean Strip Green" which on the label looks like it's just mineral spirits aside from the small logo change but it's actually an organic substitute.  It probably doesn't evaporate when enclosed like in a golf grip or it reacted with the tape/grip making a paste instead of evaporating.   I know from experience if you let it sit the liquid will sort of "gel" and get lumpy.   That's the most likely answer I can think of.




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On 3/17/2022 at 7:35 PM, Tyler86 said:

Well i let it sit for 2 days. Its stuck on there tight, finally. 

Late to the thread and your question but suspected that, given enough time, the solvent would evaporate and the grip would be tight.  Some solvents are slow to flash-off and Mineral Spirits would not be my choice if you want to use the clubs with 24 hours. As part of my DIY club build and re-grip bench, I opted to use this product from GW's.  I employ the compressed air method, use painters blue tape, a very light spritz with this solvent onto the new tape, and never had a slip problem with Golf Pride and Lamkin grips.  


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Late to this thread but I've been changing grips out with air for many years. I've haven't used double sided tapes for many years also. I use simple 2" wide painters tape. It's not as thick as the glue tapes. I've come to understand that you don't need these glue tapes nor do you need therefore any solvents to activate the adhesives. My experience has been, from many many many changeouts that the tape is only necessary for build up. After now know hoe much tape I need to get my desired grip size, I only put just a dab of a soapy liquid only inside the opening of the grip just to get the grip onto the shaft. Then I insert the tip of the compressor grip into the hole of the grip and start sliding the grip on. Easy

As I said, it's been my considerable experience that glue tape and solvent is absolutely not necessary. Waste of money. Build up with painters tape and blow the grip on. Never ever had a slip except when I didn't understand how much tape I needed to build up and to expand the grip enough that it grips the shaft after the process is over and the rubber relaxes.

Changes by the month. 🙂

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On 3/14/2022 at 8:20 AM, DiscipleofPenick said:

I've used mineral spirits and lighter fluid for 20 years with no issues. Grips never come off or twist once their on. Used a number of different brands too. The only thing I ever noticed was when I put the Super Stroke grip on my putter. I had to use considerably more spirits than usual.

I use odorless mineral spirits. Been doing it for over 20 years with no issues. Funny you mentioned Super stoke needing more than normal amounts. I found the same thing a few weeks ago when I regrouped my daughters putter.

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I've been using odorless mineral spirits for years and have never had a problem. I let them dry overnight in the garage. I live in Socal so its rarely below 60 in the garage anytime of year. 

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I use WD40 now for 5 years because Acetone is very expensive in NZ, I've just changed shafts in my brother's Pings and the shafts had Chamois grips which were a real hassle to remove with liquid so used air which was a 2 Man job removing. I had to use excessive amounts of liquid to refit the grips and they are not dry next day. Wondering if anyone had same issues and what did you do to fit them properly 😉  I'm thinking of using a hairdryer tomorrow if there still not 100% dry?

I’m a hacker who loves nothing more than to change how I play, be that grips shafts and heads its all fair game lol…

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