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Anybody carry 5 wedges?

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Hey, my PW is currently 42 degrees. I currently carry 52,56,60. There such a big gap between the two I was wondering if anyone else plays 5 wedges. I currently carry a 3 hybrid but thinking about dumping it cause I can hit my 4 iron pretty close to it.

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Carry whatever you need to fill the gap.  I played 5 for a while with a 44 degree PW, 48, 52, 54, 58.  In the end there was a lot of overlap and the gap between 3W and 4I became more problematic for me so I dropped the 52 and haven't had an issue since.

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Do whatever works best. It's at that end of the bag that gapping becomes more important IMO. If it were me I'd be looking at a 46, 50, 54 & 58 to go with the 42° PW.

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Yeah I don't play tournament golf so I carry a PW, 50, 52, 56, 60. I can get buy with less, but if I've got them, why not use them?

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I just switched over to the PXG 0211DC irons and with the jacked lofts I added a set matched Gap Wedge.  So right now I am gaming set PXG 42* & 48* along with TaylorMade Hi Toe 50*, 54* & 58*.  I can probably drop the TaylorMade 50* as I pretty much only use that and the 48* for full shots, but sometimes like to pitch with it.


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  • Wedges-  Taylormade Hi Toe 50*, 54* and 58*
  • Putter- Ping Sigma G Tyne (Superstroke grip)
  • Ball- Snell MTB-X Maxfli Tour X
  • Bag- 2021 Ping Hoofer USA Edition 
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Posted (edited)

I have a similar gap in my bag.  I carry a 43* PW (set), and 50, 54, 58.  Oddly, the 50 covers the gap into the PW pretty well (I think I would replace the PW with a vokey if I could)... though I have debated on adding a 46, but don't have room in my bag with all my woods/hybrids 😆.    Maybe spreading the gaps a little with a 46, 52, 58 (6 degrees separation instead of 4)?  Ok, now you have me thinking....


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I have PW (41*), AW (50* stock),  54*, and 58*

I had the AW bent to 48* and it evened out the gap I had. I stick the AW about 105-110 yds at this loft and it leaves a bout 10 or so yds to it's neighboring clubs.

I went the route because I was having trouble finding a 46*-ish wedge I like to add in.

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When I played my set of Titleist AP3 irons the PW was at 43 deg and the set GW was 48.  I then played a 52, 56 & 60.

Took my 4 iron out of the bag to make room for the 5th wedge.

My current set of irons has a 46 deg PW and then I have a 50, 54 & 58.


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Taylormade SIM Ti - 19 lofted down to 17

Tour Edge XCG7 - 21

Tour Edge C721 - 25

Corey Paul - 5-PW Japan Forged Minimalist Blades

Corey Paul Functional Art 50, 54 & 58

Odyssey O Works Black #7 with BGT Stability Tour Shaft, SuperStroke Traxion 3.0 & 75g CounterCore

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I roll with 5
PW (45 - P790)
AW (50 - P790)
52/56/60 (RTX4)

When I got the P790s, the 4 iron overlapped my hybrid while creating a large gap between AW and 56 so it's a necessity.  I've thought about getting a driving iron or seeing the distances on a new hybrid and going 52/58, but I will most likely stick with this for the summer.  

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Driver: Callaway GBB Epic

3 Wood: Callaway Epix Max - Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60g

4-AW Irons: TaylorMade P790 - KBS Tour 120g Stiff *fitted

52* 56* & 60* Wedges: Cleveland RTX4

Putter: Mizuno M Craft I Blue

Ball: Vice Pro Plus or whatever premium ball was on sale recently

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