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2022 OnCore Elixr

Berg Ryman

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Hey guys, so I got the email today that the new version of the Elixr has dropped and is available for order. Most interestingly I think this ball isn't coming from that Foremost plant where the original came from because the cover is 350 dimples, not the traditional 318 you come to expect for balls from that plant. Looking at the USGA Ball List, looks like they might be sourcing from Japan since that's where the majority of the 350 dimple pattern balls are coming from, except ironically the Velocity from Titleist.

Could this be the first known squeeze we see from Taylormade ramping up production at Foremost and Nassau? Hard to say but worth watching

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In a :ping-small: Hoofer Lite bag

 :mizuno-small: ST180, 10.5, Kuro Kage Silver TINI Dual Core 60-S 

:callaway-small: Epic Flash Sub Zero, 15*, Kuro Kage Silver TINI Dual Core 60-S 

:755178188_TourEdge: CBX119 18* Hybrid, Project X Evenflow Blue, 6.0

:mizuno-small: JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro 4-P, Nippon 950GH Stiff Flex

 :cleveland-small: CBX Zipcore 50* (bent to *49) and RTX Zipcore Tour Rack 54* (bent to *55), DG 115 Spinner, Tour Issue

 :cleveland-small: Smart Sole 4.0 C, DG 115 Spinner, Tour Issue

 SIK Golf Flo-C

:srixon-small: Z-Star XV Divide


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I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with it, or they were trying to save on production costs to remain price competitive. I believe OnCore's first balls were produced in a plant in China, and I wouldn't be surprised if they went back to their original manufacturer.

:taylormade-small: Stealth, 9*, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX 60
:ping-small: G425 Max 5W, Accra FX 2.0 150 M4 shaft
:ping-small: G425 Max 3H, 4H
:mizuno-small: JPX921 Hot Metal 5-GW, Aerotech Steelfiber i70
:vokey-small: SM8 56*, 60*
:EVNROLL: ER2V, +1* loft
:titleist-small: PRO V1

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My wife gave me a box for father's day. Anyone know how to tell the difference between 2020 and 2022 versions?

Driver:  Wilson Staff Cortex 9* Atmos Blue 6

3 Wood: Walter Hagen AWX

5 Wood:  Walter Hagen AWX

4 Hybrid: TaylorMade Aeroburner 

Irons 5-AW: TaylorMade Aeroburner HL 

Sand Wedge:   Wilson Harmonized 56*

Putter:   Wilson Staff Infinite Bucktown 34"

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1 hour ago, FightingScot82 said:

My wife gave me a box for father's day. Anyone know how to tell the difference between 2020 and 2022 versions?

The side stamps are slightly different.


ELIXR Enhanced - 2022 - Best Golf Ball Dozen White



ELIXR - 2020 - Best Golf Balls - 1 Dozen White

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Driver: :srixon-small: ZX5 9.5* with 46.5" Ventus Blue 6X
3-wood: :taylormade-small: SIM 15* with Diamana Limited 75S
5-wood: :cobra-small: RADspeed 18.5* with Motore X F3 60S
2i: :srixon-small: ZX with SteelFiber i95 Stiff

4hy: :titleist-small: TS3 23* with Tensei AV Blue 70 S
4i-7i :srixon-small: ZX7, 8i-PW Z-Forged, Modus3 Tour 120 S
50*, 54* :cleveland-small: RTX ZipCore Modus3 Tour 115
60* :cleveland-small: RTX Full Face ZipCore DG Spinner S400
Putter: :cleveland-small: HB Soft Premier 11s, :callaway-small: Toulon Chicago

Ball: Maxfli Tour, ProV1, Left Dash
Bag: :srixon-small: Ltd Edition Tartan, blue/green/yellow

Using :ShotScope: to keep track of my shots
:SuperSpeed: and Fit for Golf 

:wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged 3i-PW, KBS Tour-V 110S - Official Review
:titelist-small: Blind Ball Test (Ball #3 vs Ball #4) - Unofficial Review
 V3 GPS Watch + Tags - Official Review

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The first generation Elixr was a GREAT golf ball.  I cannot comment on the new ball / mfg but I would hope that they’re similar.  

Funny enough, I found a dozen in my closet that I somehow misplaced.  They’re 2 seasons old so I am not sure how they’ll perform.

  • Titleist TSI3 LAGolf DJ 65 5
  • TaylorMade SIM2 3 wood Fujilkura Ventus Blue 7-X
  • Mizuno HMB MP20 3i Nippon Modus 3 120S
  • Mizuno Pro 223 4-P Nippon Modus 3 115X
  • Vokey SM8 50, SM9 54 & 60  Nippon Modus 3 120s
  • L.A.B. MEZZ.1 LAGolf P135 
  • Srixon Z-Star XV Divide

Western, NY - Go Bills!

5.1 Index

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Played the Elixr for the last few years and really like it.  Been trying the Vero this season.  I saw there was a new version of the Elixr and was going to give it a try with their B2G1 special, but (right now anyway) they only have them in white.  No yellow.  So more Veros are in the mail.  Older eyes do better searching for the yellow...

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Walking ahead of my BagBoy QuadXL w Alphard eWheels
Driver: Callaway Mavrik SubZero 9* Neutral w stock Evenflow Riptide R flex shaft
3W  Titelist TS2 15* Draw w Tensei Blue R flex
3H, 4H Cobra One Length F9 Speedback hybrids (1”short) w Fujikura Atmos R flex shaft
5I-GW Cobra Forged TEC Black One Length (1”short, 2* flat) KBS 90 R flex shafts
56, 60 Cobra King MIM One Length Black (1” short) KBS HiRev2.0 125 S flex shafts
ER7  or Scotty Futura X - 35”

OnCore Elixr (lemon or lime)

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The 350 dimple pattern is from Launch Technologies in Taiwan (factory that produces most of Callaway’s ionomer balls I believe). The shift from Foremost is likely due to capacity and material shortages (DSG, Wilson, Vice, and TM are likely at the head of the line at Foremost although it will be interesting to see if TM continues following the Nassau acquisition).

:titelist-small:  915D3

:titelist-small:  909F2

:titelist-small:  690.CB

:titelist-small:  Vokey SM5

:ping-small:  iWi D66

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During OnCore's buy two dozen get one free promotion I wanted to purchase some Elixr golf balls based on  MySpyGolf reviews and the OnCore ball fitting assessment.  I also exchanged a few emails back and forth with the company asking which of their balls and versions they would recommend.  I ultimately decided to go with the 2022 Elixr. 

 As soon as they arrived, I put them into play.  With my relatively slow swing speed (typically in the mid to high 70's) I found a loss of distance when compared with my typical Srixon QStar Tour.   My playing partners even commented on it without being prompted.  Later that week I received an OnCore request for feedback on the ball's performance and decided to share my experience expecting that it go into a "feedback black hole" and I'd work my way through the remaining balls over time.  

Within hours I got an email response saying they were sorry for my experience and wanting to know a bit more detail about my game.  After I responded, within an hour I got a shipping notice that samples of Elixr 2020, Vero X1 and Avanti 55 balls were heading my way to try.  Their customer service representative explained they wanted me to live test which ball was better for my game.  When I wrote my review, I realistically expected nothing in return.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent customer service that OnCore provided.

After receiving the Elixr 2020 I immediately put it into play.  The Elixr 2020 has an overall lower compression (80 versus a stated mid-80's for the 2022 version).  With a sample size of one round, I found the Elixr 2020 performance to be overall better.  I regained the lost yardage and it was very solid around the greens (chipped in once and almost a second time).  I think the Elixr 2020 could be a contender to knock off the QStar Tour.  

Overall, I was impressed with the 2020 Elixr ball.  But I was ultimately more impressed with the OnCore's commitment to customer service.

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Ping G400 SFT driver with a Matrix MFS 5 Korean Prototype Senior shaft, 12 degrees
Mizuno GT180 3 wood, with a Tensei CK Blue 50 gram senior shaft
Callaway GBB Epic Heavenwood, with a Mitsubishi Diamana 50 grams senior shaft  
Ping G 20.5 degree 7 wood, with a stock Alta 65 gram senior shaft
Ping G hybrid 5 (26 degrees) with stock Alta 70 gram senior shaft
Ping G30 irons 6-W, Yellow dot with graphite Fujikura EXS 60i R2-Flex shafts
Edison wedges:  50 degrees, 55 degrees and 60 degrees, 2 degrees up with KBS Tour Graphite A flex shafts
Putters:  L.A.B. Direct Force 2.1 putter, 34.5" long, 67 degrees lie
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