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36 holes in one day - tips?

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I'm playing in our Coronation Cup at the start of June which is 36 holes in one day ūüė≤. Betterball in the morning, foursomes in the afternoon. Both shotgun starts with about an hour in between starts.¬†Playing with a good friend, great golfer off 6 so, hopefully he'll keep me on my toes...

Any tips on how to survive the day?

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Go east on your body the days leading up to it  

get a good nights sleep the night before

Don’t drink alcohol 

hydrate with water

Snack on trail mix and bananas 

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Hydrate well before the day and I don’t mean just the day before. If you aren’t used to drinking 64+ oz of water a day start now. Then on the course drink a bottle of water every 2-3 holes.

eat foods that will help your energy but not give you a crash. Sandwiches, fruit, nuts.

Drink electrolytes during the round as well

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Eat sensible thru the day (i.e. not hamburgers or hot dogs for lunch!).  You'll want protein snacks along the way, as well.


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Find comfortable shoes and take an extra glove. Doing 36 in normal golf shoes might be fine... Or also might be unbearable. Angry feet will shut down the fun in a hurry. 

Also, pack some bandaids or athletic tape. Hands, feet, etc might need some support if you aren't used to swinging a club that much. 

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Good advice so far, but a lot depends on if you are walking or riding for 36. If you are walking, then I would start a cardio workout right now. It is imperative to have better than "good" stamina to do a 36 hole marathon. 

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I always have extra socks in my bag. 

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I like to change shoes between rounds, including socks. If you can, I make a total change in clothes. Note: this is in addition to the previous comments. They're all spot on. Hydration has been rightfully emphasized, but I'll add to eat constantly. Like, nibble every hole. If it's hot, I find cold grapes are awesome. 

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Thanks everyone, great info. 

I'll get my water intake up and get supplies sorted. Started running again so that should help with stamina as it's a quite hilly course and we're walking - no buggies. 

Should be a fun challenge¬†ūü§ě¬†

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I would also build a plan for that 1 hour break. That's not a lot of time, and during that window, you'll need to:

  • Finish with scoring from round 1
  • Change socks / shoes
  • Eat some food, but not so much you're stuffed
  • Drink more water / sports drinks
  • Sit and rest for a bit
  • Hit a few shots to get loose for Round 2

I've seen tons of people in these events go in, sit down, eat a massive lunch, and head to the tee for round two without ever swinging a club. That usually ends ... badly.

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Lots of great advice so far. The only thing I would add is to take a cooler with ice and a cold, wet rag. Use the wet rag to cool your head, neck, antecubitals and underarms. Unless it‚Äôs cool in June where you are.ūüėé

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Besides hydration and food, I think the tip about changing socks after 18 is a good one. Makes your feet feel almost new.

If it's not raining, then spikeless shoes... I feel they are much easier on your feet than spiked ones.

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Great advice.  In addition, If possible take a shower and do a full change of clothes between the rounds.

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You guys are crazy. I'm 80 pounds overweight, and walk 36 holes in the Arizona heat at the peak of summer after binge drinking the night before, pounding a bloody mary on the first teebox, getting a hot dog and a payday at the turn, and hydrating with Coors Lite. 

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Drink plenty of water or hydrating drinks (low sugar).  

Avoid carbs in the morning (except maybe some fruit) and stick with proteins.

Energy bars are better for the afternoon as you will need them and they will help avoid the carb crash.

Rest the night before and eat a good meal for dinner and try to avoid alcohol and big desserts.

Between the rounds make sure to stretch and keep limber, avoid sitting or resting for extended period of time as you will start to build up lactic acid and stiffen up. 

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Fresh socks and underwear between rounds for sure. 

I would recommend some type of no sugar electrolyte supplement (LMNT, Ultima) instead of just water. You lose a lot through sweat and don't replace them with just water.

If carrying your own bag, get as much unnecessary stuff out of it as possible - I never realized all the stuff I lug around that isn't needed most days (e.g. rain gloves, jacket, wrench, more balls than I really need, etc.). Getting even a pound or two out of the bag makes a huge difference in energy expenditure over the course of 36 holes.

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