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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

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I've got a Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor for sale, comes with the original packaging, case, and charging cord. I sold it on eBay for $385 plus shipping, but the high bidder cancelled the order. I am working through some second chance offers, but I can cancel those if someone is interested. I'm looking to get $350 including shipping in continental US. My eBay handle is thebaums if you'd like to see any feedback. 


It works great outdoors, but I was really looking for something to use in my garage during the winter and rain; whether it was me or the MLM it wasn't meeting my needs when hitting into a net with limited space. 





Driver:  PXG Proto X, Ventus Black 6x
3 Wood: PXG Proto X, Motore X F3 7x
17* Hybrid: PXG 0317x GEN2, HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 80 HY
4-GW IronsMIZUNO PRO 225
Wedges 51* and 56*: Honma TII World
Putter: PXG Spitfire GEN2


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