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HZRDUS hybrid shafts not weighing correctly

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Hey everybody, I have a question. I got a few HZRDUS Smoke hybrid shafts parallel tip in 6.5 flex 80 g. When my buddy gave them to me, first thing I did was weigh them. All of the shafts weigh in the low 50 g range.

are these factory seconds, blems?


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How would anyone here know that? Nobody here sold them to your buddy and you didn’t say where your buddy got them from.

Your best bet is to contact PX and find out.

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Just a question in general. Surely of the thousands of people on this site, especially the club builders, someone would have experienced this.

I had a similar situation a bunch of years ago.

I had taper tip Dynamic Gold lites S-400’s and 3 of the 8 weighed in at a little more than 10g lighter than spec.

The HZRDUS seem like nice shafts and I’ll tinker with them.

Just curious.

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Shaft names for instance fx 65 or tx 80 dont guarantee the weight. We assume that unfortunately it occurs more often than not, Then some makers will consider the original length for the weight and some may consider the finished length for the weight who knows. 

In the case if the label calls out 80g, I would expect it to be somewhere near 80g +/- 4g lets say for the sake of argument.  

as RB suggest id get a hold of the folks at true temper/ PX and ask. You may actually have a fake

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Either the scale has to be off or they are fakes.  the specs say that shaft should be ~83 grams for that flex so there is no way they could be that far off.  I've never heard of "blemished" shafts, but if they are a thing I would have to imagine they would only be cosmetic blemishes and not products that are completely out of spec.  There is no way a company like True Temper (Project X parent company) would let a shaft out of their factory with their name on it that was so far out of spec. 


Does the shaft still have the sticker from the factory on the butt end?  Did you measure the tip & butt diameters and compare it to what it should be?  Chances are it won't match and some factory in China is taking some old A flex shaft and applying the current Project X graphics to it.

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Agreed, something doesn't make sense here.  I'd check the scale as step one.  But being 30 grams "off" on what's supposed to be an 80 gram shaft is concerning.

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