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The Set Wedge


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So, I find it intriguing that Lee Westwood uses two “UW” in his bag, and only relies on the 60° as his specialty wedge.  Yes, this information came from another forum, but PING’s website also backs up this information. It appears that he uses a 49° and a 53° i210 UW.  As someone who prefers a straight leading edge, this concept appeals to me.

What do you all think?  We can take it to the set PW discussion too if you all want.

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I have used a set UW or Gap wedge a number of times and I have liked it. I think it also depends on the type of club you get. A cavity back like the i210 is not going to be too hot, so chipping with it won't be a big change from chipping with a specialty wedge, but my i500s where a bit too hot and it was tough to adjust so I had two gap wedges per say. Recently I dropped it but given the gap I think I currently have I am thinking maybe a CBX style 48 weaken my current back to 52 or so and then like a 58 as the trouble club. Ahh so many experiments and not enough time.

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T100s W and ZX7 A wedge (both gap wedges) are fantastic. 

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