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Aldila Tour Blue vs Mitsubishi Tensei Blue CK


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Can anyone compare these two shafts? I've been playing the Tour Blue in R flex 65 for a year now and would like to try something different. Ten to 15 years ago my best driving was with an S flex Blueboard. That shaft really matched up to my swing. Now that I' 65 and my swing speed has dropped, I'm now hitting R flex shafts. I'm a user of Russ Ryden's Golf Shaft review website and, wanting to try to find some more magic with a Mitsubishi shaft, I think the Tensei Blue CK might come close to the flex profile (according to Russ's work) of the Tour Blue. The only thing about the Tour Blue is that the R flex might be a tad soft.


Does anyone have any experience with these two shafts or can anyone recommend  a MRC that fits the flex profile of Tour Blue that a 65 year old dude with a 90 mph SS (still  hard transition from the top) could use?

Changes by the month. 🙂

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Any of the more recent Tensei Blue shafts also have similar profiles to the CK that you inquired about, they just use different materials in the shafts.

Tensei AV Raw, or new for 2022 AV Blue.

Your 90 mph speed has you right on the cusp  of R or S flex and these shafts have somewhat softer tip profiles.

With a hard transition you may want to look at a S flex just for additional stability and spin reduction.

Ideally, you would be able to find a place where you could demo one of them for comparison to the Tour Blue.

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I cannot offer comparison between the two but I just picked up a TSi2 3w with the Tensei Blue AV R.  I've never hit a Tensei before. Like you my driver SS often has me straddling R and S flex on most mfg.'s charts.  I'm finding the Tensei to feel very good and suspect were I to be fitted to the Blue/Orange/White series, odds are it would be Blue, and most likely R flex. My swing is on the "aggressive tempo" side... think Rahm and Finau but just a wee less ball flight performance 🙂.

Hopefully one of the forums shaft specialists can offer some further insights.

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I have the Tense ck Blue shaft in my Cobra F8 Driver, Fairways & Hybrid………very smooth shaft.  I replaced it a Project X Evenflo cb (blue) and PXG 0211 driver.  After using the Tense ck blue for several years, I found the Evenflo even smoother.

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On 6/5/2022 at 3:50 PM, fozcycle said:

I have the Tense ck Blue shaft in my Cobra F8 Driver, Fairways & Hybrid………very smooth shaft.  I replaced it a Project X Evenflo cb (blue) and PXG 0211 driver.  After usin* the Tense ck blue for several years, I found the Evenflo even smoother.

Interesting. I hit the new av blue and and getting it in my HL3. It was powerful and easy to control. It got me thinking of looking for one in my driver to for a little launch while keeping my current spin. Sadly I can’t find anyone selling a 65x new av blue with xlink. 

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