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What’s your feeling on jumbo grips on your wegdes

seems to me helps keep my grip pressure not so tight 

ping g  driver

ping g25 3w

ping g25 irons

ping g25 hybrid

ping sigma tyne putter 

ping stealth wedges


love the  game play of golf 

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13 hours ago, DRIVEFIRST said:

What’s your feeling on jumbo grips on your wegdes

seems to me helps keep my grip pressure not so tight 

The components of the various clubs are assembled to optimize how you strike the ball.  If jumbo grips on your wedges give you the best performance then you should use jumbo grips.  Each component is somewhat personal so what works or doesn’t work for another person isn’t really important.  For you it seems to lesson grip pressure. For the above poster it helps keep the face more open. For others it may provide a more solid connection to the club or enable them to pay due to arthritis.  

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My issue is the other way. Small hands, I take mens small or ladies large gloves. Finally moved from standard grip to the grip they never talk about - undersized. It's helped me enormously with my woods, giving me a chance to roll over the club and avoid the push. The only clubs I now have in standard are my wedges.

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I have oversize (jumbo) on all my clubs, except driver, which is midsize. Really helps with the arthritis I have in my hands, and I can play a pain free round. I play Lamkin Crossline Oversize, and have for a few years, and they do wear well, but I do not play excessively. Reasonable price, and I think they are a good value. Tried the "soft" feeling grips, and did not like them for lack of feel, and they wore out quicker than I would have expected, for the price. I have a SuperStroke CB 2.0 on my putter.

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