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Rangefinder Issues

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I picked up a GoGoGo a month or so ago and it’s terrible. Mine does the same thing so I have to scan 5+ times every time to get a distance I think is accurate. It was $100 bucks, so I’ll use it for a year or so and replace it with a better unit. 

I would avoid PrecisionPro as well. The GoGoGo replaced my NX7 that lasted about 3 years before a solder point failed. They don’t service them and I couldn’t fix it based on how they are built. They offered a coupon code for a new one, but I don’t want to spend $200-300 for something that’s only going to last a few years. 

To put it in perspective, my 8 year old Bushnell V3 still works just fine. That’s a testament to the build quality over Precision Pro’s and other cheaper options. It’s in my sons bag currently. So my next is likely to be another Bushnell. 

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21 hours ago, PrecisionProGolf said:

Sorry to hear that you've had trouble with your Gogogo rangefinder, @ndstrand. We're obviously a bit biased when it comes to which rangefinder we think is the best, but we still wanted to share our thoughts on the subject. 

First off... a couple of people on this thread used the words "confidence" and "trust" in regards to their rangefinders. This is how we think about it, too. A rangefinder doesn't just measure a distance; what a GOOD rangefinder truly does is instill confidence. Our goal is that golfers will trust buying from Precision Pro and they'll have confidence in their rangefinder. This is why we have invested so much in our customer service and now have the industry-leading protection plan. It's also why we recently released the NX10 rangefinder. 

The NX10 is our newest rangefinder. It's customizable and interchangeable, which means you can have one rangefinder with dozens of different designs. (Image attached) However... what golfers will appreciate most is the all-new industrial design and the build quality of the NX10. You'll immediately be able to feel the difference between this rangefinder and other rangefinders -- even over our previous models. It's the best rangefinder we've ever built and, in our tests, outperforms the competition in terms of reliability, durability, and picking up the flag. (Especially at picking up the flag at over 150 yards out.)

Happy to answer any questions you might have about it. We're in the works with the MyGolfSpy team to try to do some MGS Forum Testing with the NX10, so keep your eye out. Thanks, all! 



NX10 scattered 4th of july flag bkgd.png

I can personally attest to the great customer service at Precision Pro

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15 hours ago, chisag said:


... I think we would all love to hear more on this. Which models did you test against and how much more accurate and how much faster is the NX10? Even if you are equal in accuracy and speed to the top brands at a lower price point and better customer service, that would make yours a better option. I have pretty much used Bushnell for 30 years, a V5 currently but occasionally it will not vibrate or it takes several attempts. My V3 developed "sun spots" and they would not replace under warranty saying I left it out on my cart causing the sun damage. Problem is I use a remote cart and always keep my rangefinder in it's case and after making those comments on the Bushnell Facebook page they contacted me and ended up replacing the unit. A customer should not have to jump through hoops and take back door channels to get a warranty replacement. I have used a few cheaper models and ended up giving them to family and friends. 

My v3 also has a sun spot in the lens but they only offered me $150 off a new one, but of course they wouldn't ship it to me lol. It has been working for about a year since it happened, but now it seems like it's finally kicking the bucket. Tried a new battery but it's not helping.

My buddy has a V5 shift and, unsurprisingly, it works great. Quick lock on and jolt, clear optics, feels solid as you would expect.

I'm a brand ho through and through, and the price difference between the V5 shift and this new NX-10 isn't that much... it's just hard to not go with the tried and true, ya know?

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