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What would be the best 2022 US Open PGA vs LIV feud?


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1. Brooks vs Bryson, great for PGA vs LIV

2. Rory vs. Sergio, great for Ryder Cup

3. ? vs Phil, 30 year fan favourite Tott bad Tiger is not in it as the world would love a Tiger vs. Phil battle

4. ? vs Ricky more recent new comer fan favourite, Maybe Scottie or Justin vs. Ricky for the younger golfers

5. some PGA  old timer vs Richard Bland, battle of the aged underdogs

All would be great:

US media would love #1

European tour media would love #2

Long time golfers would love #3

newer golfers (from 2010 on) wold love #4

many would like #5



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Maybe it is Rory vs Phil.

Picture says it all. Phil's new villainous look despite the white hat especially since he always wore a black hat.

Per Golf.com "There’s a date inscribed on Rory McIlroy’s golf bag this week:

April 18, 1775.

On that date the “shot heard ’round the world” was fired at dawn in Lexington, Mass. The ensuing battle kicked off the American Revolution."


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Per Inside Golf, If you just stopped by for a quick glimpse, you'd think all was well in Camp Mickelson.
On Tuesday, Mickelson played a practice round in front of a full set of fans. He hammed it up, flashing thumbs up, lobbing Celtics references to the crowd, cracking jokes, making the extra effort to be his famously fan-friendly self.
For the most part, the crowd reciprocated his enthusiasm. Some had wondered whether he'd receive different treatment after becoming the face of the LIV breakaway league, but in real life Mickelson seemed to be an unabashed fan favorite.
Lefty has become a polarizing figure of late, and understandably so. But the vocal majority in Boston seem to either support his decision to sign with LIV Golf, not care about golf's increasingly complicated geopolitics or not know about LIV Golf at all.
"LIV Laugh Love, Phil!"

"Get that money, Phil!"

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