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Unofficial Review: Jones Trouper R

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Had this posted in another forum but thought I'd get it out in the open for other interested parties.

I just picked up the "new" trouper R bag that came out somewhat recently; compared to prior versions it says online there's some minor functional updates to address issues users had before; the reason it really caught my eye this time around was all of the new colorways. I went with the Sienna.

I've used it for a few rounds now, but have pretty much encountered everything you would with a bag except for riding in a cart. For reference I'm coming from a Taylormade Flextech crossover which I'll make some comparisons to.

Dividers: 5 way divider; one on bottom for wedges, two in middle for irons, one above that for woods, and one putter well.

I came from 14-way dividers which I really didn't like anyways, 5-way is pretty much perfect for dividing up everything. The putter well is nice and wide so that you aren't having to mash your headcover in each time. The handle is pretty much standard issue, but feels solidly made like it will last.


- Large side pocket: comfortably holds rain cover, rain jacket, and extra pullover. Also includes the secret zipper to the bottom of the bag for when you drop stuff into the top.

- valuables pockets: has two soft lined pockets on the same side; I really like these because I can stash my rangefinder in one and my wallet/keys/etc in the other.

- side pocket 1: I use this pocket for golf balls, it actually encompasses a pretty large area around/outside the cooler pocket as well, so no shortage of room

- side pocket 2: I use this pocket as my main water bottle holder; it has a small mesh stretchy piece at the bottom meant to keep things from sliding out. It's not an open spot in the bag which I liked about my old one, but very easy to zip open/close for easy access to water while walking.

-Medium side pocket: this is the classic catch all for extra gloves, sunscreen, practice item, etc. Should fit all you need in a stand bag.

- Cooler pocket: insulation lined pocket, I use this pretty much every time I play for various snacks/drinks that I want with me. So I'll usually have a water bottle in pocket #2 permanently, and then throw granola bars, gatorade and what not in this one. Nice to keep those items from melting on a hot day. You could easily put other things in here if you really didn't want to use it as a cooler pocket. 

The only thing I felt I was missing on these in comparison to my old bag was an obvious spot for tees; I always just had them dumped into a smaller pocket. I easily resolved this by putting them in a little grab bag inside the medium side pocket. there's also the option of having another small bag clipped on externally where there are plenty of spaces to do so.

Carry Straps: These are a bit unique to Jones; the left strap is the same as every other carry strap in design, while the right one is a little bit different shape so that it can be used as either a one strap carry or backpack style, I use it as backpack style. I hated the straps in my taylormade bag as they were always getting twisted up and weren't particularly padded. These straps are significantly padded and while they may lose a slight edge on comfort with the dual function strap being a bit thicker; they're still more comfortable than my last bag or my Ping 4series from eons ago. They were easy to adjust and once I was actually playing, I never thought about them, which is about all you can ask for.

Other features:

Has a built in carabiner, perfect for a range finder; I actually just use the old school buckles to hang my towel and brush. Legs are solid, snap in/out easily. Contains umbrella slide in. Other handles are well placed.

Overall: very happy with the bag thus far; it's pretty comparable in price to other newly released offerings; I also liked that they gave me a 10% off coupon for subscribing. The new "R" bags are also made with recycled material which made it an easier sell. As far as looks, this bag checks all of the boxes for me in that is has a variety of awesome colors and little to no branding. I really like the idea of getting my bag from a golf bag company, in that I find it to be a little better thought out and hopefully of higher quality. Plenty of things with the TM bag that left me wondering what they were thinking when they designed it.

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Woods:   Sub70 949x - Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7X

Irons:       Sub70 639 Black MB 4-P - TT DG X100 ; Sub 70 699 Pro 3i

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Putter:     Scotty Cameron Newport

Ball:         Titleist Pro V1

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Good info, but yeah pictures showing the features you're talking about would be helpful.

I have a few year old Jones Trooper; really nice all around .. except .. for me the oval top is just a leeeettle too snug. I have a smaller bag for lightweight, 5 to 7 club carry.

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Here's some pictures; 

1. Strap differences

2. buckles and carabiner hook,

3. Medium Side Pocket

4. Cooler Puch

5. Small side pocket / water bottle pocket

6. Small side pocket; have about 16 balls in there at the time of the picture

7. Large side pocket; valuables pockets are on the side and top of this one

8. Putter Well

9. Top










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Driver:     Titleist TSi3 - Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 6X

Woods:   Sub70 949x - Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7X

Irons:       Sub70 639 Black MB 4-P - TT DG X100 ; Sub 70 699 Pro 3i

Wedges: Sub 70 286 52* & 56* ; Sub 70 JB 60*

Putter:     Scotty Cameron Newport

Ball:         Titleist Pro V1

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On 6/22/2022 at 8:25 PM, Shankster said:

You even got a good color!  Dig the VT head cover too!  Nice looking kit!!

Thanks, and yea it was a natural fit with all of my hokies gear!

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Driver:     Titleist TSi3 - Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 6X

Woods:   Sub70 949x - Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7X

Irons:       Sub70 639 Black MB 4-P - TT DG X100 ; Sub 70 699 Pro 3i

Wedges: Sub 70 286 52* & 56* ; Sub 70 JB 60*

Putter:     Scotty Cameron Newport

Ball:         Titleist Pro V1

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I picked up a Utility Trouper 2.0 earlier this year, I think shortly before the R was released. Overall I think it's great, and agree with just about everything in the review. Slight difference in my setup -- I use side pocket 1 (your ball pocket) for gloves and markers, and put balls+tees in the medium side pocket (easier to reach in and grab one as I head toward the water and need a new ball to drop 😅 ). I might still play around with that configuration though (and might try moving the balls to where you have them). I also agree that there isn't a clear place for tees, so mine are just rattling around with my golf balls.  

One issue I ran into is is with the stand (looks like the R has the same stand, as I'm guessing all Troupers do). Nearly all bags that I've owned have had a stand that hooks into the legs from the outside-in, so the pressure of extending the legs pushes into the hook; the Trouper does the opposite, hooking in from the inside and relying on a locking washer to take that pressure. Well, somewhere near the 3rd tee in only round #3 carrying the bag, one of washers popped off, making the stand just dangle loose -- could not find it after realizing what happened, and the stand simply did not work the rest of the round (could hook it back in, but it would pop right back out the next time I put it down because there's nothing there to hold it). The stand mechanism is exposed inside the bag too, competing for space with the clubs/grips, which is not ideal but hasn't caused any issues yet (that I know of -- guess it's possible it contributed to this issue). 



Customer service was great -- they first sent new parts, and after I somehow failed to get the repair to stick, they took the bag back to fix it themselves. Haven't had the issue come up again, but I'm watching it carefully (one of them looks loose, but sturdy so far). They did say that if it continues to be an issue, they'll just replace the bag too, but hopefully it doesn't come to that -- plus if it does happen again, I'm probably just going to put a washer on and then bend the end of it so that it can't pop off quite as easily. 

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