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Titleist TruFit Hats

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I couldn't find any reviews for Titleist TruFit hats online anywhere so I thought I would share. I've always struggled to find a nice fitting hat. The Titleist Tour Mesh L/XL stretchy fitted hats were always the best but not perfect as I could sometimes feel them start to squeeze my head after a couple hours. I also don't like the hats with the adjustable straps because my head is just big enough that they tend to look a little funny (too stretched out) when I get them to my size.

So I was looking around and stumbled across the Titleist TruFit hats. The TruFit hats are basically the same as the other Titleist offerings but they are made to a specific size. I did some research and buying sized hats is not unique but it seems rather unique to the golf industry. I've been in an actual hat store before and understand a little about hats but I'm not a hat guy. I don't own any custom hats and I don't wear snapbacks or fiftynine fifties, etc.

So I wrapped some string around my head, cut it to size, and measured it. It came back like 23 7/8 or 7 5/8 in hat size. I took a few minutes and lots of repeated measurements around my head to make sure I was getting it as close as possible. I ordered the 7 5/8 TruFit hat from Titleist and it fits perfectly. No elastic in the hat that can slowly tighten. I wish I would have tried a TruFit hat years ago, if they existed then. The hat was on the pricey side at $42 with shipping but it's nice to have a hat that fits properly. I will likely order more in the future to have a rotation and some different colors.

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