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Poll: Driving Range Warmup Before Playing a Round?

Do you warmup with a bucket of balls before every round more often than not?  

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  1. 1. Do you warmup with a bucket of balls before every round more often than not?

    • Yes.
    • No, I’m only on the driving range for practice.

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1 minute ago, ParFore74x said:

Absolutely love how you wrote that. It’s like the beginning of an intense golf adventure book or something. 😂 

Isn't every round of golf an adventure! 🤣

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7 minutes ago, Tom the Golf Nut said:

Isn't every round of golf an adventure! 🤣

Yes it is!!!!

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I almost always spend time on the range prior to my round, not for practice, but to loosen the body.  I don't spend a lot of time hitting balls if I'm going to play (most of my range time is trash talk with other members).  After 10-15 minutes of hitting 7 iron and driver, I move to the chipping range for a bit, then over to the putting range to get a feel for green speeds.  I don't consider my warmup time prior to a round as any sort of practice.  I spend practice time entirely different.

Having said that, I do belong to a golf club and range balls and practice areas are always available as part of my monthly dues.  If I go to another course where I need to purchase a bucket of balls, I may or may not do so.  Generally, I don't.  This is not because I'm too cheap to pay the $2 or so for the token, but rather that I can loosen up without hitting balls just as easily with my orange whip and I'd rather spend any time prior to the round on the putting green and chipping areas, if available.

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For those who like to warm up on the range like I used to, I’ve found the Orange Whip is excellent to loosen me up at the first tee. I do 10-20 one handed tennis swings and then 10-20 full swings (forced to pause at the top) and I’m ready to play. Luckily it also reminds/forces me to slow down my transition at the top - highly beneficial for me, though not an affliction everyone suffers from.

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I just putt for a few minutes.

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I know I play better if I warm up a bit on the range first. It’s 6:30 am and I like to shag a few balls back to the tee line w a sand wedge. Then hit them back out w a seven iron and driver. See what shot shape came to the course w me today.  Then chip and putt. My problem is that many days they are mowing the range at 6:30; so all I get to do is chip and putt. Such first world problems…. Either way, stretching is mandatory whether or not the range is open; and doing a two club drill doing some exaggerated feels. 

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I never used to warm up before a round.  However, I've had recurrent back injuries over the last few years, and if I don't warm up first now, I'm very stiff and tentative for the first few holes.  I always grab a small bucket of balls, and hit gap wedge (usually some pitches moving into full swing), mid iron, long iron, and a couple driver.  My striking doesn't improve any, and I'm not trying to work on anything in my swing, its just a progression that gradually lets me ramp my speed up to a point where my body feel comfortable at full speed going to the first tee.  Sometimes I don't even use the full bucket of balls, I just quit when my body feels loose.  Then I hit the putting green for whatever time I have left before tee off and try to get the speeds and my start line down.

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I only hit around 10-12 shots on the range for my warm-up.  Like Dave mentioned above, unlimited range balls are included in our membership.  I hit some putts on practice green and time permitting will hit a few chips there also.   Question for others, why do some people practice chipping and putting with range balls instead of with their typical gamer balls?  That I don't understand at all.    Anyways, back to the original question, if I'm playing, the range is a quick warm-up session, it's not a time to work on changes, etc.  

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For me a warm up on the range is more mental than anything. I'll hit a wedge, 7 iron, 4 or 5 iron, and driver typically. I don't like heading to the first tee "cold." Does it actually make a difference in my round for the day? Who knows. But in my head it helps! haha

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I go to the range only if I haven't played in the last week. Not a big deal if I don't make it there. Takes me a few holes to warm up. I am in reasonably good shape for my age(65). I just try to keep it in the fairway. Short game takes a few holes too. Putting I figure out as I go...

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I try to hit ~20 balls before each round. That plus stretching out the back before heading out to the course has shaved a couple strokes off per round. Especially in the first few holes. 


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Maybe I should reconsider the driving range before I play. Was 6 over thru #5 today, 2 under for #6 thru #18 --- stupid game.

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I almost always hit half a bucket which is roughly 40 balls, however I first stop and hit balls that are left at the chipping and pitching area to establish a good tempo and distance control for a positive mindset on the course although it sometimes backfires. We have an awesome practice area. Then go to the full swing area and hit a wedge, short iron and long iron. Then a few fairway woods and maybe a handful of driver shots. I have been practicing putting at home before I go if I am coming from the house. I could pitch balls at 30 - 60 yards for hours down there and have. 

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I definitely used to hit at at least a small bucket before every round, but rarely do so anymore.  With my old man hip, knee and back issues, I'm afraid that I'll use up too many of my allotted pain-free swings for that day, so I hoard them like a miser. 😆  I do putt religiously before rounds.

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As I have said I usually hit before a round but sometimes doing this can have adverse affects on my swing thoughts when I play a course that doesn't have a range. Relying on a warm up to play a decent round and not being able to warm up can leave me doubting my readiness for a round, often taking me a few holes to get a good tempo. Possibly it is better to keep practice as practice and warm up just with my orange whip.... Not sure I will try it though...

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