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Poll: Driving Range Warmup Before Playing a Round?

Do you warmup with a bucket of balls before every round more often than not?  

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  1. 1. Do you warmup with a bucket of balls before every round more often than not?

    • Yes.
    • No, I’m only on the driving range for practice.

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9 of the 13 courses I regularly play, don't have practice ranges.  Instead, they offer a "batting cage" with one or two stations...always too crowded to hit more than 5-10 shots.  Instead, I've taken to stretching, especially shoulder/rotator cuffs and making a few swings with an Orange Whip. 4:20 rounds are pretty "standard" - not sure I'd be thrilled with adding another 30 minutes of range time.

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We have  a practice green, two nets and a range where the maximum club allowed is 7i. I do always play better though if I have hit a bucket (of my own balls) to loosen up, 50yds 75yds 100yds 125yds up hill. 

Have been working on a more structured putting regime but there are no straight putts on our green so very much speed training and assessing damp and wind.

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On 7/17/2022 at 9:06 AM, Middler said:

I used to hit a small/medium bucket before every round, but I noticed some good players who don’t and I stopped - partly due to nagging injuries. I do chip, putt (my #1 priority) and loosen up with an Orange Whip before I play, but no driving range warmup any more. To be honest, it hasn’t made any difference in my scoring, I keep stats. No right or wrong, just wondering what the split is between the options. I’m only on the driving range now when I am working on something specific, not to warm up anymore.

Warming up your muscles and getting the joints loose is the most important thing in my book. That’s also my professional opinion, I’m an athletic trainer. I only hit the range when I’m trying to work on something. And barely ever before a round. I do stretch, chip and putt and get my arms loose.  I haven’t done it yet but I think having a theraband in your bag would help get everything going a lot faster. 


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I play everyday at my Club so I dont hit a full bucket. I have a specific routine:

stretching - putting green - half wedges (3 balls) - full wedges (3 balls) - 7 Iron (3 balls) - 3W (3 balls) - Driver (3 balls)

Then I hit 2 balls visualizing the first hole I will play (usually Driver - 7I ) 

Then putting green again.

So, in total not more than 17-20 balls.

When I have time before living home, I go into the jacuzzi to warn up those cold muscles (living in Canada)!

Playing one length clubs in Canada 

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In our group most guys do but like you said the best player in our group never hits a bucket.  He chips and putts and calls it good.  I have and I haven't hit buckets I honestly can't tell any difference.  No difference in scores.  I do use Golf Forever to get a full body stretch/warmup before I do either range or play a round.  I think that aids more than anything. One of the best rounds I had lately, was a last minute chance to play nines holes with a buddy from out of town.  We had time to check in and head to the tee box.  No buildup in my head, in jeans, couple of swings with the driver and we were off.  Wish I could capture that mindset every time I golf. 

WITB - Currently hitting PXG 0211s, irons, driver and putter.  Cleveland wedges.  Love golf, wish I was better at it than I am.  Try to play at least one time a week and get to the range or some other type of practice, putting, chipping a couple times a week.  

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Most of the courses I play regularly at home do not have ranges. If I'm playing in a tournament or playing a championship course on a trip I'll always hit the range but that's only 20% of the time. I definitely don't put in a full range session either. I like to focus on wedges to get distance control (to an extent) down and the feel. I'll hit a few with my 7-iron and then move up to 3 wood and end on driver before the first tee to help get the bad shots out early. I spend a lot more time on the putting green and short game areas if they have it.

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On 7/17/2022 at 3:10 PM, goaliedad30 said:

I have a very consistent 35-40 minute warmup routine:

  • Lag putting: ladder drill 20/30/40/50 feet for distance control
  • Short putting: ladder drill from 2/4/6 feet, sometimes add gate drill if I've been fighting that range
  • Chipping and pitching with 50 / 54/ 58 wedges 
  • Wedges on the range until contact is crisp and consistent (usually 20-30 balls)
  • A few irons (odds or evens) - usually 10-15 balls
  • A few hybrid / fairway wood shots - usually 10-15 balls
  • 3w & driver off of tees until I feel good about today's shot shape and contact (usually 10-15 balls)
  • Last swing is a great shot with the club I will hit from the first tee

So, I probably spend 15-20 minutes at the short game area, and then hit around 50 balls on the range. I usually feel nice and warm, and positive about my contact going to the first tee.


@goaliedad30 Thank you for sharing! This is a routine that I would love to adopt. As it stands, I do as much warm-up as I can usually focusing on putting and chipping to get a feel for the greens followed by a small number of full swings just to knock the cobwebs off.


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If I play a course that has a range, I'll smack a small bucket. The course I generally play on the weekend has no range - so we all just swing away!


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I've hit a point in my life where a warm-up is essential.  Not just for the golf itself, but it's harder to get loose and feel like I can move the way I need to.  Now I have a pretty standard routine that seems to work -- 8-10 short chips and pitch shots, 5-6 wedges, 5-6 short irons, 4-5 long iron shots, 3-4 fairway woods and 8-10 drivers, putt for a few minutes. I vary the clubs but use this routine to get loose, work on timing and contact.  Takes about 20-25 minutes total.  My scoring hasn't improved dramatically, but I have few issues with my back and general stiffness.


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Hit at least a few before every round, Sundays are tough as we tee off at 7am.  Always have found water balls/scrappers in the bag, as long as I hear a few "cracks" (joints not clubface and ball) before the first official shot, I'm good. 

Never practicing before playing, always getting loose. 

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I always says I should get to the course early to hit a few balls on the range but always end up showing up like 10-15 minutes before my tee time and chip and putt a little. A feel that if I can get a few stretches in on the tee box I am usually loose enough for the first swing. Plus if I hit it bad the first tee I can always use the excuse that I am still warming up lol.


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Typically I focus more on my putting and short game prior to rounds. If I have time before I go Ill hit some balls in my garage to warm up. Id rather mishit my first or second shot on a hole where I can recover than risk a mishit around the green or a missed putt. 

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I feel better on the course when I warm up.  My swing thoughts get organized and prioritized on the range so I don’t have to figure those out on the course.  I also try to hit some pitches, chips and of course putt before each round.  I put 30-45 minutes in before I hit the first tee every round.

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I normally don’t warm up a lot of times I plan to but by the time the day comes, I end up running behind and running straight to the 1st tee and then when I do warm up a lot of time to charnges into a practice session and I walk to the 1tee of the golf course more confused about my swing than when I left the house. So I like using a good quick stretching plan

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I often joke it takes 9 holes to warm up. Mostly because the courses I play don’t have a driving range. Those that do I’ll warm up with a small bucket just to get limber. Otherwise it’s putting and stretching. 

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Yes, I'm one of those golfers who can't just walk up to the first tee and go.  I need to get loose and get my brain ready to go.  I stretch, I use a full-size Orange Whip weighted club to warm up and I hit the practice green to get an idea of the green speeds before putts start costing me strokes. 

I've invested the time and money in playing.  There is no sense in cheating myself out of the possibility of a great round (or at my age doing something dumb like pulling a hamstring getting out of the cart). 

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I usually warm up with about 20 balls on the range to get the blood flowing and body moving. At this point I’m not trying to change anything with my swing, just working with my one swing thought for the day. I then spend 10 mins chipping and another 10 mins putting to get the speed of the greens. 

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