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3 Moves That 100% Of All Tour Golfers Do?

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11 hours ago, NCDuffer said:

Theoretically if you spike pressure in the trail foot then the right hand rule of torque would dictate that the Gx vector would be in the total opposite (Gx') thus behind the golfer and would throw off their center of rotation (M'). The spine would have to straighten and move counterclockwise from the top of the swing and result in an "early extension".

i believe this.  I struggle with early extension. The other day I played 9 with trying to keep 60% left heel to start swing and get that feeling back by start of downswing and rotating through.  Best iron striking I’ve had in quite some time.

I'm not sure what you mean by spike pressure of the trail foot. Can you elaborate on the direction this force is being applied by the trail foot on the ground?

Here is Dr Sasho Mackenzie's opinion on what causes early extension and apparently it might not be bad for a driver swing compared to irons (although I'd like to see the evidence).

GGM Preview: The Ground Mechanics Associated with Early Extension | Dr. Sasho MacKenzie and Mark Blackburn explain how ground mechanics can offer a clearer understanding of swing characteristics like Early Extension.... | By BodiTrak Golf | Facebook

It does seem to be caused by a mismatch in the forces applied by the trail foot vs lead foot.

Using Dr Kwon's images the problem seems to stem from horizontal-plane torques as shown below (too much FR and not enough FL ).





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I was quoting @m3davidson post stating that I believed what I read of his.  He’ll have to explain it.

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Some folks say golf messes up a nice walk.  That’s not true, golf makes a nice walk bearable.

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