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Official Cobra Forged Tec Contest-WINNER ANNOUNCED!


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Amazing opportunity, good luck to everyone who takes the time to enter! I hope the lucky winner writes up a solid review here.

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In my  :wilson_staff_small:  carry bag:
:callaway-small: Mavrik Max 10.5* R Flex Evenflow RipTide
:cleveland-small: Hy-Wood
:cleveland-small: Launcher 5h
:wilson_staff_small: D7 6i-GW
:cleveland-small: CBX 54* & 58*
:cleveland-small: Huntington Beach #10
:bridgestone-small: e12 Contact

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Thanks to MGS, Cobra, and more than likely Golf Spy CG_2 for a great opportunity for a forum member here! 👍


Best of luck to all those who decide to enter and participate and I am looking forward to the reviews of the irons.


The reviews on both of these models are pretty impressive, so hopefully those who enter make the best choice for them.

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Driver & Fairway: Titleist TSi3 10 degree  - Ventus Black 5S & TS3 15 - Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.0 

Hybrid: Titleist 818H2 - Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.0

Irons: Mizuno JPX921 Forged - Nippon Modus 120

Wedges: Vokey SM8 54, and 60

Putter: Cameron Phantom  X 5

Ball: Pro V1

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Awesome contest, thanks Cobra and My Golf Spy!!

I chose this model because of the less offset and the view from the topline looks appealing.  As far as performance would like to see what kind of feel  I get from these and hopefully some solid shots.

Kirk / Bakersfield, CA

Hogan Ft Worth Black


Would love to leave my comments in the forum!


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:taylormade-small: SLDR 10.5 Oban HB

:taylormade-small: R11s Rip Phenom

:Hogan: Ft. Worth Black Irons

:cleveland-small: 588 RTX Rotex 2.0 54

:cleveland-small: CG10 58

:odyssey-small: Sabertooth


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1. I chose the forge tec. I feel I’m a good enough ball striker to pick these over the x and I’m feeling like I need a technology upgrade over my current irons. 

2. Carsten/ Grand Rapids, MI

3. mizuno mp53

4. About a 10

5. I’d be happy to share my thoughts


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1.  I selected the more traditionally-lofted Forged Tec model in the hopes of seeing moderate distance gains, but being more concerned with the feel and emphasis on ball-striking that Cobra is clearly targeting with the Forged Tec line. 

2.  Hayes / Carlisle, PA

3.  Mizuno JPX 919 Forged, 5-GW

4.  6.6

5.  Yes, I’d eagerly and enthusiastically participate in forum discussions concerning these irons!

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Driver:  :honma:TR20 460, Ventus Blue 6 S, 65g Stiff

FW:  :tour-edge: CBX 119 3w, 15,  Project X Evenflow Blue 65g Stiff

Hybrids:  :callaway-small: Apex Pro 3 & 4H, Mitsubishi MMT 80g Stiff

Iron: :mizuno-small:JPX 919 Forged 5-GW, Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Stiff

Wedges: :vokey-small:SM8 54 S Grind bent to 55, 60 M Grind bent to 59, Aerotech Steelfiber i110 Stiff

Putter: :odyssey-small: White Hot OG Double Wide, Stroke Lab shaft

Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V1X

Click here for my HONMA TR20 Official Review!

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3 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

This is a big one, don't miss out, get your entry in now

Seriously ladies and gents! Get your entries in! 

Huge thanks to Cobra Golf and Rob for setting up this contest!

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:callaway-small: Epic Max LS 10.5 - Motore X F3 6X | :cobra-small: Speedzone 5-wood - Ventus Blue 8S | :titelist-small: TSi3 20* Hybrid - KBS Proto 85S

:cobra-small: KING Forged Tec 5-GW - Nippon Modus 120X | :cobra-small: KING MIM Black 52.12C, 56.10V, 60.04W - Nippon Modus 125 Wedge

:EVNROLL: ER2B | :titelist-small: Pro V1x | :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX9 Slope | :ping-small: Traverse | :CaddyTek: CaddyLite EZ v8


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Explain why you chose the model you did and what you'd hope to get out of them performance wise

-- I played the 2020 Cobra Forged Tec Irons and loved them. The new model has slimmed down the size and looks absolutely fantastic! I'm glad they broke it into two models in order to trim down one of the two and provide more options. 

List your first name/city state (US Only entries)

-- Rob, Wake Forest NC

What current irons you're playing

-- JeffMont Avian 735, 535, 335 combo set 


-- 1.3

Will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them.

-- I agree for sure 


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My bag is a revolving door!

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MGS and Cobra you guys rock our world year after year! This is pretty damn sweet! 

My choice

Forged Tec






  • Explain why you chose the model you did and what you'd hope to get out of them performance wise: I chose the King Forged Tec simply because for the past 3 years I've been stuck between player's distance and player's true blades. I've come to appreciate and love what both worlds have to offer, but now that I'm playing some no nonsense blades, I really miss what I loved about the distance sticks. And no it's actually not the distance.. Ultimately that small bit of forgiveness on days when all of my swing stars just aren't aligned, is something that I don't know if I can live without.  Being a Cobra fan boy and unofficial Puma ambassador, quite honestly I've been very much anticipating a review of the Forged Tec's as 2022 was set to be the year of new irons for me and the Forged Tec's are very high on my radar as they just check all of the boxes of what I love from both player's distance and blades. Additionally, I have a goal to get to a sub 4 index by the end of 2023 and I really feel that a player's distance set and more specifically a set like the Forged Tec's will play a big part in achieving that goal.  
  • List your first name/city state (US Only entries): Stuart - Chandler, AZ
  • What current irons you're playing: Callaway RAZR X MB's
  • Handicap: 6.3
  • Will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them: (earmuffs kids) um.. HELL YES! We would all be remiss to see this as a "giveaway" and not expect due diligence in providing a full review and Q&A to follow. 

Besides the driver and wedges, it's not too difficult to see that my bag is really missing a nice set of Cobra irons 😛 


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   PXG 0311 Gen 5 9°/ Fujikura MotoreX F1 6X
:cobra-small:  F6 3 Wood 14* / Kuro Kage Silver 65X
:cobra-small: F8 6 wood 20* / Fujikura MotoreX F3 6S

:cobra-small: RADSpeed Hybrid 24*
post-76102-0-38507100-1525284411_thumb.jpg TS1 4-GW / FCM Precision 6.5 Rifle
post-76102-0-38507100-1525284411_thumb.jpg  TSW Wedge - 56/12
:edel-golf-1:  EAS 1.0 / Grip master 2.0 






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I chose the KING forged Tec X Irons. I’m looking for improved forgiveness and gains in distance over my current irons.

I am currently play Green Dot Ping G25 irons 4-UW with Ping CFS Regular flex steel shafts

Matt - Balwinsville, NY

24 handicap 

I would certainly participate in the forums to discuss my experience with these irons.



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Ping CB-P226 Hoofer Cart Bag

Ping G400 Max 10.5° w/Ping Alta CB

PXG 0341 3 wood 15° w/Project X Even Flow Blue

PXG 0211 19° Hybrid w/Project X Even Flow Riptide 

Ping G410 Crossover 23° w/Mitsubishi Tensei Blue

PXG 0211 5 - GW w/True Temper Elevate 95

Callaway MD3 54°/12° S Grind w/True Temper Dynamic Gold

Callaway MD3 58°/09° W Grind w/True Temper Dynamic Gold

Evnroll ER11v 34”  Evnroll ER11v Official Review

Shot Scope Pro LX+ Pro LX+ Official Review

Kirkland Signature v2.0

Clicgear 3.5+

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Good luck to all. Excited to hear the review! 

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Driver: :callaway-small: Rogue ST 9 💎💎💎 Ventus Black TR 6X

Fairway: :titelist-small: TSi2 16.5 Ventus Blue 8X 

Driving Iron: New Level NLU-01 Ventus Black 10TX 

Irons:  :callaway-small: Apex TCB 5-AW X100 :titelist-small: T100 4 iron X100

Wedges: :vokey-small: SM8 54.12 X100 & 60.08 Modus 125 Wedge

Putter: Lajosi DD201

:titelist-small: Pro V1x

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  • I chose the forged tec because I currently use a forged player irons and absolutely love them but could really use a little extra forgiveness. I have seen nothing but great reviews and would love to put them in the bag.
  • Thomas in Louisville, KY
  • Jonma TR20P
  • 10
  • Yes I agree to participate in discussions regarding the irons if selected.


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Good luck to all, and thanks Cobra, MGS, and Rob for putting this together! This is a heck of a contest, to say the least.

Which Model? I picked the Forged Tec X Irons as they match closely in both forgiveness and swing weight of the LTDx's I was able to play with during a fitting. The Forged Tec X seems to straddle the line between game-improvement and players distance,  and would serve as an iron to grow into as my game improves. Further, I've only ever played graphite shafts in my irons and would enjoy the opportunity to game and compare steel shafts that I think of as being reserved for "stronger" and "better" players. If living up to the expectations of your clubs isn't reason enough to make you hit the gym and practice greens, I don't know what is! 😂

In short, I think the Forged Tec X irons punch above their weight class. I'd love to see if they'd help me do the same.

Name: Mark - Batavia, IL

Current Irons: Callaway X-20 Irons (5-SW), stock graphite shafts.

Handicap: No official handicap for me yet, but unofficially trending to 22, down from an alleged 45+ early this year. Can the Forged Tec X Irons help push me sub 20 by the end of the year?

Agree to participate in discussing their performance? Of course! I've had a blast this year writing official reviews, unofficial reviews, and tracking my improvement progress. Cobra really won me over with the LTDx driver this year, and I'd love to dive in on more of their products.




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Driver:     :cobra-small: LTDx Max 10.5°, MCG C6 Red 50 R

Wood:     :cobra-small: LTDx Max 3W 15.5°, MCG C6 Red 50 R

Hybrid:     :titleist-small: TS2 4H 23°; 5H 25°, Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black 60 Graphite Regular

Irons:       :callaway-small: X-20 Irons (5-PW)

Wedges:  :taylormade-small: Milled Grind 3 - 54.11 (56°), :taylormade-small: Milled Grind 3 - 60.10; :Fuji: Vista PRO 60i R

Putter:      :odyssey-small: White Hot Pro 1 / :odyssey-small: 2-Ball Ten Armlock

Bag:         :taylormade-small: Supreme Cart Bag 2022

Balls:      MaxFli Tour

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9 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

One of the most anticipated irons of this year was Cobra's release of the 2022 Forged Tec line, which expanded to included the Forged Tec X model. 

Read about them  Here in My Golf Spy's First Look piece. These irons are stunning looking and in the case of the Forged Tec X are packed with enough help for the player that handicaps from scratch to 20 can probably play them. 



Cobra is going to give one lucky Forum Member a chance to win a set of their choice, you will be able to choose between

  • Forged Tec
  • Forged Tec X

Entering will require a little research and work on your end, but it's well worth it to get a chance to put these in your bag.

To Enter you must be a registered member of the forum.

Then complete ALL of the steps below:


  • First Head to the Cobra website  https://www.cobragolf.com/golf-clubs/irons
  • Research both irons and select which set you'd like
  • Build a set (using any no upcharge options) and take a screen shot and post it in this thread.

Then answer the following questions in the same post that you put your bag. 

  • Explain why you chose the model you did and what you'd hope to get out of them performance wise
  • List your first name/city state (US Only entries)
  • What current irons you're playing
  • Handicap
  • Will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them.


That's it.  A big Thank You to Cobra for providing this opportunity!

A winner will be selected by August 12th and notified in this thread and via PM.  Good Luck!






I chose the X because I realize despite being a decent player I still benefit from the game improvement iron.  I think they would give me better feel than the Cobra irons I have today.

Michael - Miami, FL

playing Cobra F9 speed zone irons currently

current GHIN is 5.9

yes I agree to participating in forum

Screenshot_20220727-213831_Samsung Internet.jpg

Edited by gualandi99
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Michael Miami, FL
9.3 USGA index
Cobra Amp Cell D Driver stiff shaft 9.5 degree
Callaway 13 degree Diablo 3 wood stiff shaft
Tour Edge Exotics #3 19 degree rescue

E21 Rescue #4 23 degree rescue
TaylorMade M2 6 iron Stiff true temper shaft(4 iron)

Adams XTD A Tour Irons with S300 True Temper shafts 5- GW
Wilson Staff SW 56 degree
GEL Ruby 33 in cut down with Washington Capitals oversize grip

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I would definitely go with the King Forged Tec because they would be most similar to my Srixon irons, and they have a reduced offset, and thinner topline than the X. Performance-wise, I think I’d be looking to get more forgiveness than my Srixons, and likely a little more ball speed. I’m not hitting many greens with the Srixons, so I’m looking for some help there!  I’ve always wanted to try Cobra irons against my gamers because Cobra is putting-out some great looking product that performs, according the reviews I’ve read. This would be a great head-to-head battle to help get my hcp back in the 3s!!!

  • Paul, West Monroe, LA
  • Srixon ZX5/ZX7 combo
  • 4.1 GHIN
  • As a longtime member on MGS, I’d definitely be able to, and know HOW to provide consistent communication on the site, and across social media about these irons, the testing of them, including pics, video, etc


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Driver: Honma TR 460 8.5*, Aldila RIP Alpha 80 S, 45 1/4"; Ping G425 LST, Fujikura Speeder TR 661 S, 45 1/2"

hybrids: Cobra King Tec 17* and 21*, both with Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 105 X

Irons:  Srixon ZX5 4-6, ZX7 7-PW, UST Mamiya Recoil F4, +1”

Wedges: :edel-golf-1: SMS 50D/54V/58D:Nippon:Modus 130 stiff, +1”

Putter:  :edel-golf-1: EAS 1.0

All but putter have Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Calibrate midsize built to oversize +1

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Super excited for this! May the luckiest guy/gal win. Here is my responses.

  • I’ve been very interested in hollow back designs. My current irons have tungsten weighting and I love the feel!
  • Andrew / McAllen, TX
  • Srixon ZX5 (5-PW)
  • 22
  • I would love to review this set and cross it against my own irons. The ZX5 series is know for it’s feel. I want to see what a full hollow body plays like and sounds against my own.



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 “They call it golf because all the other four letter words were taken.”

‒ Raymond Flyod

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  • I'd go with the Forged Tec X because I think the extra forgiveness would benefit my game the most and I've never tried a hollow body iron but have been very curious about them.  I absolutely love the looks of these as they are just the right size and hide all of the technology very well.  The idea of playing a game improvement club that others might mistake as a players iron is very appealing.
  • Ryan / Bloomingdale, IL
  • Currently playing Srixon Z585
  • Currently sitting at a 20 handicap
  • Absolutely agree to participate in forum discussions about these sweet looking irons 😍.  



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I can no longer play steel shafts and will happily pay the $100 upcharge for the KBS Tour graphite shafts.  If that's not possible, I understand. 

  • I'm choosing the Tec X for their more aggressive lofts and my interest in seeing if Cobra's design offers a good balance between PD and GI categories.  Most everyone loses distance to Father Thyme and getting some added distance would be helpful. 
  • Bill | Alder, MT
  • Currently playing Srixon ZX5 with MMT 80 shafts
  • 9.8
  • I would most certainly agree to provide a review (official or unofficial) and discuss experiences with the forum.



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:ping-small: G410 Plus, 9 Degree Driver 

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 16 Degree 3w

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 19 Degree 5w

:srixon-small:  ZX5 Irons 4-AW 

:ping-small: Glide 2.0 56 Degree SW   (removed from double secret probation 😍)

:EVNROLL: ER5v Putter  (Evnroll ER5v Official Review)




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First a big thank you to Cobra Golf and MGS for providing this opportunity.



I chose the Forged Tec because I am a low single digit handicap player and play better with a model that has less off-set and a thinner top line. I have also never played a forged iron before. I would like to see if this iron set can help me remove that last little bit from my handicap to get me to scratch from my current .6. 

Tom, Greeneville TN

Currently play Sub 70 699 Pro Irons

Current handicap .6

I most certainly will participate in discussions on the forum about my experience with these irons if selected. 

Thank you again for this opportunity.


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:titleist-small: Driver, TSi1 10* Stiff Flex

:taylormade-small: 3 Wood, SLDR  HL 17*  R Flex

:taylormade-small: 5 Wood, SLDR 19* R Flex

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, F6 22.5* R Flex

:Sub70: 939x 5 hybrid

:Sub70: Irons, 699 Pro's S Flex (6 - AW)

:Sub70:  JB Wedge 56*

:cleveland-small: Wedge, CBX 60*

:odyssey-small: Putter, Marksman Fang 35"

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  • I chose the Forged Tec X because i believe it fits my needs and game the best. I love the topline look of a players irron, but i need the forgiveness of a game jmprovement iron. I think this is the best of both worlds. I also made them 1*weaker to come closer to matching my current set.
  • Adam/Baton Rouge, LA
  • Ping G
  • 19.7 according to SwingU
  • Of course. I'd love to help anyone on the forums. 


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  • Golfspy_CG2 changed the title to Official Cobra Forged Tec Contest-WINNER ANNOUNCED!

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