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The Putting Cyclops - REVIEW

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I have tried many putting aids and this one looks like it may work. I tend to sway a tad, so hopefully something like this will keep my stroke straight and true. Practice, practice, practice. Thank you for the review.

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Hi, Kevin from the puttingcyclops just wanted to tell you how we came up with the cyclops.


Matteo Piscapoe and I were getting ready for the golf season in 2007 and he asked me what I thought of when I was putting being a good putting before working lots of hours in the pro shop and playing less and less I went home that night and thought about what routine I used when I putted so well. The next day I came back with a paper drawing of the cyclops basically when I putted well everyone would comment on the fact I didn't take the putter back very far but always finished with a long follow through to the hole.


My comment was that I never saw my backstroke and to me it always felt light a long smooth stroke that's the reason for the cover. Because we wanted to cover the putter is the reason it became a toe base unit which gave it a very unique feel after a few strokes with our plywood model it gave me back a feel which I had not felt for a couple years I went from cross hand back to a regular grip. The only other modification was deciding how much arch to give it and like most units I was going to decide what is right until I worked with a girl from the futures tour who had putting problems and was taught to take it back way inside so we decided to make the adjustable arch to give the option to practice a stroke which is unique to each golfer. As to the fact of how many strokes you can save of you are taking 40 + putts the unit can save you alot of strokes for example we had a men's club member who had some gift certificates and his wife wanted a cyclops so I asked him if he had tried it he replied no but had ten minutes to try it before he played his match. He came in after the round to tell us that he shot a 78 which was his personal best and it was his putting that made the difference.


If you have any feedback or questions for us please get ahol of us at puttingcyclops@hotmail.com Thanks Kevin


Thanks for posting. I actually hadn't realized that it was toe based... Come to think of it, I've never really used an ark training aid that had this unique characteristic - i.e. they have all been heel riding...

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Seems overpriced and not a fan of rubbing my putters toe across the plastic either, but Ill try it if I win it


You will get that chance because our random drawing selected you as the winner! PM sent for shipping info.

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