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Issue with Driver Head?

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Hello all,


I could use some help with the numbers i'm getting from my driver. I'm using a 10 degree TSI3 driver, standard loft settings, with a Tour AD IZ-6X. Look at the club delivery numbers below. I hit up on the ball a fair amount, but the launch and spin are extremely low. Strike is slightly toe biased, but these numbers seem very strange to me. Club delivery was very neutral. Is this possibly an issue with the driver head? I threw a few different shafts in and was getting similar results. I'm very confused. The spin and launch are all too low.


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This could be a monitor issue in reading the head.

Typically low launch comes from hitting low on the face(also something that happens with a aoa of +5.

The lower spin would come from higher on the face contact.

This post is also proof that shafts don’t spin or launch.

This is more of a swing/contact on the face and you would need to see what it looks like when you aren’t 7mm towards the toe. Choking down or shorter shaft to see if that improves contact location 

Also really hard to say what’s going on without seeing the swing.

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Driver: PXG 0811 X+ Proto w/UST Helium 5F4

Wood: TaylorMade M5 5W w/Accra TZ5 +1/2”, TaylorMade Sim 3W w/Aldila rogue white

Hybrid: PXG Gen2 22* w/AD hybrid

Irons: PXG Gen3 0311T w/Nippon modus 120

Wedges: TaylorMade MG2 50*, Tiger grind 56/60

Putter: Scotty Caemeron Super Rat1

Ball: Titleist Prov1

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