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Matching Golf Clubs by MOI

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Okay, so I'm a complete idiot on this subject, but trying to learn fast. I'm going to build a set of clubs with MOI matching.


So, acording to Dave Tutelman, you add about 1.3 swingweights for every inch of shaft that's shorter. I also saw earlier in this thread an amount of .5 swingweight for every 3/8 inch,of trim, which sounds much easier to do (1 gram per club), no muss, no fuss.


Here's what has me intrigued. Earlier in the Tutleman papers, he made note that club lengths were shorter in the past, with a 37 1/2" 5-iron, and all the others were also 1/2" shorter than modern clublengths, not so good for a short guy like me.


If I start with a 37 1/2" 5-iron, the 4 will be 37 7/8", still shorter than the 5 in my set now, the 9 will be 36" (gee, that number sounds familiar), and the PW sill be 35 5/8", just 1/8" different than the PW I have now! The long irons will be shorter, and the short irons will be practically the same as they are now.


Assuming a 5-iron SW of D-0, (gotta start somewhere), the 4 will be C-9.5, and the PW will be D-2.5. All within the ballpark of reason.


So, call me an Idiot (wife does all the time), but I will find my MOI match with a 5 or 6 iron, and go from there.

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