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NPG 124 - Common Amateur Golfer Mistakes With Lou Stagner

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Duration: 00:57:34

In this episode, Chris and Tony welcome Lou Stagner to the podcast. You might know him as the Lead Data Analyst at Arccos, or the Assistant Coach for Princeton's Golf team, but either way, we get schooled in quantitative analysis.

Plus, we dive in on the top 5 mistakes amateur golfers make.

There's a lot on deck so kick back, watch, listen, or do both! This is No Putts Given.

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00:00 NPG124-TC
00:08 How you livin' - When is too early for Christmas music?
01:47 Lou Stagner, who the hell are you?
05:11 Working with elite golfers
12:41 Your brain is just a big ball of electricity
18:09 Have you ever been in "The Zone"?
19:44 Clearing the traffic jam
24:42 Golfers, stop doing this right now!
33:17 How many clubs should you use around the green?
38:38 Take more club, obviously
43:37 Coming soon, the Member/Guest Polo
47:59 Take this out of your bag now (if you have one)
49:46 Rethinking gaps
55:39 In shameless praise of the 7-wood
57:13 We care about your feelings, and we're out

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One of the best NPG episodes;   I actually listened to the entire show; which is something I haven’t done in a long time.   Lou provides some great insights into the game and is also a great follow on Twitter.   

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I will have to check this out. I have never listened to a NPG podcast since I already am at my limit with No Laying Up and Shotgun Start. Will give this one a whirl. 

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I listened to it and loved it. Lou was great. I think I listened to the same part at 31:00, at least 3 or 4 times to make sure I heard it right, where he talks about the distance people should be playing. When he said "5 iron carry * 33" I was nodding my head FURIOUSLY. For me, that is (180 * 33 = 5,940 yds) which is pretty close to what I play. I VERY OFTEN play with people who probably carry a 5 iron 160 yds and play from 6,400. Seems like that would not be very much fun. This is a soapbox rant for me, most everyone I play with (not necessarily Mygolfspy people) plays courses WAY too long. I cannot stress that enough. 

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Maxfli Tour X Official Review -- https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/63068-testers-announced-maxfli-tour-x-golf-balls-with-max-align-technology/?do=findComment&comment=1021832

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I never got a chance to finish it with some other things interrupting me, but I loved his philosophy on several things that he went over in the early stages. Great guest!

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