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Updates to 22.6 and 23.8

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Wanting to ask about the upcoming changes to these rules. I know a few on here have done rules update courses so will be helpful to provide clarification.


In summary, are the new rules:

  • You can't stand behind your partner to get an indication of putting line.
  • You can stand beyond the hole to watch your partner putt.


  • If it's your opponent, there are no restrictions to where you stand. There would be etiquette issues with standing too close behind them.


Would this summary be accurate or are there other rules that change what I've written above? 

:cobra-small:            Cobra F9 9.5° (Hzrdus Yellow X)

:srixon-small:                     H85 16° and 19° (Hzrdus Black 85 6.0)

:mizuno-small:                    MP20 MMC 4-PW (KBS $ Taper 120S)

:mizuno-small:                    T20 51°, 8° (KBS $ Taper 120S)

:mizuno-small:                    T20 55°, 9° (KBS $ Taper 120S)

:mizuno-small:                    T20 59°, 9° (KBS $ Taper 120S)

:scotty-small:                          Phantom X 5.5 34"

:srixon-small:                     ZStar

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