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2023 Official Member Review: PutOUT Devil Ball

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  • 2 weeks later...


Lets get ready to get frustratedddddddd!

For those that don’t know me my name is Evan and I am a golfer from NH where I am currently looking a really cold temperatures, snow, and no golf for months to come. First off thanks to Putt Out for offering up this test. Of course, I also want to thank the MGS team for selecting me for this test. I know there are always tons of qualified applicants and being selected is always an honor. I was lucky enough to test the Epic Max LS driver a couple years back now, a club I still love and game, and I am excited for a new and interesting opportunity with the Devil Ball training aid.

I got into the game at 12 playing on a small local par 3 course with my dad, though there is a photo of my dad helping me swing at the age of 2 that made it into the local paper. It took some time, but I ended up loving the game. We would play almost every Saturday or Sunday morning each week at the crack of dawn. I was then lucky enough to make it onto my high school golf team for a couple years. After college, I got back into the game and found MGS, first from the tests and now for the amazing community. I love this game, I love being outside to play it, and this year I have a membership that should allow me to play even more this year.

For this test I pulled up my Shot Scope data to get some helpful information around my putting. Overall, putting is usually my strongest area of the game. I have solid pace control and make most everything from 4 feet and in, but the biggest area I struggle is making those mid-range, 10 to 20 foot putts. Of course, these are not going to be made at a super high rate, but as the stats below show it is a problem. Now on the anecdotal side it feels like I struggle to start the ball on line for these longer putts. On the short putts you obviously get a bit more tolerance before you miss so I think it just needs to be tightened up to give myself more of a chance to hole putts of this length.


Enter the Devil Ball, which is perfect for helping improve the face control when striking the putt. If you are pushing or pulling the ball it will exaggerate the miss. I found this visual helpful below, the yellow showing how much more offline this ball with go compared to a normal ball.


Given the snowy weather I will be working in the 3 to 6 foot range as suggested indoors in the coming months. My test for improvement is a 10 foot putt in my office and have been running 50 putt test lately to get my baseline. The goal will be to improve this indoor testing protocol before being able to get out and test this on the course, hopefully in March but probably April. There are three level as well to the Devil Ball that I look forward into testing more, but I will dive into that more after some testing and first impressions coming soon. I look forward to getting the test rolling (pun intended).



First Impressions

Always great when new equipment arrives at your door. For this package it is what you expect, a small box, two balls, and the alignment marker, but as we know with this one the devil is in the details. The box had some nice simple graphics and explanations.








I was able to get this set up in about 20 seconds, so set up time was not an issue. Straight away I need to give it a try even if the surface is not the best and the results were well, let’s just say to be expected.



From there I actually took the time to understand how the product can work, you know who reads the directions first. As many have mentioned there are three ways to set up the ball to make it easier or harder in practice (you know in case this some how gets super easy at some point). Aligning the cross toward you with the round side is easy, rolling the cross a bit toward the target with the flat side is medium, and he cross on top with just the flat side is the hard set up. The picture below lays it out probably more clearly than I can write it. The flatter the surface you hit on larger the reaction will be from the devil ball.




In my first session with this I focused on shorter putts, something I am normally pretty good at, and let’s just say it was a humbling, frustrating, exasperating, infuriating (I am out of words without pulling out a thesaurus) experience. I had my first round of putting with the devil ball and out of fifty 3 to 5 foot putts I made about 15 of them. In my baseline testing of 200 11-to-12-foot putts my make rate was 39%. So needless to say, in amplifies any mistakes in that start line even on short putts. After the round of putting with the devil ball I found the start line felt much better and more consistent. I was not able to collect any stats as I was a bit rushed for time but that is the testing expectation for myself. Long term that 200-putt test will be the final testing protocol to see how the numbers below shift.

| Make Rate | Miss Left | Miss Right |

|      39%       |    37%     |      24%      |

I would love to give more, but early on I think the beauty of this tool is the simplicity. An oddly shaped ball that makes faults easier to see and gives that feedback for you to improve. It is not technical just about building the skill to deliver the putter more consistently and squarer. From there I feel the stroke will self-organize a bit into something that is a bit more consistent even if not technically perfect. That really is it, and I think that makes it a powerful tool and one I look forward to working with in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully I will be making the putts from everywhere in the future making the hole feel this big.






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:Hogan: Equalizer 52°/56°  KBS Tour V 110 S | :cleveland-small:  SOFT 11S Super Stroke Mid-Slim 2.0
:ping-small: Hoofer Bag | :titelist-small: Pro V1 | Right Handed | Tracked by :ShotScope: V3

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What’s good spy fam?!

My name is Micah and I’m a golf ho. Shoes, clubs, shafts, balls, shirts, and hats: I’ve got way too much of it. Lucky for me, my wife is a golfer as well and understands my addiction. We live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and besides golf here in the valley, we play a lot in St. George, Utah and Las Vegas. I also love to cook and snowboard, and in years past, if the snow is good(like it is this year) the clubs go away for the winter.  That was the old me: but now at the ripe old age of 41, I’m far too obsessed with my golf game to leave it alone for the winter. 

I’ve been golfing since 2016, and arccos says I’m a .6 handicap. I feel more like an 2. And although I did break thru this season with half a dozen under par rounds, I’m still chasing that broke 70 badge. The first club I was professionally fit for was a putter, and since that day, I’ve been chasing gains in that part of my game.


I feel like I’m not a good putter for my handicap, and Arccos agrees. I miss far too many short putts.


Over the years I’ve tinkered quite extensively with my putting stroke. Moving the ball forward in my stance, standing more bent-over so my eyes are over the ball, etc.


Putting training aides? I’ve got a few. Those that are still in use include:

12 x 4 birdie ball mat

a 4 ft metal ruler

PuttOUT mirror & gate combo

I had a small meltdown with my putting confidence mid season this year, you can read that thread here.

While my putting did improve for the last part of the season, I know that in order to shoot in the 60’s, I must become a better putter.

And along comes the PuttOUT Devil Ball: 

Improve your start line and make more putts? Yes please! In my testing I’ll be looking for improved start line/more makes from my worst distances, mainly 6-9 ft. Although most of my testing will take place in my den on my birdie ball mat, you’ll also see some vids from the indoor studio @Street11 runs. And it just so happens I’m headed to Vegas in a week, so fingers crossed it’s warm enough to roll some outdoor putts there!

    First Impressions:

Box is nice, handy little pouch to keep these bad boys in, makes it easier to throw in the golf bag and take to the course. The balls themselves seem well-made, and to date I haven't noticed any cracks or peeling paint or fading markings. I really like the QR codes they put everywhere, including on the pouch! You can literally pull up a drill on your phone no matter where you are. And try the drills I did! Depending on what part of your technique is deficient, there's a drill you can use on their Youtube page.


My biggest issue with putting is starting my putts on my intended line: weirdly enough this usually affects putts that are pretty straight. My main practice tools I've used in the past are a 48 inch metal ruler that I try to roll the ball on the entirety of, and the PuttOUT gate which I primarily use as a warm-up before rounds. 

My practice with the Devil Ball consists of 30 putts: (make %)

10 4 ft putts on the hardest setting (90%)

10 6 ft putts on the hardest setting (40%)

10 9 ft putts on the hardest setting (20%)

If I'm doing this pre-round, I transition to a traditional ball and start lagging putts. At home in the lab(on my birdie ball mat) I tested my make percentage before and after practicing with the Devil Ball from the following lengths:

4ft       6ft       8ft        12ft

4ft: 9/10 before 10/10 after

6ft: 6/10 before 7/10 after

8ft: 7/10 before 7/10 after

12ft: 5/10 before 6/10 after


Very interested to see my make/miss percentage after 3 months of practicing 3 days a week. I played 4 times last week in Vegas, and didn't see a difference in my putting stats whatsoever. It'll be a few more months before I can test this at a course I'm familiar with and with green speeds I'm used to.

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Driver - Cobra LtDxLS

3 Wood - Ping g410 LST

2iron - Titleist U505

Irons - Ping i59

Wedges - Vokey Sm9

Putter - Mizuno Mcraft IV


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Hey Everyone! My name is Jordan and I, like all of you, are masochists when it comes to the game we all love and hate at the same time haha!

First things first! BIG SHOUTOUT to Putt Out for giving us the opportunity to test this product! I’ve been wanting to try this ever since they opened the tester slots! Of course, I cannot forget to thank the MGS team for giving me the opportunity to report my findings!

Here is a little about me, I am from Las Vegas and I’m really lucky to be able to play year round. I always block off every Sunday to play 18 anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley. I have been golfing since I was 13 years old. At first, I did not take the game seriously and it was only after college that I started to fall in love again with golf. My current handicap is a 6.3. I can confidently say that the WEAKEST part of my game is putting. I am one of those Bettinardi cult followers who always thinks changing putters would solve all my problems. (ABSOLUTELY WRONG! HAHA) I can wholeheartedly say that the “ITCH” is real when it comes to this crazy game! It’s something that I am constantly researching 24/7 on how to tinker or improve my game!

I will be using my Putt Out medium putting mat, premium pressure putt trainer, my trusty Bettinardi Inovai Wizard 8.0 putter & Bettinardi Inovai 6.5 tour prototype, and Titleist ProV1x for this heads up match with the Devil Ball. When it comes to putting, my miss is usually a push. I believe that it’s due to the fact that the face is open at impact and I don’t have enough toe hang on my putter. So to test my hypothesis, I will be using two putters, one with 1/8 toe hang (8.0) vs one with 1/4 toe hang (6.5). I will conduct my testing by using the different putting drills offered by Putt Out. These drills will be conducted indoors as well as on an outdoor putting green. I am excited to report my findings to the MGS fam and hopefully along the way, my putting will improve, even if it’s just slightly HAHAHA!

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Driver: Titleist TSr3 10 Degree Fujikura Ventus Blue TR Velocore 6x D1/Neutral setting (RH)

4 Wood: Titleist TSr2 16.5 Degree Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 7x D1 setting (RH)

7 Wood: Titleist TSr2 21 Degree Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 7x B1 setting (RH)

5 Hybrid: Titleist TSi2 24 Degree Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 8x A1 setting (RH)

Irons: 2022 Titleist T100 5-PW AMT White S300 Onyx (RH)

Wedges: Titleist SM9 Jet Black 50F/8 bounce, 54S/10 bounce, 58M/8 bounce BGT ZNE 130 wedge shafts (RH)

Putter: Bettinardi Wizard Inovai 8.0 Custom with Stability Shaft Tour Black

Ball: 2022 Titleist ProV1x (yellow)

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Practice makes perfect putts..... Ya?

Hi everyone. My name is Tylor. I was told it was between Tyler and Zach and somehow ended up on Tyler with an "o".... I'm from beautiful BC, up north for most of you. For those in Canada, chances are it's warmer here than where you are but courses are closed here and indoor practice is what we have so a large shout out to PuttOut and MGS for an excuse to golf at home 😉

Golf was something I got into around 6 or 7. My dad was part of a big tournament that happened here annually in Penticton called the Andy Moog Invitational that I would caddy for him. I was always putting around and hitting balls, sometimes I got to be the best ball for the team when they were too hammered 😅. Either way, my dad got me clubs and this passion was born. In 2003, at the age of 13, I got my first set of legitimate clubs, part of which were Cleveland TA7 irons that I game to this day, and are currently being reshafted in my spare room turned workshop hahah. Armed with my Cobra Draw Driver, Steelhead 3 wood, Cobra Baffler 7 wood, shiny irons, a Mizuno sand wedge and a Dunlop putter, I began my focus to destroy the turf. I played for my high school team on a local tour throughout the Okanagan Valley and Shuswap. I got myself down to a 4 handicap around 20 years old then golf became a drinking outing with my buddies and my golfing game suffered a bit. I didn't play golf from 2018 until spring 2022 as there was a house purchase, a master's degree, and a dog thrown into Covid so golf became a distant thought. My clubs actually sat outside in all weather without a cover!

My reasoning for picking golf back up are fairly personal and probably not all that appropriate for the forum, although I have no issue speaking about it, so fast forward to now, my clubs are being refit and I'm playing weekly. I'm back to a 6.3 index currently. I've pulled some info from 18 Birdies for my putting. With my par average a little high, putts per hole at 1.9, and GIR a touch low I really want to see if this devil ball has that capability to dial in my putting. 

I plan to use the PuttOut Pressure Trainer, PuttOut Gates, WellPut 1st 10' mat, and an Odyssey 2 Ball Ten Stroke Lab will be my weapon of choice. I expect my putting will be brought to reality as I think I'm a fairly decent putter. I intend to perform the well putt drills without the devil ball to create a baseline from 1, 3, 4, 6, and 10'. Then use the devil ball for those same drills, and finally use a golf ball again. My ball of choice is a ProV1 x. 


It showed up in a cardboard bag so it was only uphill from there! Like all PuttOut products, they are packaged nicely. Very straightforward, 2 devil balls, an alignment market, and a nice little pouch to hold it all in. The balls are heavier than anticipated and look very stoutly built. The alignment marker is quite nice, USGA legal, and has nice spikes on the bottom, like the pressure trainer if you're familiar, to keep it firmly in place. Obviously the first thing you do is drop these down on the mat and try them out. As you can see in the photos, I've decided to perform the tests with both my Odyssey 2 Ball 10 Stroke Lab and Cleveland Classic 1. I want to see if there are differences in how a toe hang putter performs with it versus a High MOI mallet. From some initial testing that seems plausible. Using it on the WellPut 1 mat, it is difficult to have it sit on its axis square relative to your cross line guide. You can achieve this by placing the flat side down, but defeats some of the other features. I had my wife try it out as well, to see the differences between a 30 handicap and a 6. In these first impressions, I couldn't get it to make a significant difference after 50 or so putts from 3, 6, and 7.2'. The box states it exaggerates your face angle at impact, and I will agree with that, but after going back to the Pro V1x, there didn't seem to be a difference. As of yet, I can't see this being of much use for A) a bigger, stable putter with a back and forth stroke B) mid to low handicappers (unless you're a scratch golfer who 3 putts each hole....🤭) Or C) those looking for serious offseason maintenance. If something significant happens to your putting confidence then I can see how it could be a place to start to try and track down a culprit for your shaky putting all of a sudden. I'll begin to it through some places now but overall, underwhelming is the only way to "putt" it.












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I like golf. You should like golf. If life is tough, play more golf!

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Cleveland TA7 6-9, ProjectX Rifle 6.0

Vokey SM8 48 10F, 52 08F, 56 08M, 60 08M

Odyssey Stroke Lab 2 Ball 10 


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Congrats testers! Excited to see just how frustrated --- I MEAN A BETTER GOLFER --- this makes you 😉

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Wedges (52, 56, 60) - Kirkland Signature (changed to midsize grips) 
Putter - L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 - 65*
Ball - Snell MTB Black/Vice Pro Plus

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  Congratulations Testers!!!  

Looking forward to how this Devil Ball works for you @ejgaudette @Micah T @PingMD702 and @TylorJudd !!!

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Congrats fellas!

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Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V1

Click here for my HONMA TR20 Official Review!

Click here for my in progress Arccos Caddie Bundle test!

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Congratulations testers!  Looking forward to getting your insight on this product.

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Congrats testers!

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Check out my reviews:

:ping-small:  G710 Irons Official Review

:Fuji: MC Shaft & :EVNROLL: V Series Putter Official Review


Weapons of grass destruction (link to WITB)

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🇺🇸Thank you to all those that have served/are serving and God Bless America 🇺🇸

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Congrats everyone.   Been testing one out for a couple of weeks and it will be interesting to see what the official testers think.

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Congrats. to those chosen for this test and I will be very interested in the training practice and reviews.

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Congrats testers! Looking forward to seeing the results!

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Thanks everyone and now to see if I am a decent putter or not, I like to think so but I am pretty sure this product will not leave me any places to hide.

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:Hogan: Equalizer 52°/56°  KBS Tour V 110 S | :cleveland-small:  SOFT 11S Super Stroke Mid-Slim 2.0
:ping-small: Hoofer Bag | :titelist-small: Pro V1 | Right Handed | Tracked by :ShotScope: V3

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On 12/2/2022 at 5:57 AM, GolfSpy_APH said:

The PuttOUT Devil Ball is unlike any other golf ball. On second thought, scratch that. It isn’t a golf ball (or at least not by traditional definition). The Devil Ball has a unique design where one side of the ball has a straight edge. PuttOUT even puts a disclaimer on the packaging: “Devil Ball has been created as a putting training aid and should not be used with any other golf club!” You’ve been warned.

The purpose of the Devil Ball is simple: to provide feedback on your putter’s face angle at impact.

Screenshot 2022-11-26 20.47.25.png

Follow our testers reviews and updates below!

Congratulations to our Testers!


@Micah T



Congrats testers ! can't wait to see the results 

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:cobra-small: F9 SpeedBack Black Grey Fairway 5 Wood   :Fuji: ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 7 shaft

:titelist-small: T300 4i-GW - Tensei AV Blue AM2 Regular Flex  or :mizuno-small: JPX 900 Hot Metal 5 - GW Project X Lz 4.5 Regular Flex Graphite 

:ping-small:   Glide 2.0 SS Wedges 54 & 58 

:taylormade-small: TP Red White Ardmore Putter - BGT Stability Tour Black shaft 

:918457628_PrecisionPro:Precision Pro NX7 range finder 

:cobra-small: Ultralight Cart Bag 

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Congrats to the testers!   I'll be an interested follower.  Have to know if these work or not.  Anything to help my dismal putting woes 😉 

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WITB:  Do I like Titleist or what? 


Driver:     :titleist-small: TSR3 9* UST MAMIYA LIN-Q BLUE 6F4 - B2 setting

Fairways   :titleist-small: TSi2 HZRDUS Smoke 13.5* A1 setting

Driving Iron:   :titleist-small: U500 17* :Fuji:  Blue Ventus HB Velocore 

Irons   :titleist-small: T200 4 - 7, T100S 8 - PW N.S.Pro Modus Tour 3 105g

Wedges    :vokey-small: SM6 48*, SM9 52*, SM8 56*

Putter    :cameron-small: Newport 2

Ball    :titleist-small:  *ProV1 Left Dot

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Congrats guys, have fun driving yourselves crazy with this one 🤪🤪

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In my :cobra-small: Ultralight Stand Bag:

Driver:    :cobra-small: King F9 9° - LH - Atmos Blue TS 6 Stiff
Woods:   :cobra-small: King F9 - LH - 3/4 Wood - Atmos Blue 7 Reg
               :srixon-small: Z U85 2 Iron
Irons:     :titelist-small: T200 4 Iron AMT White S300
  :titelist-small: T100S - LH - 3-48* - AMT White S300
Wedges: :cleveland-small:     RTX Zipcore - LH - 52° 56° 60° - True Temper Spinner Wedge shafts
Putter:    :rife-putters-1: Barbados Island 2
Ball:        :titelist-small: Pro V1x

Tracked By: :Arccos:

Follow me on Twitter @ham12_hampton and on Instagram @Nunfa0 


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