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Haney's Book, latest excerpt

GolfSpy WD

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Guilty pleasure moment of the day...shhhhh....I broke down and bought the book... I'm keeping an open mind and figured I could see if some of the excerpts were taken out of context.(Just keep repeating to myself...no preconceived notions while reading) If all else fails it puts me on the same level as the girlfriend and her TMZ addiction.


I have such a low opinion of the book right now, but as RR said, let us know how it is.

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I've managed to get through the first 120 pages or so and I will say that it's holding my interest pretty well and that I found at least the part I've read so far about him being in awe of Tiger but in a backhanded complimentary kind of way. Although I do feel as if I'm gleaning a little of what it takes to keep Tiger at a level of practice that I could never even dream of doing.

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In an interview on "The Drive" this morning, Haney stated that he didn't feel badly or out of line for writing this book because he isn't the first coach to do so, & he's just following in a line of other coaches..The interviewer didn't follow-up with, say, "oh really..What other coaches have written similar books?"..Anyway, I can't think of any..Question: what other coaches(golf) have written a similar book?..Fairways & Greens 4ever...


wonder if he counts Joe Torre as one.


Either way, I finished the book today. I thought it was good. Kept me interested and I didn't really notice anything horrible in it. Tiger comes off as a guy who cares about his image and can be stubborn and surly at times. Didn't we already know that?

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It's not uncommon for golf instructors to include the pros they work with as examples in their instruction books. Stan Utley does this in his short game book, and Butch Harmon had segments on Greg Norman, David Love III, and Tiger Woods in his book, "The Four Cornerstones of Winning Golf".


In these examples, the books are golf instruction books. But Haney's book is not advertised as an instruction book. It's more like a biography. I've never known a golf coach to write a biography on a player he worked with.

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