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Confession Corner - Admit Your Golf Equipment Biases


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For me, I grew up with MacGregor JNP's, and Taylor Made metals. Putters are all over the place, because I"m a terrible putter and refuse to admit it's MY fault, so I've hit everything.

Positive: Mac's when they were well forged, and can still play a heritage bag from High School just for fun. OnOff irons- the best feeling set of irons (Kuro 2013's) I've ever hit. Ever, including Miura. Taylor Made- have always hit their woods well. Mizuno woods (recent) I also hit well. Honma woods I also hit well. Wedges? Edison. I switched last season, and the extra weight in the upper portion of the blades gave me consistently great wedge shots all season. Bridgestone- Irone I like, Tour B RXS balls are the best for me. They work incredibly, feel awesome, and I hit them very well. YES! Putters, Evnroll, Ping putters. Titleist Tour Response, Wilson 50, Pro V1X, new Maxfli balls.

Indifferent: Titleist- Tried to like the woods, just didn't do much for me. Irons, meh. Rather hit Mac's in older ones, and OnOff newer. Honma irons: They just weren't very good for me. I really, really wanted to like the TR21X's, but they were too inconsistent with yardages. Wilson- I'm either way, but if they're on the shelf, I'll probably pass by, as the graphics are too busy for me. Srixon- trying a set for the first time this coming spring.

Negative- I don't know that I really have a negative, but maybe clubs I've been disappointed by, for not really creating any sort of connection between what I was told or sold on vs. how they actually felt or hit... Scotty Cameron, Cobra, Callaway, Mizuno irons, PXG, LAB, Bettinardi, SeeMore. Pro V1, anything TopFlite. Cut golf, the balls last one iron shot for me, before the grooves cut up the balls. Maybe that's why they call them Cut.


Dr/3w: :mizuno-small: ST200 9.5* / ST200 3W 15*

Hy: :mizuno-small: ST200x 18*

Utility: :mizuno-small: ST200x 21*

Irons: :srixon-small: Z745; NS Pro 980GH / ONOFF 2013; OnOff Graphite

GW/SW: Edison 2.0 KBS 610 Wedge

LW: Edison 2.0 KBS Rev 2.0

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER5v

Ball: :bridgestone-small:Tour B RXS

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