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The Good Morning Thread


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3 hours ago, IndyBonzo said:

Good morning Spies!

Enjoying coffee and a smoothie before heading into the gym for stretching and cardio.

Got some driver practice in yesterday.  Warming up was fantastic, with several good iron shots and some driver rockets.  But then the right thumb decided to get involved in a big way, which caused the usual issues. It’s incredible how much that one digit can impact swing path, club face alignment, and all sorts of mechanics for me. I have a nice blister to show for it.  The good news is that diagnosing the problem is very simple with the blister! With a lesson coming up and pain as a motivator this should be fixed quickly, and I will go back to hitting my version of driver bombs.  Sometimes playing drums can be a real detriment to the golf swing!  

The garage sim materials are starting to arrive. It’s very exciting for me. More to come on that front.


I wish you all terrific Thursdays.  Fairways and greens!

I’m not sure what club keyboard is, but I’m looking forward to see your new setup. 🤩

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IRONS Untitled-9(1).png.4964fe6cb2103eef562fd832a625b0d5.png 699 V2 6-PW
WEDGES Clevelandgolflogo.png.9b2e702587cd5230010a835ced0f97a0.png CBX 2 50°, 54°, 58°
PUTTER Cobralogo.png.5257fd97d99f057b9bfc81c06d7fcc62.png KING GRANDSPORT 35

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