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BagBoy Quad Push Cart - Review

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BagBoy Quad Push Cart - Review




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Having previously reviewed BagBoy's Sidekick push cart, when they asked if I wanted to check out their Quad for our readers, I took up the offer and have been trying to run this cart into the ground for several months now to no avail. (I thought if I waited long enough I could find a weakness, but it just wasn't there)






I wasn't initially turned on or off by the Quad. After some time I realized the thing I like aesthetically is that this cart doesn't jump out and steal the attention away from the bag sitting on top of it. Simply designed without anything flashy.




Not an art piece that's going to be displayed in a museum, but its a push cart...


Score: 8/10


Ease of use:


Simple. Getting the cart setup was child's play.


Folding the cart the first time took some effort on my part to locate the lever that allows the cart to fold down, but it's pretty well marked:




There is only one strap to hold the bag onto the cart which makes tossing your bag on and taking it off of the cart a breeze.




One point that stands out as an area of improvement would be to have a single button release for folding the whole cart down - as it sits there are two levers to actuate, but that's being rather picky. No one is going to struggle setting up and using this cart.


Score: 9/10




A push cart should be easy to roll, easy to lock so it doesn't roll away on it's own, shouldn't fall over and should be built to last. This cart gets a thumbs up in all of those areas.




At first I questioned whether or not this cart was going to last very long at all. It looks rather lightweight at first glance - and in reality, it is pretty lightweight. But, it's built plenty sturdy enough. Kinda like Sandra Gal, this cart is petite in the right ways, and sturdy in the places that matter. I purposefully was running this cart into curbs, jumping it over a small creek at our course while running full speed with it, slamming over rocks, tossing it in and out of my cart, and even kicking it on a regular basis (the kicking was purely my own bumbling fault but happened on several occasions with a decent amount of force.




The only spot where I didn't like this cart was where I've been spoiled by a three wheel cart - coming up to curbs at an angle, I'm used to just lifting the front wheel, setting it down just over the top of the curb and lifting the back wheels over - with a 4 wheel cart, the second wheel in front can end up hanging off the edge of the curb resulting in a bit of a skater style slide/grinding on the curb. Not a fault of the designer, but rather just a big difference between a three and four wheeled cart.


"Ghosting" this cart down hills resulted in few if any crashes. It's a very stable cart.


As with the previous cart, there was a spot underneath the control handle to firmly hold two balls (designed by a guy for a guy??)




The storage area on top of the control handle is the same as the Sidekick cart, there's space to put stuff, but in my mind, it was designed without a ton of thought, more of an afterthought of somewhere to quick stash things. There are two small bungies at the base of the control handle that you can stick a sweater or head cover into, but with a bag on the cart, they are in a slightly awkward location - I'd rather have a netting there to hold balls or tees.




The zippered storage area under the control handle is a absolute must and I'm thankful it's there, but it could use some improvement. There is only one compartment, but more than one way to access it. Too many zippers, not enough compartments. If there were a side zipper for tees, another side zipper for your scorecard or phone/gps/range finder, and the center storage area for balls, tees, gloves.... you'd have a well thought out storage area. But alas, I'm not designing the next model, just saying how it could improve.




This is the one place that BagBoy seems to have dropped the ball in a not so Sandra Gal sorta way.


The one other piece that could use improvement is the location of the brake line:




My monster feet when moving at a quick pace (I play too fast a lot of times) have been known to connect with the brake cable and give it a good yank as my foot moves back forward my body - but that still hasn't caused any breakage.


Overall this cart performs very well, and your golf bag should have ample storage already, but for a buy who lives by his push cart, I'd like to see some improvement here.


Score: 55/60




In the 4 wheel "more stable" push cart department, the $199 price point of the Quad is positioned well. I believe you can pick up a Sun Mountain 4 wheel cart for $189, but just looking at the two carts side by side, I'd rather have the BagBoy.




I think the most important piece of the value portion is how long will this cart last for. I have about 40 rounds in with this cart, and it's shown no signs of needing repair. I've pushed it with the break on, let it run down hills without me holding on, run into obnoxious obstacles that no normal user should ever let their cart hit, and this baby keeps on going.


Score: 18/20


Total Score: 90/100




A compact 4 wheel cart that gets my clubs where they need to be and does it without any fuss. She's a bit like Sandra which is pleasant (heck, let's face it, I call her Sandra when I'm pushing her on the course)


Stable, simple, light, sturdy. What more can you ask for in a girl cart.


Oh... and she fits well in my little trunk:




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I own this cart and I agree it is light, sturdy, and easy to fold and unfold. My only complaint is the tires, this cart does not push as easy as my old sun-mountain 3 wheeled that has the air-up bicycle tires. the bagboy has plastic or plastic-like tires that do not grab the turf, It slides around a bit, and makes it harder to push through grass (especially the rough). I have been trying to find something to coat the tires in but so far I can't get anything to stick to the tires. I wish they would put a layer of rubber around the tires that would fix this problem.

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