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Odyssey double wide blade cover help

Fred Mitchell

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I have an Odyssey stroke lab double wide blade putter, but the cover drives me bonkers. I have the Black and gray Titlist cart 15 bag and black and gray wood covers that match my bag well but that red and white putter cover REALLY stands out in my bag. Being a double wide blade im guessing the options for my covers that fit is much narrower. Does anyone have any suggestions on a cover that would match my bag well and fit the double wide blade? 

Titlist cart 15 bag.webp

 Ping 430 Max H/L

 Ping 425 7 wood

Ping 425 5H 

TM DHY 4 on order

Titlist 5-Gap T300's

Wedge Cleveland CBX Zipcore

Putter Cleveland Frontline Elite Elevado All In Shaft

Ball Bridgestone RXS

Bag Titlist 15 Cart Bag


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I have a Swag blade cover on mine.  It is a little tight but no issues getting the cover on or off.

default_callaway-small.jpgParadym 🔹🔹🔹 9* PX Hzdrus Black Gen 4 6.5

default_callaway-small.jpg Rogue ST LS 3W GD Tour AD IZ 7s

default_callaway-small.jpg Rogue ST LS 5W Tensei Blue 75s

 :srixon-small: ZX5 4-6 Project X 6.0

image.png.ce3b743fb59da696d0ec9ba260d600cb.png ZX7 7-PW Project X 6.0

default_titelist-small.jpg Vokey SM8 50* F Grind

default_titelist-small.jpg Vokey SM8 55* D Grind

default_titelist-small.jpg Vokey SM9 59* K Grind

:taylormade-small: Spider X Navy Small Slant 33in

default_titelist-small.jpg Pro V1x

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