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Proud 90 Golf Attire - Unofficial Review

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Hey all, I have collected quite the assortment of gear from Proud 90 (proud90.com) and figured I may as well write a review. I am a casual golfer with an approximate 16 handicap and located near Seattle, WA. Typically, rounds are either weekend or twilight due to my day job. Luckily, my workplace is pretty lax on their dress code, so I am able to wear more fun/colorful patterns whenever I want to.

I have recently moved to the Pacific Northwest (PNW), but have also played rounds in Missouri and Florida. Playing conditions in the PNW are cold, windy, cloudy, and wet in the winters and spring, with dry, sunny conditions in the summer. Having breathable layers that dry quickly is very important to me, as they would be if I were still playing golf in the humid heat of Florida. I have been golfing since middle school, which amounts to about 18 years. I have not played consistently for those 18 years, however. I have gained a serious itch to start playing again after moving to an area with great courses nearby such as Chambers Bay and the Home Course.

My luck has prevailed in Proud 90's PGA Tour Golf Fantasy League, and I have won a few polos and q-zips from them. I am happy to share my experiences with them as a company and from a product standpoint. I have acquired four polos and two quarter zips thus far, in a variety of patterns. The four patterns are "Sea Turtles, Mate!," "The Lightyear," "Holiday Pups," and my personal favorite: "Reptar." (As of writing this, it seems that Sea Turtles, Mate! is no longer listed, suggesting that the company likes to phase out designs). Proud 90 is currently shipping out their orders in blue, compostable bags. The site images are true to color and size chart true to size. For reference, I am 5'8", around 150lbs and a small polo fits well, without being weirdly tight or overly baggy. The quarter zips fit well in the same size, but the sleeves have a tendency to be pulled down through the golf swing. I will be testing a hoodie in medium to see if this changes with a step up in size.

As far as durability is concerned, the polos and q-zips have been through the wash a few times, with no signs of color fading or material degradation. I have put the q-zips through their paces, though. They have been taken on hikes and I have noticed some of the material in my backpack straps. This has never happened while carrying my golf bag, however. Overall, I think the durability of these products is respectable and they should last a long while.

Given the colorful, fun designs, these will definitely stay in the rotation for golf equipment. These designs may not please everyone's eyes, but they spark joy in my mind and remind me to not take myself too seriously on the course. This attitude is essential when I am a 16 HC and am very capable of many errant shots in a round. These polos outperform the older shirts in my closet and will be taking their places.

Let me know if you have any questions at all, I'm happy to go further in detail if anyone is interested. I have attached a photo of the patterns of the polos, and I will try to get some more pictures in action when I'm on the course next.


:PXG:0811 X
:taylormade-small: Burner 3H
:taylormade-small: Burner 3W
:taylormade-small: 4-9 irons R7
:cleveland-small: RTX Zipcore, PW and AW
:titleist-small: Vokey Spin Milled, SW and LW
:ping-small: Anser X

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