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What wedge are you using?

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I’ve been slowly changing out my starter set with updated clubs and am ready for a new wedge.

I’m not sure what type of wedge it is…I believe it’s 45 degrees.

I see that Callaway has a Jaws Raw that’s 50 degrees so I’m considering that one but would like to hear your insight.

Thanks ahead of time!


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I attended the Portland golf show and ended up buying a wedge from a brand Indi Golf as I too was eyeing the Callaway Jaws wedges. Then I regripped my new wedge with a neon blue grip from Pure Grips -  I love how they feel and the comfort and pop of color is exactly what I wanted. 

My short game is a work in progress, I’m finally “feeling” what I should be doing vs trying to figure out what I could be doing. Now I need to practice more 🙂

Indigo Wedges: https://indigolfclubs.com/collections/atk-wedges/products/b-i-g-womens?variant=42845554442456

Pure Grips:


Have fun!

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