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The best ball?

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I’ve been using Pro V1 and Pro VX for over 20 years. They have been changing the trajectory and hardness of each ball for a long time. So I haven’t been happy about that. I’ve tried numerous other balls over the years including Callaway, Srixon and Taylormade. Even though Im not thrilled about the current Pro V lineup, they still feel better than the others. I was a 1 hdcp until recently.

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I'm doing the member review for the Vero X2 ball right now and it's really forcing me to think about the value proposal that DTC golf ball brands (snell, pxg, vice, etc) have on the golf world. Sure, there will always be a place for the Pro V1x left dashes of the world, but in my experience so far there is no real downside (other than maybe case quality) for going DTC. It will be interesting once I finish up my report and testing but I may start gaming Vice Pro Plus's or TP5x's after this test (TP5x as a result of the buy 3 get 1 free and I'm a TM junkie)

:callaway-small: Rogue MAX LS 9° (set to +1°)

:callaway-small: Rogue Max 3W 15°

:callaway-small:Apex UW 19°

:taylormade-small: p770 w/ Project X 6.5 (4-AW)

:callaway-small: Jaws Full-Toe Black 54° & 60°

:taylormade-small: Spider GT 35"

:taylormade-small: TP5x 

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Oh man, this is a tough question.

When I was younger, gulp, I actually liked the Slazenger Balata, yes, I am that old.

  • Driver - Callaway Paradym X 10.5 - Project X HZRDS Gen 4 50
  • 3 Wood - Callaway Paradym X 16.5 - Project X HZDRS Gen 4 50
  • 5 Wood - Callaway Paradym X 18.5 - Project X HZDRS Gen 4 50
  • Irons - Ping i20s 4 - PW - Project X 6.0
  • Wedges - Titleist Vokey SM5 52-10, 56-12 & 60-08 - Project X 6.0
  • Putter - Scotty Cameron Phantom X12
  • Golf Ball - 2023 Titleist Pro V1X Left Dash
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While I will pick up the occasional Pro-V or tp5 to save for the days when my driver is really working well, cost is a factor to me. Bridgestone E6 has been my ball for several years. Over the past 2 years I have been changing over to the Volvik Vimax- - also soft. With the matte finish, it seems to grab the green better. That also may start by grabbing the grooves on the wedge first. Just play what you like and have fun!


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Play Pro V1 and 1x. The 1x is a good ball but inconsistent chipping around the greens for me. As for price, right now I have a shoe box full of found Pro V1 and 1X so they cost me nothing.

If I had to buy balls, I would go with Vice Pro Plus. Slots right in to my game, ie, plays the same for me as Pro V.

Have tried literally dozens of different balls that I find. My observations:

TP5 and 5x just not long enough off my driver. Iron distances about the same. Not as straight.

Bridgestone expensive balls like the B Rx etc. Have nothing against them other than I just wouldn't pay for them. Inexpensive Bridgestones, the E6 and E12 lack feel and require to much change in all aspects of my game to play.

Callaway, and I am a Callaway guy, but they just aren't long enough off the driver. I hope this isn't psychological after reading all the bad press here about their balls and how soft balls don't go as far... Anyway, another player in the group likes them so give them to him. I kind of wish a Chrome X LS would appear under a bush so I could try it.

Haven't found a lot of Maxfli, and I end up giving them away as they don't play well for me. Who knows why? I don't. They have a good rep in these forums.

Srixon, generally like their balls but another regular golf 4some member loves them so he gets all the ones I find. Also all the Kirklands. 


Driver: Callaway Epic 9 degree, stiff (set at 10 degrees with the movable weight in the center}

FW: Callaway Epic 3,5, heaven wood w/ regular shaft (driver shaft in 3 wood, 3 wood shaft in 5 wood, 5 wood shaft in heaven wood, all three set at neutral plus 1 degree)

Hybrids: Callaway BB19 4,6,7 (4 set at neutral plus 1 degree and 6 and 7 set at neutral minus 1 degree for gapping purposes)

Irons: Callaway Rogue ST Max 8, 9, PW 

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM6 50,54,58

Ball: Titleist Pro V1, 1X, Vice Pro Plus or anything I find that day and try out for the fun of it (I haven't bought balls with my own money in at least 10 years)

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I know this is not a popular golf ball among the traditionalist of the forum, but dollar per dollar the Vice Pro+ is as good of a ball for 80 to 85% of players including myself. It is cheap! As much as $29 a dozen (if you buy 5 dozen in bulk) and even on the best struck ball vs a ProV1x there will not be 5 yards difference if that(I have compared for myself over many rounds for my game). Not worth the extra hard earned money from my wallet. Yes cost matters to most golfers even if they will not admit it here!

Although I do also love the Titleist Tour Speed ball to game as well, but still not worth the extra for a ball that I could loss on the next hole anyway.

Jason Phillips 

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Last year my  coach suggested I give the Taylormade Tour Response a try.  I've had good luck with it and have no complaints.  Excellent distance and stops on the greens.  What else can you ask for?

WITB - Currently hitting PXG 0211s, irons, driver and putter.  Cleveland wedges.  Love golf, wish I was better at it than I am.  Try to play at least one time a week and get to the range or some other type of practice, putting, chipping a couple times a week.  

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49 minutes ago, Russx5 said:

Last year my  coach suggested I give the Taylormade Tour Response a try.  I've had good luck with it and have no complaints.  Excellent distance and stops on the greens.  What else can you ask for?

It was my ball last year.  However the price increase was just to much so I went to the Maxifli tour soft.  Very similar feel.

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I think I have found my favorite here recently and that is the Srixon Z Star XV. Always loved the ProV1 but I think the Srizon takes the cake for me.

WITB 2023

Driver- Mizuno STZ-220 

Woods: 3w- PXG 0211, 5w- Mizuno STZ

Utility- PXG GEN5 Driving Iron 20*, Srixon ZX Utility 23*

Irons- Srixon ZX7 6-PW, Modus 120 Shafts

Wedges- Callaway Jaws MD5 50, 54, 58

Putter- Taymorlade Spider S Chalk 

Ball- Srixon Z-Star XV

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I enjoy playing the Calloway Chrome Soft.  I do think that cost does play a factor in the type ball a lot of us play.  Hard to justify $50 to 60 a dozen for a recreational golfer in my option.  

:callaway-small: Mavrik Driver

:callaway-small: Mavrik Three wood

:taylormade-small: M2 Hybrids 3, 4 & 5

:taylormade-small: R7 irons 5 - AW

Volkey sand wedge

David Musty putter


Retired educator who loves this game.  It is challenging and a game of integrity.

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Am a huge fan of the Prov1 and have played it for years.  May have played other Titleist balls; AVX, Prov1x, Prov1X left dash, Prov1 left Dot, but always come back to the Prov1.  The 2023 model is a very penetrating golf ball with great control, bite and distance.  Stocked up with eight dozen.  They ran their promotion buy four dozen for the price of three for a very brief period of time.  I do not mind paying a premium price for a premium ball.  It is like a car, you buy what you choose to afford.  Titleist is my ball of choice as my car of choice, our ultimate driving machine.  Great acceleration on the highway, handles well, the performance is off the charts.  I am retired and am enjoying all these years of hard work.    


Driver - TSi3 10.75* - Fujikura Speeder 661 TR

Fairway - TSi2 14.25* - Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.1 

Fairway - TSR1 17.0* - Fujikura Speeder Tour  74

Hybrid - TSR1 20.0* - Fujikura Atmos Red Tour 75  

Hybrid - TSR1 23.0* - Fujikura Atmos Red Tour 75

Irons - T350 (2023) - 6-48W - True Temper AMT Red 95g-107g

Wedges - Vokey SM9 - 52.08F, 56.10S - True Temper AMT Red 94                                                     Vokey SM7 - 58.12D (Snow flaked "Z" ) - N.S. PRO 950GH                                                  **  GolfPride MCC +4 Midsize Grips  (all woods/irons/wedges)

Putter - 2020 Scotty Cameron Select Custom Newport 2 35"                         **  GolfPride SNSR 104 Grip 

Golf Ball - TITLEIST - Prov1s (2023)                                                                              

Golf Bags - TITLEIST  - Cart 14 (black), Mid Size Tour (black/white)

Golf Glove - FootJoy (StaSof, Flex), Shoes, Apparel and Outerwear                     

Rangefinder - Bushnell Pro XE


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I haven't found one best ball for me yet but I do have a top 5 list I can give..

  • #1 :wilson_staff_small:  Wilson Staff Triad

My current go to golf ball. High flight, good feel with putter, can fade and draw, good stopping power even as far out as 195 yards. Inexpensive (not cheap) price at $39.99 and free logo customization at Wilson's website. Average on distance and looks. No negatives for me.

  • #2 :titleist-small: Titleist AVX

The best looking ball I've seen. I like the dimple pattern way more than any other ball I have tested. Straight flying, slightly more driver distance, great feel with putter. The negatives for me are: slightly lower flight, less spin on chips, same price as ProV1.

  • #3 :srixon-small: Srixon Z Star

I have never bought a full dozen but I have tested a sleeve of then and I like it so far. Very firm and high spinning (which I like) but the spin has a noticeable affect on driver distance (more backspin = less runout = less total yards). Great price when they're under $40. I'm playing a lot more rounds than last year so I might switch to this to save some dollars.

  • #4 :callaway-small: Callaway Chrome Soft

I've only tested a sleeve of these so I will probably buy 2 dozen of these to test this year. But as of right now I like the ball. For me it has been mostly the same as the ProV1 and TP5 with the exception of visual appeal. For the $50 price tag I would choose this because I like the hex dimple look better.

  • #5 :taylormade-small::titleist-small: TP5 and Prov1

I'm putting them together because of how similar they seem to me. Not much to be said about them as they are both very good balls, just too expensive for me to use regularly. If I had to pick one it would be the TP5. I get slightly better distance, spin, and feel from it and it has a lower MSRP ($49.99 vs $55.00 for ProV1).

:mizuno-small:: ST-Z 220 - Driver

:adams-small:: Tight Lies - 3W

url(1).jpg.d0326cc5029d710568433f5df6fe1efc.jpg: TS4 4-PW

url(1).jpg.d0326cc5029d710568433f5df6fe1efc.jpg: TSW 50°, 54°,58°

:wilson_staff_small:: Infinite - Putter

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I think cost certainly has to be considered, along with skill level and what you are looking for out of a ball.  I love the performance of my Z-Stars, they are right up there in every aspect of the game with any Pro V1 that I find in the woods.  For me and my propensity to lose 2 balls a round, I am happy to save a couple bucks buying Z-Stars as opposed to Pro V1s.  


Other tidbits...I love how fast the Pro V1x feels off the driver, but it just flies a little too high for what I like to see.  Z-Star XV feel similarly as fast off the driver, but that have a little bit too much of a clicky feel to them around the green.  


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My go to ball was a Bridgestone e6, which I feel was more forgiving and gave great distance. I have not played one of these for a number of years, but now that I am thinking about it I really want to go back to them just to see how they perform against the balls I am using now (Srixon Z-Star and TP5x).  The e6's really don't cost as much now... could be a very good cost to performance value... 

  • Driver: default_taylormade-small.jpgM1 450
  • Fairway: default_ping-small.jpg.bba83d4f21432de50efc14846abd81cd.jpg i25 #3W 
  • Rescue: default_ping-small.jpg.bba83d4f21432de50efc14846abd81cd.jpg i15 23 Degree
  • Irons: default_ping-small.jpg.bba83d4f21432de50efc14846abd81cd.jpg G Max (#5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Wedges: Cleveland Zipcore 52 & 56 Degree
  •                   default_callaway-small.jpg.ae8c01d5b99b318879ce60f833a6e5ed.jpg MD-3 Milled S-Grind 60 Degree 
  •                   default_callaway-small.jpg Mack Daddy M-Grind 64 Degree
  • Putter: default_odyssey-small.jpg.de8760986d210e135ee954aba8648771.jpg White Hot OG 7 Bird Stroke Lab
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3 hours ago, Rhinosparky said:

It was my ball last year.  However the price increase was just to much so I went to the Maxifli tour soft.  Very similar feel.

I was playing the Maxfli and Snell when I switched.  Both are very good. 

WITB - Currently hitting PXG 0211s, irons, driver and putter.  Cleveland wedges.  Love golf, wish I was better at it than I am.  Try to play at least one time a week and get to the range or some other type of practice, putting, chipping a couple times a week.  

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I think the pro v is the best performing ball on the market in a close race with the Bridgestone xs. However, the cost is huge and when you hit one of those a little off that is a pretty expensive loss. I have had good luck with the Wilson Duo Soft in the past. It is okay with distance and performs pretty well around the green. 

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Posted (edited)
On 5/1/2023 at 3:12 PM, Sarahanne said:

What is the best ball you’ve used? Do you think cost has an impact on the ball type?


That is such a paradox - the “best” ball I’ve ever used is least premium ball ever - some Wilsons that came in a 24 pack at Walmart on clearance for $2.00 that was marked another 50% off for $1.00 per bag.  They were a two-piece ball that flew like crazy, stopped okay and were not worth $0.05 of search time - actually they were almost impossible to lose.  I eventually did lose most (gave one bag away).  These days I tend to like 3-piece balls - recently gifted about 100 Pro-V1’s w/a few x’s mixed in.  Came from a friend whose boyfriend’s son-in-law is a course pro in Atl.  Long story shorter - they are a mix from early 2000’s thru 2017.  Maybe one of twenty looks like it’s ever been struck. So that’s my best ball these days…



Edited by Willie T

WITB? :taylormade-small:10.5deg SLDR (R flex),  :taylormade-small:3HL/17 SLDR Series (R flex),:taylormade-small: 5/19 SLDR Series (R flex), :taylormade-small: 4h/22 SLDR Series (R flex), :callaway-small: DIablo graphite shaft irons (5 (R flex), 6-PW (A flex)), :cleveland-small: CBX 50, 54,& 58 wedges - graphite, :odyssey-small: White Iron 5 putter.   

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8 hours ago, BMDubya said:

This is where it’s at! My favorite ball is the TM TP5x. Was getting a great deal on the previous years, at around $32/$35dz. But then they ran out. I still have several boxes stashed, but I also tested other options, as I knew this day would come to an end. With so many options today, do your own research! I have a buddy, we will go in halves on whatever ball we are wanting to test. 2 sleeves each work out great! Then if you find something you like, you’re all set! The new Maxfli balls are good & at their price point, are very hard to beat. Other DTC companies offer great options as well. With the big OEM’s getting $52/$55dz for their premium offerings, you’re crazy not giving yourself the option of a premium ball, at a cost that pleases you. 

Have a Veteran buddy order from TM its15% off top and sales at times along with free shipping at times, tell them to look in ID me for discounts to a few Golf places but PXP, TM and Callaway are the best I have found


 Ping 430 Max H/L 10 Degree Geezer Flex

 Ping 425 7 wood Geezer Flex

Ping 425 5H [Not in bag]

TM DHY 4/5

Titlist 5-Gap T300's Geezer Flex

Wedges Cleveland RTX Fullface Zipcore 52 degree and TM Hi Toe 4 56 degree

Putter Scotty Cameron Golo S Center Shafted

Ball Bridgestone BXS , Trying The Maxfli Tour S also

Bag Titlist 15 Cart Bag


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I have tried different golf balls from Top Shelf to bargain.  I have had good success with each.  TaylorMade True Response has been a nice surprise.  Cut golf balls are always nice and work really well.  ProV1’s feel great but I think because of price and the fear of losing them….I don’t usually hit them well…so yes price does matter.  

Adams Hybrid Irons, Cleveland wedges 50,53,56,60, Nike Method Putter, Callaway 3 wood, Ping g25 Driver.  

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