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When do you show up for your tee time?

When do you show up for your tee time?  

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  1. 1. When do you show up for your tee time?

    • At least an hour ahead
    • Gimme 15-20 minutes
    • Trunk slammer! 5 min to throw my shoes on and I'm good
    • More than an hour

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I usually arrive 30-40 minutes before tee time. That gives me plenty of time to get my shoes on, load my cart, check in at the clubhouse, BS with the clubhouse attendant, do some loosening up and tee of.

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I've actually done all 4 😆 I prefer to get there about an hour ahead so I don't feel rushed. Now we live 100 yards from the range so it usually ends up being 20-30 ahead of time. I like to start out hitting a few wedges then a few 8 iron shots and then 3-4 drives and finish with a wedge. Maybe 20 balls, then head to the 1st tee and putting green to roll a few putts.

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image.png                Epic  Hybrid

image.png               Vokey  wedges 54/58

image.png                 Pro V1

image.jpeg.c8b4ffb4ff4de8ea8afba23108e17df9.jpeg           Tour BX and BRX

         Screenshot2024-02-11at9_30_37PM.png.1e4cb7cbea3eff113419aae62f667ad2.pngPhantom X 5

image.pngimage.png.2b1b71322a7777a170fc398e58331e60.png  image.png.e0ef3e994d42a54c95d17baf9258a43a.png



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I try for an hour in advance.  Not always happening, but I do try.  Shoes on...head out to short rage for 10-15 minutes of wedge warmup.  To the range for 20-30 of cycling through the bag, then roll 'em for 10-15 on the putting green.  All of which gets me ready to shank the first one off the tee and hope we're playing a breakfast ball!  🙂

Mizuno ST200G driver, Diamana White stiff

Mizuno ST200 Tour Spoon 3 wood, Diamana White stiff

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Edison Forged wedges, 55 and 59 degree, KBS Tour stiff

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom 5s

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I like to be there an hour before but most times it's less.  At least enough time to chip and putt for a few minutes.

WITB - Currently hitting PXG 0211s, irons, driver and putter.  Cleveland wedges.  Love golf, wish I was better at it than I am.  Try to play at least one time a week and get to the range or some other type of practice, putting, chipping a couple times a week.  

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Usually 45 min to an hr early, never warm up on range just a few swings with a practice type club then putt and talk with playing partners then our starter usually sends us out early because he knows we’re fast and won’t hold anyone up out there. It’s important to get your fast people out there early because if you have a slow group early on it makes the rest of the day slow play.

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Always a half hour before minimum. I usually like to hit the range and stretch a bit. Of course my dad drilled into me. If your on time you’re late. 🤪

Callaway Mavrik irons, Ping woods

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our foursome arrives from 4 directions; usually 20-40 minutes before tee time.  check in, find a cart; stretch, putt on the practice green; hit a few practice balls, if time.

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If it is my home course then only 15-25 minutes prior to tee time. Otherwise its usually 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. Spend most of the time chipping and putting to get a feel of the greens. I will then hit the range to see if I'm drawing/fading the ball and will "try" to play that shape shot for the day...

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It isn't an hour, and it isn't 15 minutes either. I've played courses it's a five minute walk or more range to tee box.

45 minutes covers it

Unwind the clicgear and load bag, 

Pro shop settle up takes a few minutes.

Meet and greet fellow players

Loosen up.

Hit a small bucket 25 or 40 balls

Roll 12 putts various distances breaks

Be at teebox at least 9 minutes prior. No need to crowd prior, no need to scurry up one minute before own.

Driver FW - Titleist 917

Irons 4 to 8 - Titleist T300 2° flat

Irons 9 to wedges - George Nicoll Royal musclebacks 70s vintage

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Fix the survey

Button one > at least an hour


Button four > more than an hour

Are same thing

Make Button one 30-60 minutes and survey time blocks make more sense.

Driver FW - Titleist 917

Irons 4 to 8 - Titleist T300 2° flat

Irons 9 to wedges - George Nicoll Royal musclebacks 70s vintage

Putter - Scotty Cameron Select blackout

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I like to get there early and not be rushed. Get myself and my gear ready and head to the range. Do some stretches and start slowly working through my clubs. Finish up chipping and putting and I'm good for the first tee and a good round of golf.I practically grew up on a golf course and this is how I was taught. How many sports do you know where the athletes just jump in without a warm-up? 

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Trunk to the tee, thats me. Been playing all my life and for years I got away with little to no practice but had good muscle memory and touch. Now, at 71 the memory has faded and so the swing/ball striking is mediocre. I think I waited to long as now practice doesn't seem to help much. It only causes physical breakdown. Oh well, I had a good run as a mid to low single digit. Sorry for the OT but just wanted to point out there are consequences if warmup and practice are not part of the regime.  

Anxiety is contagious, please keep yours to yourself ... 

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I average about 30 mins before normal weekend tee times these days. I’ll hit 20 balls on the range and spend the rest of the time chipping and putting. 

Driver: TSR4

3W: Cobra F7

Irons:Ben Hogan Icon

50&54: Ben Hogan Equalizer 2

58: Taylormade Hi Toe 3

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I need to be at the course an hour ahead so I can pay, wet a towel, load the cart, and then head to the range and putting green. This year I’m putting first, then hitting balls since I want to head to the first tee having practiced that shot right before I tee off. It takes me awhile to get loose, I even stretch and roll at home before I leave the house.

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Hybrid: Ping G425 22*, Ping Tour 80X

Irons:  Ping i230 4-GW, TT DG X100

Wedges: :edel-golf-1: SMS 50D/54V/58D:Nippon:Modus 130 stiff, +1”

Putter:  :edel-golf-1: EAS 1.0

Ball: Titleist 2023 AVX

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45 minutes to an hour.  At my age I need to get loose so I have time to stretch, hit the range, hit the practice green and get my brain ready to play.  If I show up 10 minutes before a tee time the round is a wreck.

Driver; Callaway RAZR Fit

Fairway and hybrids: Callaway X2 Pro

Irons: Mizuno JPX 825

Wedges: Mizuno JPX 825 Pro

Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2



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I show up about 45 minutes prior. Gives me a chance to hit the range, putting green and practice some bunker shots. 
usually a small bucket does it. I find that even hitting a few it’s better than not hitting at all. Especially as you get older. 
don’t forget to stretch. 

Witb= Rogue max LS driver

3wood 5 wood and 7 wood all first gen stealth. 
22 degree pxg hybrid 25 degree pxg hybrid  

6-pw Srixon zx5 mkII irons  traded in pxg 0211 from 4 years ago  

50-54-58 edel wedges with moveable weights  

labgolf putter with upgraded shaft  

thats 15 clubs  needless to say not all come to the course with me  


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I shoot for 20 to 30 minutes beforehand. Gives you time to stretch, putt, chip and get a few good swings in. If it's a competition round, I'm there at least 45 min to an hour early to hit the range and dial in the greens for the day. 

D-  Titleist  TSR2 w Mitsubishi Tensei 50g Stiff 

3w - Titleist TSR2 w/ Mitsubishi Tensei 65g Stiff

HYB - Titleist TSi 18* w/ Mitsubishi Diamana 65g Stiff

DI - Mizuno FliHi 3i w/ UST Mamiya ESX Hybrid Stiff 60g

Irons - 4-PW Takomo 101T w/ KBS Tour Stiff 

Wedges - Cleveland RTX ZipCore 54/10 60/10 w/ TrueTemper T100

Putter - Scotty Cameron Select GoLo S

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1st or 2nd tee time and this part of the year that is a 0600 or 0607 tee time. Doesn't matter. I like 30-45 minutes, mentioned by several others, which wasn't a choice so didn't vote. Get in some chipping and putting, 2 clubs to swing and stretch, and I am ready. We are all regulars so there is a little catching up to do and maybe a war story, then we are off. Don't need much as I play or swing on my mat every day. 

Driver: Callaway Epic 9 degree, stiff (set at 10 degrees with the movable weight in the center}

FW: Callaway Epic 3,5, heaven wood w/ regular shaft (driver shaft in 3 wood, 3 wood shaft in 5 wood, 5 wood shaft in heaven wood, all three set at neutral plus 1 degree)

Hybrids: Callaway BB19 4,6,7 (4 set at neutral plus 1 degree and 6 and 7 set at neutral minus 1 degree for gapping purposes)

Irons: Callaway Rogue ST Max 8, 9, PW 

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM6 50,54,58

Ball: Titleist Pro V1, 1X, Vice Pro Plus or anything I find that day and try out for the fun of it (I haven't bought balls with my own money in at least 10 years)

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Oh boy do I try to get there 1 hr before yes, but honestly tend to get there 30 minutes before.  This time is then taken up by putting on shoes and checking in so typically only get to putt a few.  I always have the goal to go to the range and warm up with a small bucket so this year that is my goal.  I also do a range session maybe 2-3 days before I hit the golf course just to feel more consistent.  


Make small improvements!

Making upgrades to my outdated golf set.

Love reading and keeping up with the new golf tech.

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I prefer to arrive about an hour early, but usually arrive about 45 minutes early.  I like to do a bit of stretching, hit balls progressing from wedges to mid-irons to a few hybrid and fairway wood shots.  I finish the range with half a dozen drives.  Hopefully I then have enough time left to do some chipping and putting before teeing off.

As a side note: I work a couple days a week as a starter/marshal at our course.  It’s very helpful for the starter if you arrive at the tee box about 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time.  Sometimes groups arrive late and if you are there early, the starter can slide you off in their place and more easily fit the late group in, when they arrive.  Clearly this is not your problem, but by being there early, you may be able to help keep the course on schedule.  You’ll also get to the 19th hole a little sooner.

Putter: Taylormade: Spider Tour

Irons: Callaway Apex 19: 5-P

Wedges:  Taylormade Mill Grind 3,: 48, 54, 60

Hybrids:  Cobra Baffler:  3 & 4

Fairway:  Callaway Epic 3 wood set to 15 degrees

Driver:  Callaway Rogue Sub-Zero, 10.5 degrees

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I play a lot here in Florida, and it's often quite warm.  So, I like to plan for 45 minutes prior to tee time.  That gives me 15 minutes to pay up at the proshop and load up, leaving a half hour or so to chat with the boys, hit a few balls and putts.

Dave Mueller

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Play in a men's group on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We tee off at 8am and I get there at 7am.  Time to check in with the head of our organization, pay our entry fee, get assigned to a group, then pay my cart fee get a warm up bucket of balls, load up the cart, head to the range for exercises and about twenty minutes of warm up.  The about fifteen minutes of putting.  Back to see want number we have drawn, order of play 1-8....starting at 8am.   If we are 6,7,8, might putts a few more balls and chip a few and make sure my back stays loose.  It has a tendency to tighten up when I stand around.     


Driver - TSi3 10.75* - Fujikura Speeder 661 TR

Fairway - TSi2 14.25* - Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.1 

Fairway - TSR1 17.0* - Fujikura Vista Pro 65S

Hybrid - TSR1 20.0* - Fujikura Atmos Red Tour 75  

Hybrid - TSR1 23.0* - Fujikura Atmos Red Tour 75

Irons - T350 (2023) - 6-48W - True Temper AMT Red 95g-107g

Wedges - Vokey SM9 - 52.08F, 56.10S - True Temper AMT Red 94 

**  GolfPride MCC +4 Midsize Grips  (all woods/irons/wedges)

Putter - 2023 Scotty Cameron Super Select Squareback 2 35" 

**  Superstroke 1.0 Pistol Grip  

Golf Ball - TITLEIST - Prov1s (2023)                                                         

Golf Bags - TITLEIST  - Cart 14 (black), Mid Size Tour (black/white)

Golf Glove - FootJoy (StaSof), Shoes, Apparel and Outerwear        

Rangefinder - Bushnell Pro XE


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I like to be socially late like Hagen, gargle with a little whiskey, say goodbye to my overnight friends, and the best first tee greeting.... 'ok boys, who's playing for second?"

Edited by MacTourney

Good hand action comes from good body action.     

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I like to be completely ready to go 30 minutes before the tee time. This usually means being checked in, had a warm up (10-20 balls), and the cart is ready to go. I normally use the spare 30 minutes for putting/chipping at 10 minutes a piece. This leaves me 10 minutes to either start early, wait around, clean clubs, use the bathroom, or other random preparations.

:PXG:: 0311 Gen5 - Driver

:adams-small:: Tight Lies - 3W

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url(1).jpg.d0326cc5029d710568433f5df6fe1efc.jpg: TSW 50°, 54°,58°

:wilson_staff_small:: Infinite - Putter

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I typically show up just in time to tee it up. I’m a 9 holes after work once a week type of guy. I can get there an hour early and warm up and I’ll shoot 42-45. Or I can sprint to the tee box with my shoes still untied and shoot 42-45. I guess I don’t see the need to be any earlier, but maybe that’s why I can’t seem to break 80… 

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45 minutes to an hour before, depending on how much time I think I’ll need to get loose.

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Madison bats -

Driver - Callaway Mavrik 10.5*, Reg 55 gram Riptide

3W - Taylor Rocket Ballz 15* R

5W - Taylor Rocket Balls 19* 

Hybrid 22* Rocket Balls R, 25* Hyper Speed R

Irons - 6-P Titleist AP2 712 S TT Gold Hi Launch

W 52, 56, 60 Vokey SM6


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I try to be there 45-60 minutes early. I like to spend about 20 minutes stretching, 10 minutes on the range and 10 minutes putting.

Taylormade Sim 9.0

Taylormade sim2 13.5

Srixon z irons

SM8 Vijay wedges (54,58)

Odyssey Double Wide putter

Taylormade TP5

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