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How many wedges are in your bag?

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With the Sub 70 Wedges up for testing this feels like a really timely topic for right now. 

Anyone make the switch either from or away from the 52/56/60 combo? Anyone playing a speciality wedge in the 48-50 range?

 ⛳🛄 as of Oct 31, 2022 (Past WITB
Driver:   TBD: Follow here: Driver Shootout! 

Wood:    :cobra-small: King SZ 3 wood 15.5*

               :ping-small: G410 Crossover - 4 iron or others....

Irons:     :Sub70: Sub70 659 TC Raw 5-Aw w/ KBS Tour 90 Stiff Black PVD

Wedge:  :ping-small: Glide 2.0 54* 58* w/ Nippon Modus 105 Stiff

Putter:   :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab 7 35* and oversized grip (2019 Tester)

Balls:     :taylormade-small:/:titleist-small: (currently testing)

Other:     :Arccos: 

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1 minute ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

With the Sub 70 Wedges up for testing this feels like a really timely topic for right now. 

Anyone make the switch either from or away from the 52/56/60 combo? Anyone playing a speciality wedge in the 48-50 range?

48-50 is the gap where I have an empty spot now. Mizuno has some interesting loft/bounce combos there and the TM MG high toe 50/09° caught my eye

Finding a way to turn birdies into bogeys since 1992.

'23 Forum Tester: image.png.9f90721cd28bc7b0a9c9a7080e1e9365.png Elixir Golf Ball

WITB:image.png.3fd681db3510b6ca5b9cd8746bbb1447.pngTS2 10.5° @ 11.25° Screenshot_20230525_003120_Chrome2.jpg.453ea23fc579d3ff5d81168fdd3d1632.jpgTensei blue AV 55 R graph•917f2 15° @ 16.5° Screenshot_20230525_003120_Chrome2.jpg.453ea23fc579d3ff5d81168fdd3d1632.jpgDiamana blue x5ct dialed 70 R graph•image.png.34e4547e173a54172ff78e7545cfce3c.pngStealth 22° image.png.3e3fd052b67b6f62d3666b666d7109fe.png Ventus red 6 (non-velo) R graph• image.png.8fb479c452fc063454e923dea514c13d.png699u 24° image.png.d2eb192c22d125fefbd3607df7e0b327.png Tour v 90 black pvd R steel•699 6i-PW image.png.9a4846088e26973fb7fe5624bddbdc81.png Tour 110 black pvd R steel• image.png.eca9fa52c016ce4745893f387fef46df.pngSM8 50°/08° @ 52°/10° SM8 stock steel• image.png.3a7bdc80b43a23d4e08c16f2f319cc28.pngJaws Full Toe 56°/12° Screenshot_20230525_002154_Google2.jpg.c2d23d7abfb8451e510d254517410b64.jpgDG Spinner TI steel •image.png.98634e318580c192c5682c5d7f2a763a.png c series DW 2.0 slant neck stock steel•image.png.13e1aa1ef13bc0a92bb27f2e4df082a9.pngPhantom 2 gps•Tour v3 rangefinder•image.png.9f90721cd28bc7b0a9c9a7080e1e9365.pngElixir golf ball•

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I use 5 wedges! I have the standard PW that comes with my TM M6 iron set, the AW that came with it, and Lazrus 52°, 56°, & 60°. I love how the Lazrus hit and pretty much hate my AW. I just can’t hit it.


Mostly Taylormade. Experimenting with Lazrus clubs & ball brands.

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i switched to Edel last year from my hogans and couldn’t be happier. The public courses I play don’t exactly have perfect private club grass so the variety of wedges gives me a lot more options and it’s made a difference in my scoring for sure. 

Hogan GS Driver/3 wood

Hogan FT Worth 15 Irons

Hogan Equalizer Wedges

Odyssey Milled Putter

OnCore Elixir and Avant Balls

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I play 4 wedges counting the PW from my set of Mizuno MP20 MMC's.  The other 3 are a TM MG3 50, then I play Mizuno T22 55 with 13 degrees bounce and a T22 59 with 5 degrees bounce.  The gapping seems to really work for me with this setup.


Driver: Ping G425 Max

3Wood: PXG 0211

Hybrids: Ping G410 (19 degree), Titleist 816 H1 (25 degree)

Irons: Mizuno MP20 MMC (5-PW)

Wedges: TaylorMade MG3 (50 degree), Mizuno T22 (55 and 59 degree)

Putter: Bettinardi 2019 Studio Stock 2 

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2....52 and 58. I grew up with just a Wilson Staff 56 and learned to hit every shot possible. Decision making was simple and creative. PW is 46 degrees and from my iron set.

Callaway Epic Flash Subzero, CK Pro Tensei Orange 
Tour Edge Exotics Tour EX9, 15*
Mizuno CLK 19*
Mizuno JPX919 Tour, KBS C Taper, 4-PW
Fourteen Golf RM22 52*, 58*
Scotty Cameron Circa 62 No 1
Bridgestone B RXS
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Including my PW which is 49 degrees, I have a 52, 56, and 60. Not sure why I have the 52. I can take a little off my PW if I need to hit it in the 110 range. 

When my wife asked if I wanted to leave Maine and move to where she grew up, I couldn't say no to Pinehurst, NC. I honestly don't spend much money on golf equipment, but I'm constantly reading reviews in case I ever get ready to buy

I swing left handed and have been the State of Maine Left Hander's champion since 1997, the last year they held the tournament. I'm currently a 6.3 handicap. Trying to get lower, but my gut gets in the way.


Driver: image.png.ffe2bc6ecfce45bb7b4540265b039131.png TS3 8 degree 

Irons: :titelist-small: 990's S300 Stiff shafts bought when I was in college. (Received a personal use discount, otherwise would've stuck with my Hogan Edge's)

3 Wood: :callaway-small:  Epic speed 15 degree 

52/56/60 :taylormade-small: Z Spin wedges (heck of a deal $100 for all 3 at Dick's in 2013)

Putter: :odyssey-small: OG Rossie


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I am carrying typically 3 wedges.  I have (all PING) my standard PW which is 44.5 degrees, then a Utility Wedge which is 49.5, and a Glide which is 60.  I also have a 56 Taylore Made but I found I hit the Glide better.  I have too large a gap between the UW and the 60, however, what I usually do is just take the PW and modify my swing speed/length (choking down on the shaft for example) to adjust for distance.  I have a 52 as well somewhere but never use it.  I use the 60 degree for when I am in the sand by the green. 

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Titleist T200 PW 43°

Vokey SM9 48°, 52° and 58°

 :titelist-small: Linksmaster bag  

:titelist-small:  TSR3 11° Fujikura Ventus VR Red 6 stiff

:titelist-small:   TSi2 16.5° and 21° Graphite Design Tour AD DI-7 stiff 

:titelist-small:  T200 Utility Build 22° Graphite Design Tour AD 85 HY stiff

:titelist-small:  2021 T200 5-P Nippon Pro Modus³ Tour 105 stiff

:vokey-small:  SM9 48.10F Nippon Pro Modus³ Tour 105 stiff52.12F Nippon Pro Modus³ Tour 120 stiff and 58.10S Jet Black Premium True Temper AMT Black-Black Onyx S300

Scotty Cameron   2022 Special Select Jet Set Newport 34" 350g

 ArccosSig.jpg.ebcfd079607adabd46a71d6125ee2ab6.jpg P3 sensor, Caddy Smart grips, and Apple Watch

:titelist-small:  ProV1x


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Mizuno JPX-921 HM PW, as part of the Iron set

Specialist: Mizuno T22 "Denim Copper" - 

  • 49/06 (S Grind)
  • 55/13 (S Grind)
  • 60/10 (C Grind)


Current Bag(s)

  • Callaway Rogue (Project X5.5), Mizuno ST-X 220 4H, 5W, 3W (Aldila Ascent R)
  • Mizuno JPX-921 4i-PW, T22 48, 55, 60 (Modus 105 R)
  • Odyssey Strokelab Double Width Triple Track 
  • Chromesoft Triple Track or Supersoft
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I'm running a vokey 46, 50, 56, and 60. No PW

I like golf. You should like golf. If life is tough, play more golf!

Callaway X2 Hot, 9°, ProjectX HZRDUS Smoke Black

Cleveland Halo 3 Hybrid 22°

Cleveland TA7 6-9, ProjectX Rifle 6.0

Vokey SM8 48 10F, 52 08F, 56 08M, 60 08M

Odyssey Stroke Lab 2 Ball 10 


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60, that is made to a 59

54 Pw which is a 49 .all are Cleveland Cdx

and a A wedge which is 54 degrees


Taylor made P790 4-pw 

sim 5 fairway wood

ping hybrid 

taylor made grind pw 54 and 60 degree

putter by gambi looks like Phil Mickelson putter

Balls: prov 1 ,Taylor made 5X, Kirkland signature 3 peice 

use Garmin G80 


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I collect wedges I have currently 3 different sets of 50,54,58 or 60 degree combos but currently am playing Mizuno T22 wedges with a 46(bent to 49) in chrome a 54 copper and a 60(bent to 59) in copper 


Driver ; Tour Edge EXS pro 9.5 with matrix Maru Red TX75 shaft

3-wood ; Tour Edge EXS pro 13 with matrix Maru Red TX70 shaft 

hybrid ; adams tour proto 2 hybrid with matrix Ozik hm3 black tie 

Irons ; 4-pw Titleist T100s with kbs c-taper x shafts 

wedges ; mizuno T22 49,54,59 degree with kbs hi-rev x shafts 

putter; ping Oslo h with Mitsubishi 135g putter shaft

ball ; Callaway chrome soft x 

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