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I prefer my 3 hybrid. I recently bought a 5wood but I think the hybrid is more versatile.

its easier to hit from uneven lies.

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You just have to try both to see how they work for you. In my case the 5 wood and 3H are pretty close to the same distance. I hit the 3H much lower and distance comes from runout. I find the 5W much easier and more fun to hit.  60% of the time I'll take my 5W unless...I know the winds will be blowing 20mph or more, then I'll opt for the 3H. Ultimately do what feels comfortable to you. 

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I use a 3W, 2H and a 4H adjusted slightly down and then 5I is my next struggle with my 3W for so long that i never considered a 5W the 2H was filling the gap. Starting to lose my fear of hitting my 3W that I'd consider a 5W now if I already had one to try.

My 2H, 4H is so versatile for off the tee long par 3's short Par 4's and bumps around the green feel like it is way more forgiving than I would guess a 3I or 2I.

Really would like to get more data and swings as to what would suit whether I should put a 5W in instead of one of the Hybrids especially around my course here in Brissy QLD.


Hit it harder it goes further right? 

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I carry a 3w and a 4h. I've considered adding a 3h to my bag. My hybrids are usually my favorite, most consistent clubs. Not the biggest fan of hitting a wood off the deck unless I'm too far out for my hybrid. My 3w is mainly a driver alternative for me.

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My ball flight is on the higher side and I don't play many courses with really deep rough so my fitter suggested the 3 hybrid.  It's one of the easiest clubs in my bag to hit and I've learned to control my ball flight much better than before.  I've considered a 5 wood or even a 7 wood for my next set but I might only use those on courses with deeper rough.

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I play 15 degree 3 wood and 19 degree 3 hybrid.  I can hit the 3 wood higher than the hybrid as I have the hybrid set as open as I can get it which de-lofts the club as I fight a hook with the hybrids.  If I went 5 wood, it would have to be one I could hit the same distance as the 3h and give me some versatility.

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I've been rebuilding my bag over the last year. Always played a 3-hybrid during my time in high-school and college golf, didn't use it often but appreciated the versatility it provided in deep rough situations. Now, i've become way more fond of a 5-wood in place of the 3-H. My launch angle is slighter higher, adds more spin and provides a softer and steeper descent into the greens to stop close. This is incredibly beneficial to me in long par-5 situations. Hope this helps your decision. 

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|> 5 Wood - :titleist-small: TSR2 18° w. Fujikura Motore F1 X 7S 

|> Irons - :srixon-small: ZX5 MKII (4i-5i) + ZX7 MKII (6i-PW) w. KBS $-Taper 120

|> Wedges - :vokey-small:(50.08F,54.12D,58.10S) w. KBS $-Taper 120

|> Putter - :bettinardi-small:BB1-LN w. KBS GPS Tour Shaft

|> Ball - :callaway-small: Chrome Soft X

|> Glove - :mizuno-small: Elite

|> Grips - Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4

|> Shoes - :footjoy-small: Hyperflex Carbon

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Good question! I've wondered the same. I currently have a 3W and a 2H. Only about 15 yards of difference between the 2. So, no room currently for a 5W. I've thought about replacing the 2H and 3 iron with a 5W and 3H.

Been playing golf since I was 8, so.... a long time!

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Right now, I carry both, mostly because I don't know what to do with the last spot in my bag. Either the 5W or 3H fills the gap between my 3W and 5H. A lob wedge would just get me in trouble, so I'm telling myself I there's enough of a difference in ball flight to justify the duplication.

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My 3h is my “toy cannon,” the go-to when the 3w is iffy. That said, I used/loved a 5w in the past, but haven’t investment, yet…

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I carried a 5 wood and 3hb for a loung time but recently took the 5 wood out of the bag. The hybrid is my go to club mainly because I hit it better. The 5 wood was not as consistent. 

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I personally think the 5 wood is a more versatile club. It imparts more spin to attack greens and has the distance that I am looking for on longer par 5's.

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5W all day....however, I found that I hit my 5 wood better than my 3 wood (more consistently and almost as long). If you find this to be the case, you might keep both the 3H and the 5W and get rid of the 3W. You will have to notice your yardages and fill in the gaps. I also can say that I prefer a hybrid from the rough or tricky shots that are not in the fairway much more than my 5W. Sometimes, the 5W will slide under certain lies that the hybrid hits better.

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I've been struggling to hit my 5 wood recently.  It used to be my go-to fairway finder but the yips came out of nowhere and can't find my stroke.

I just ordered a 3H (19 degree) and will be putting it into play this weekend so we'll see how it goes.

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  • Wedges:  50-10S & 56-10S - Callaway Jaws Raw:  60-08M - Vokey SM9
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  • Gloves: PXG, G/Fore
  • Shoes:  Ecco Biom H4, G/Fore Gallivanter
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I do not hit hybrids very well so I vote for a fairway wood.

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