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A Thank You To Forum Staff

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5 minutes ago, GolfSpy SAM said:

Grateful for all the love  - not sure I know what to say...

- hell of a way to start a cold and dreary Saturday (June Gloom is upon us, slightly early this year 🙂 ) - at least "cold and dreary" before the sun burns off the fog and then it's mid-80s 🙂.   

As a warning, this post will be brought to you by Anchorman.  Anchorman: see it soon so you'll understand ANY of the references in this post. 

Thrilled to be a very small part of the large success and growth we've seen over the last year - but @GolfSpy_APH - you're the driving force behind all of this, and the team you've assembled ...
giphy.gif , well, I'm just happy to be any part of it at all.  

But I think we all know (at least, I know @GolfSpy TCB and @GolfSpy BOS will, anyway) who I am in this ensemble ...giphy.gif


I'm so excited to see what happens as we near the second half of the year - it's kind of amazing we're only a few months into this year and we've already seen this incredible growth which just makes us all want to 



So, thank you to Jamie, and thanks to all the other staff for putting up with my idiocy 🙂 I think we can all agree, after this post, it's clear:  giphy.gif.


And it's also clear what you're thinking in response: giphy.gif.


And just as a final reminder, as we enter this summer season and you'll be outside for hours at a time, please remember that purchasing the right hydration is of utmost importance:


This really is my favorite place on the internet.  At least 60% of the time 😉 giphy.gif

Reminiscent of CCC4. Wish ya didn’t live in California my man because damnit you would fit right into the crew over here.

Check out my reviews:

:ping-small:  G710 Irons Official Review

:Fuji: MC Shaft & :EVNROLL: V Series Putter Official Review

:cobra-small: 2022 Forged Tec's Official Review

Logo.png.7f297574516267afc6959b36be364cf9.pngNitron Push Cart Official Review

Rhoback Golf Attire  (Unofficial)

ParSaver Divot Tool  (Unofficial)

Taylormade SIM 3 Wood  (Unofficial)


Weapons of grass destruction (link to WITB)

:ping-small: Traverse is filled with all this shiny metal and tracked by :Arccos:

:cobra-small: RadSpeed 8* - MotoreX F1 6X :taylormade-small: SIM 3W - Project X HZRDUS Green

:titleist-small: U505 Driving Iron 17* - Project X HZRDUS Black :cobra-small: SpeedZone 4H - Project X HZRDUS Black

:cobra-small: 2022 King Forged Tec's 4-PW - KBS $ Tape 130 :titelist-small: 48 (SM8), 52 & 60 (SM7) - Nippon Modus 125 S 

:EVNROLL: ER2VI :titelist-small: PROV1X #19 

🇺🇸Thank you to all those that have served/are serving and God Bless America 

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Much appreciate all the work you do and help you have given me. 


 Ping 430 Max H/L

 Ping 425 7 wood

Ping 425 5H 

TM DHY 4 on order

Titlist 5-Gap T300's

Wedge Cleveland CBX Zipcore

Putter Cleveland Frontline Elite Elevado All In Shaft

Ball Bridgestone RXS

Bag Titlist 15 Cart Bag


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Well desserve! I am pretty new to the forum and it's fantastic! Thanks for your hard work

Playing one length clubs in Canada 🇨🇦

Driver - :cobra-small:Radspeed, 9°  (soon to be replace by :titleist-small: TSR thanks to 2023 MyGolfSpy PGA Championship Pool Sponsored by Titleist TSR Woods)
3 Wood - :cobra-small:LTDx, Aldila Rogue Silver 70-S
5 Wood - :cobra-small:LTDx, Fujikura Motore X F3 6-S
Hybrid - , :cobra-small:19° Tensei AV Raw Blue 75-S
Irons - :cobra-small:Speedzone One length 5-GW, 
Wedges - :cobra-small:King One 56° & 60°, 
Putter -  :mizuno-small: Mcraft II
Ball -  Vice pro

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