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How many balls are in your competition bag?


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For those that carry or walk, I'd be interested in how many balls you carry in a competition. Not to be pessimisstic but I do have more than 12 when in reality I'm rarely losing a ball per round. I know that at the club even a few low handicappers will take an extra to some tee shots even though they have been striping it all day.

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I used to carry a dozen to 15, and there's been times my bag has filled up with over 2 dozen. Now I only carry a sleeve of new balls and about a half dozen used from previous rounds. Even still, I've only lost 2 balls through 9 rounds this year.

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I'm not a competition player, but there was a point late last season when I cleaned out my bag and actually pulled out over 40 balls!  After a rough start to the game, I had a bad habit of picking up every ball I found "just in case."  Now, like @DiscipleofPenick, I generally take a sleeve of new balls in addition to a half dozen or so used ones.   If I'm going to be playing a more boozy weekend round with friends, I may add a few more found balls in case the round goes south.

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I’m not a competition player either and ride in a cart mostly; walk with a pushcart sometimes.  I usually carry 2 sleeves of balls.  I can go several rounds without losing a ball and have to replace it when it’s just sad looking, but I can also lose 2 balls on one hole; done that twice already this year!!  I carry more sleeves in my car and will add a sleeve to my bag when needed.

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I walk virtually every round with a BagBoy pushcart.  I have 9 balls in my bag when I start any round.  3 that I intend to play with and 2 sleeves in a pocket I use just for those balls and 4 unused gloves.  


I have run out of balls once in the past 30 years when I had 4 in the bag to start  a round on a links course I had never played before and lost three in the first six holes in thick, thick rough that was at least a foot high.   The 4th lasted through 16.  Same issue on 17.  This was not a competition but a member guest practice round so my partner loaned me a ball to finish the round. Next 3 days, I had 12 balls in the bag and lost 1 in 54 holes.

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