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Reducing cost of golf – St. Andrews


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My wife and I are thinking about spending a month in St. Andrews next summer for a working vacation. My question is: does anyone have any tips and tricks to reduce my greens fees while I'm over there? I see St. Andrews Links offers 7-day unlimited golf passes, which is a start, but I'd have to buy at least two of them (at a cost of 640 pounds each). Is there a way to get an international membership at one of the clubs that call St. Andrews home? Are there any other options?


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You can look at joining one of the local clubs (Royal and Ancient, St. Andrews Golf Club, New Club) but joining the clubs don't give you access to the courses (and they aren't easy to join).  For unlimited golf on the links courses you need a links ticket.  You can get on the links ticket waiting list but it's going to take a bit of advanced planning.  I'm currently on the waitlist and at number 1187 I figure I should get my ticket in about 10-12 years (I've been on the list a couple years now).


South of St. Andrews you can get an overseas memberships at Leven or Lundin which are pretty good links courses.

- Joe

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