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Wood or plastic tees?

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I have been using both as available, but I generally find plenty of wood tees on the course each round to not have to buy any. I do prefer wood tees as a general rule, if not for anything else other than that I tend to lose Tees frequently because our course generally has pretty penal rough around our tee boxes and it's very easy to lose tees.

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Mainly use wood tees unless I find a plastic tee laying in the box.  I like wooden because I can fix my green divots easier. Plastic always bend.  

i am curious if the “tour tee” is actually worth the cost.  If they do last as long as they claim I may try them because I break a wooden tee every other hole since our tee boxes are pretty firm. 


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WIth so many different tees I usually just go with what has the best price. I did get as a gift with the vice order some tees that seem to be composite tees. So far I have really liked them and been pretty durable overall. 

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I use American Flag plastic tees. I get numerous rounds out of the tee and I like the way they look. The only problem is sometimes the tee makes my ball duck hook and other times a big banana slice. It’s got to be the tee right.

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I use plastic tees for my Driver and shorter wood tees for my hybrid, fairway woods, and irons…..I like the plastic tees because they don’t break as often and use the wooden shorter tees because I like the length.  The shorter plastic tees I have found are just too short.

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All wood tees, all the time for me. Not sure why exactly because I break a tee at least every few holes if not more often lol, but have just never liked plastic tees. When I’ve used them before it seemed if the ground was too hard, they’d want to bend and be harder to push into the ground than a wooden tee. 


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My home course supplies plastic tees so I use them for the driver.  Use short wooden tees for irons.

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Plastic.  I use the short ones on the par threes and the long ones elsewhere.   They last.

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I like wood, trying to save the planet one tee at a time. Tee time.

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COO / Co-founder North American Golf Tour 


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Wood or composite.  Plastic leaves marks on the face.  In cold temps (Michigan weather) sometimes 45 degrees, it's like hitting stones. one in our group just got a stealth this past spring and the carbon face was actually damaged. The place he bought it replaced his driver but THEN the guys says you shouldn't use plastic tees with the carbon face especially in cold weather.  Combine the cold with the club AND the tee and the ball.  My personal use/feeling is, though the plastic last longer the trade off isn't worth the scars and the mower blades

Been golfing 63 years.  Consider myself better than average. Play 54 - 72 holes a week in season. 

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Plastic tees for me, for two reasons. First, they do not break as easily as wooden tees so I can usually use them much longer. Although there are some exceptions to this. Some plastic tees can be more brittle than others and bad ones can break as easily as wooden tees. But there are some great plastic tees that are very resistant to breaking. Second, I like the castle or similar design that easily tees it up to a consistent height. These are usually easier to find in a wider variety of heights and colors with plastic. So, I have found my current favorite plastic tees by trial and error.

Chris F.

11 Handicap 

Nike Covert 2.0 irons

Titleist TS Driver, woods, hybrids 

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Plastic tees are wayyy more durable but retrieving it and throwing it in the trash (or re-use the top part on par 3s) is an obsession as I can’t consciously leave plastic rubbish scattered in nature even if it’s on a golf course.

Basic plastic tees will last me until I forget to bring a small wood tee or cannot find a broken tee on a par 3 and then have to use one with a short iron. Otherwise, it will last 10+ rounds!

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WITB with picture

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3W: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.4a59074c9744cc7e092f2c36e18ab3de.png Sim Max 15° / Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.6803317b2b3571b718d8c629a4de5c56.png Ventus Blue FW 6S

2i (alternating)Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.4a59074c9744cc7e092f2c36e18ab3de.png Stealth UDI 18° / Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.d0d357367dfa8603e4c4c28d6264026b.png Ascent Black HY 100X

3H (alternating): Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.6cb9c9932faadee028fda9a351832472.png TSi3 20° / True Temper Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.9a635b7848f15fd4613c0dfb4aad00e0.png Smoke Black RDX 6.0 80HYB

4i-PW: image.png.54cd730cdbf83f1301bb01ca97353cf9.png 01CB / Capturedcran2023-10-05111734.png.2d7f7e831dcd320c5c5d06d9d07a8556.png Tour 130X 2023 tester

52°-56°-60°: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.4a59074c9744cc7e092f2c36e18ab3de.png Milled Grind 2 / True Temper Capturedcran2023-10-05111734.png.76d14504ff83a37b897afbd6c4a1f0e0.png S200

PCapturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.cf5a492ebe80529a929e3f89cb5060c7.png DFX 2-ball

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Grips: D-2i: image.png.ec39cb9c1e60dc5987a37598700b82cc.png Z-Grip Cord / 4i-PW: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.d618cbfa3b9983eb4bb68d740c266b8a.png Crossline 360 / Wedges: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.d618cbfa3b9983eb4bb68d740c266b8a.png Genesis Crossline Cord

Bag: Ogio.jpg.a670225d3596cda3cd22c4084575c2a2.jpg Fuse 14 and Stat tracking: image.png.d3672a19dde52cc71c030458c62e5421.png X5

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Plastic. I eat wooden tees. I have no idea why, but if I use a wooden tee I will notice as I’m going down the fairway that I am chewing on it. This doesn’t happen with plastic, and as general rule, I do not pick up random pieces of wood off the ground and start chomping on them. 

:taylormade-small:  SIM2 9° on  Graphite Design  Tour AD DI  6S 

:taylormade-small:  SIM TI 3W  on  Graphite Design  Tour AD DJ  7S 

:taylormade-small:  SIM2 Rescue 3 on Graphite Design  Tour AD DI  8S 

:cobra-small: ForgedTec Black 4-G  on :aerotech: i95 S

:mizuno-small: ES21 54° 60°  on :kbs: Hi Rev

:L.A.B.:  DF2.1 on :accra: x L.A.B. White

:titelist-small: AVX  -ProV1X

:918457628_PrecisionPro: Precision Pro  NX7 Pro

All grips are BestGrips Micro-Perforated


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I started with wood tees. Then I switched over to plastic. But now I'm back to using white tees only.

My reason is simple. I like to get a feel on the shot and understand if it is a toe or heel strike. 

As for driver, the marks at the bottom provide an insight to how I hit the ball.

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Ping Sigma 2 Fetch Putter 34'' Custom Fit Via Golftec.

Ball Srixon Z Star xv.

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Wood! 100%! On any hole I'm not using a driver I'll pick up a broken tee so I really don't break many if any during a round. Normally just go with the plain bamboo ones but do enjoy a "nice" course wooden tee, cause they are so much different haha 

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I found a plastic martini tee last year and have used it ever since. Now our tee boxes can get very hard, and I will then us a wooden tee. The plastic tee is quite flexible, so it seems to never break. I think that would be better for the environment than either plastic or wood on the tee box or preferably in the waste can. 

Coming back to golf

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No preference. A tee is a tee. I have so many tees, that I haven’t bought any in years. Some courses that I play I have almost found a perfectly good tee on every hole. Some players are too lazy to pick them up. Each year I go through the tees and end up donating some to junior golfers.

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