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How many wedges do you carry?

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I actually have 5. The set PW(46), the set AW (50), then a 50, 54, and 58.  The 2 50’s are for gapping issues.  I hit the set AW 12 yards further.  


Callaway Epic Max LS

Callaway Apex 21 3H, 4H

Srixon ZX5 A through 4I

Taylormade MG3 50, 54, 58

Bettanardi Studio 17

Scotty Cameron Newport

Taylormade Spider GT


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I carry 3 wedges, pithcing wedge, gap wedge and sand wedge.

:callaway-small: Mavrik Driver

:callaway-small: Mavrik Three wood

:taylormade-small: M2 Hybrids 3, 4 & 5

:taylormade-small: R7 irons 5 - AW

Volkey sand wedge

David Musty putter


Retired educator who loves this game.  It is challenging and a game of integrity.

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In my bag, I carry my PW (48 degree) along with a 52/56/60 set of wedges. 

Current bag includes (LH): PXG 0211 driver, Taylormade M6 3W, Taylormade RBZ 5W, Sim2 3H, Sim2 4H, PXG 0211 5H, PXG 0211 6H, Taylormade MCGB irons (7, 8, 9, PW, AW, SW), TaylorMade ATV Lob Wedge, Ray Cook SilverRay Putter.

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I carry a PW/52/56/60. PW is the one from my i525 set and the 52/56/60 are Vokeys.

image.png.1ea5d758cf8a30830588308493ba6b69.png                        Driver:  Tour Edge Exotics E8 driver - Fujikura Xstiff
image.png.095cd3d760c79d0eb767623ffdf42310.png                           Fairway Wood:  Callaway Steelhead Plus 3 (yep, OG 1999 all original)
image.png.573c1776da590d9bf6c6c64be1737d23.png                        Irons:  Ping i525 irons - Ping AWT 2.0 Xstiff
image.png.5ba727eab99bc410c525de418412911b.png       Wedges:  Titleist Vokey 52/56/60 SM9 (12deg/D grind)
image.png.5d5b33118fcaf8994d51632d9c6b8c8b.png                       Putter:  Ping Tyne 4 putter
image.png.bd6d95a9eb5ec85777f017c339995ccb.png                         Bag:  Titleist Hybrid 5
image.png.e9ac768bf1e829ed0c20f60071eef305.png                         Ball: Titleist Pro V1x


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At the moment I carry 4, but the answer to your question really boils down to style of play, gapping and skill level. My current PW is 46 and I add a 50, 54 and 58. Several years ago my PW was 48 so I added a 52, 56 and 60. Back  in the day, my PW was 50 and I added a 56 and 60. So over the years I have really carried virtually the same clubs; they just say something different on the head. That said I have a friend who has an amazing short game and he adds only a 52 and 56. 

Driver Ping G425

4 wood Tour Edge Exotics CBX

7 wood Ping G400

9 wood Ping G400

5-PW Mizuno Pro 223

50, 52, 58 wedges Mizuno T22

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I carry 4 in the bag all the time - PW (44) and GW (49) for full shots, SW (54) and LW (59) for anything closer than 80 yds - depending what trouble is between my ball and the green and how much room I have to land it.  

Driver: PXG Gen 5 0311 9º (TENSEI AV RAW White 75 Stiff)

3W: PXG Gen 5 0311XF 16º (HZRDUS Yellow Hand Crafted 75 Stiff)

3H/4H: Ping G425 19º/22º (Alta CB 70 Slate Stiff)

5 Iron to GW: Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal (Dynamic Gold S300)

SW/LW: Mizuno JPX921 54º/59º (Nippon Pro Modus Tour 105 Wedgeflex)

Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Squareback 1.5

Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 Midsize (woods, hybrids), Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Midsize (irons, wedges), Garsen QUAD TOUR Tapered (putter)

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gapping for me is huge as it relates to the scoring clubs, I carry the PW (46) and then a 50,54,58,62.  The 62 is a 90 yard club, so anything closer becomes partial swings, once I moved into single digits I had to get better at the partial swings, considering moving the 62 out of the bag and adding the 5 iron back in ( currently D-3W-5W-7W-6-9), however, my 7W does everything my 5-iron can do and I hit it better so...  Around the green it depends on run off distance, short sided pin, 58, pin at the back and I am on the front, 50.

 pxg.png.e7e044fd4bf4420da9b5f34ce0988283.png Driver - PXG Proto Driver 10.5Deg ProjectX Hazardous Smoke 6.0

Sub70.jpg.77cfa59c1fd76fb93cf26d888e345a11.jpg  3 Wood - Mixuno ST-190 (Miyazaki Kaula Stiff)  

Sub70.jpg.77cfa59c1fd76fb93cf26d888e345a11.jpg  4 Hybrid - Sub 70 939X ProjectX Hazardous Smoke 6.0 

Mizuno.png.d759d0a0cbba25ebc7dc911fcb0d12f4.png  6-PW - Mizuno JPX-919 HM / Nipon NS Pro Reg  

pxg.png.e7e044fd4bf4420da9b5f34ce0988283.png  52/56/60- PXG 0311 Forged / Nipon NS Pro Stiff  

a1-1.jpg.bd9bde6362b8d3ac54e8a4a9ff9a0a49.jpg  Heavy Putter Tour A1 


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47, 52, 57. Works perfectly for me, as I use my 57 (58.08 M bent 1*) for just about everything from 85 yards and in. Pitch, flop, low 2-hop and stop. I use my 52 if I need something specific, or lie dependent shots. My 47 (48.10 F bent 1*) is my 110-125 club, which I seem to find myself in…a lot!  I went from 46,50,56,60 about 8 years ago to this 3-wedge setup, and added a 7-wood.

TSR2  9* Ventus Velocore Blue 6S

TRS2 15* Ventus Velocore Red 7S

TS 21* Diamana BF 80S

TSI 23* Ventus HB 8S

Titleist 714 AP2 5-9 PX 6.0

Vokey SM6 Raw 48F/SM8 50F/56M/60M

SC X Fantom 5

Vessel Player 14 2.0

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I was using the 45 and 50 that came with the set along with a VOKEY SM9 at 54 but I needed something to drop one on the green from 55 to 65 yards so I bought a $50 60 degree from Amazon and it's worked out surprisingly well for me. And since my ball-striking has improved significantly this year I'm comfortable using it that way. YMMV.  

What's in the bag? This is....
IRONS         Srixon ZX5 5-AW fitted with Elements Recoil 806 F2 Shafts
WEDGE's     Vokey SM9 54* 14 Fitted with Elements Recoil 806 F2 Shafts and A 60* Jean Carlo Golf Wedge (Amazon)
DRIVER       default_taylormade-small.jpg M6
3 WOOD     default_taylormade-small.jpg M6
HYBRIDS     cobra King F9 Speedback 3&4  KBS TOUR HB GRAPHITE 75 R
PUTTER       cobra WideSport 35" 
Lamkin       Sonar+ Tour Calibrate Standard Golf Grips
I also use Garmin Approach S70 and a Bushnell V3 (no slope)
And a Full Swing Kit launch monitor for the three times a week or so when I practice. 


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Keeping it simple with four wedges. P (43), Gap (48), 52, and 56. Between regular grip, choke down, full swing, and three pitch partial swings I end up with 32 mind numbing combinations for distance. 🤪

Driver: :taylormade-small: Stealth2+

3W: :taylormade-small: Stealth2

4H: :taylormade-small: Stealth 2

Irons 4I-9I:  :titleist-small: T200

Wedges P, 48: :titleist-small: T200

Wedges 54, 58: :titleist-small: Vokey SM9

Putter:  :odyssey-small: O Works #1 Black

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Outside of my PW from my iron set I play 50, 54 and 60. I really only use my PW and 50 for 3/4, full shots and bump and runs around the green. I use my 54 for full shots, 1/2-3/4 shots, bump and runs and shots around the green with open clubface. I almost never use my 60 for full shots, it is really only used for shots around the green with open club face, greenside Bunkers, short sided shots and the occasional trick shot.

I feel having this set up gives me the versatility I need but also does overcomplicate a round of golf. For the most part, when I get to my ball I have a pretty simple way of playing and don't get a way from that playing style.



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So with the T200s (2019) the PW is lofted at 43 degrees, so I opted for a 5-GW set, so essentially have 4 wedge options , PW, 48(GW) , 56 and 60, the reason for the 56 and 60, 56 is a 10 bounce with an S grind, while the 60 is a 8 bounce with a M grind, so based on turf , will choose between those 2.  

I do however sometimes find myself caught between the GW and my full 56 shot, I do have a 52 however not enough club space for it, so a choke down 48 is the go to for those instances

SIM2 Max 9 Degree D, Ventus blue 60g X
SIM2 Max 15 Degree 3W, Kuro Kage 60g S
TSI2 4H, PX Evenflow 85g S
TM GAPR 3, 85g S 
Titleist T200  5 - GW, PX LZ 6.5 125g 
Vokey SM8 56,60 
Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7

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46 PW from my set, 54 & 58 otherwise.  I used to play 46, 50, 56, 62 but found myself getting too fancy with my 62.  Overall I have a pretty good short game (grew up and still play on a Donald Ross course w/ elevated greens) but I sometimes struggle to be decisive in my shot choice around the greens.  having a 54 & 58 has kind of freed me up to be a better decision maker.

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On 8/11/2023 at 4:04 PM, PJVicary said:

The night before the morning round I am usually facing the question of what wedges to put in the bag. It used to be easy. You had a PW and a SW and go get em! Now you also must decide between adding a 50, 52, 54, 56, 60 or some model bent in between . Are we making a game that used to be fun more complicated than it should be? Before this posting I went out in the shop (aka garage) and counted. 22 wedges! I have never attempted to do a study whereby I correlate scores to which wedges I chose. Did it really make a difference? II know different types of sand may require different types of bounce or different leading edges. Having said that, given that most of our rounds are played on the same two or three courses and the days of shooting under par have left the building, I thing it’s time to go back to the basics. One pitching wedge, one sand wedge and get out and have fun. What say you? 

PJ - I would agree with that. I currently carry a PW at 44.5 loft, a Utility Wedge at 50 degree and a 60 degree.  Similar to you, I have a variety of other, expensive wedges sitting around from 52 to 58.  I have to say I also have a PING Chipr that i sometimes use, which is 9 iron loft but a very heavy weighting.   I use the 60 degree for flop shots/going over the bunker mostly.  Otherwise the other 2 wedges I use and just vary my swing strength (full, half, etc). I agree with you that it is too complicated, when just playing for fun like most of us do, to worry about all those different permutations of grind/bounce/loft  and the weather conditions and the ground.  I am sure it adds a couple of strokes to my game but I am not close to par anyway and I am here for the fun, camaraderie and exercise of walking so it is enough for me. 

image.png.b89fa684b54b186f20c376e6af43ac1d.png 425's- 5i to PW, UW

image.png.4462ac5ffcc9491d68e78951b3a1a587.png  G400 Driver, G425 3W, G425 7W, G425 3H

image.png.cf53a065a6e348c87221c4bf13510375.png 56 degree Hi-Toe wedge

image.png.4462ac5ffcc9491d68e78951b3a1a587.png  Glide 60 degree 

image.png.d4990c8d6330ecc392d9a5124b26165a.png Evnroll ER3

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I carry a PW, 50, 52, and 58. 

Until I can do better with what I have, I don't think a new wedge is gonna help me much.

Driver:  image.png.df17ab7eecdb30e7430ab0710d7d0a59.png Big Bertha Fusion w/Diamana 'ahina 72 Low-Mid

Fairway: image.png.ac4b50cb55427ff94d0c2bc8a272f6fb.png XR 3W w/Project X 5.5 R

Hybrid: image.png.2b0bc1884f22d6b857005c6d45968536.png Sim 2 Max w/Ventus 6-R

Irons: image.png.ca2a0327ffa4d670f381183515a4981e.png AP1 716 w/Kurokage 65-G R

Wedge: image.png.fe8a3ab90d25a2cfea38e6d00873f008.png 58/9

Putter: image.png.e0b3b9fedfcf09a250ee7fddbcf318b2.png O Works Black 1ws


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This year, to improve my sand conversion rates... I dropped the 54 and 58 out of my bag and added a higher bounce 56.  So currently I have my set PW, 50, 56.  I have practiced quite a bet at flopping the 56, so I don't miss the 58 too much.  Maybe once in 2 or 3 rounds do I find myself on a tight lie that I need to throw it high and soft... but not enough to take a spot in my bag day in / day out.  

I do have a gap between the PW and the 50 (strong PW lofts these days), so I'm thinking about adding something in between there.  Maybe even my PW from my old blade set, which actually sits pretty mid in that loft gap.  

I spent some time carrying 5 wedges (PW, GW, 50, 54, 58) but what I found was I would use 2 or 3 regularly, the others were just bag chatter.  The 54 was also a lower bounce grind... which is why I opted for the 56 with more bounce.  My sand game has significantly improved since doing that. 

  • Titleist TSR3 9* (A2 setting) Driver - Graphite Design Tour AD UB-5 R1
  • Titleist TSR2+ 3 Wood - Graphite Design Tour AD UB-5 R1
  • Srixon ZX 5W
  • Callaway Paradym 4-PW
  • Titleist Vokey SM9 50-08, 54-10 & 58-08
  • Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2.5
  • 2023 Titleist ProV1
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On 8/11/2023 at 10:04 AM, PJVicary said:

One pitching wedge, one sand wedge and get out and have fun. What say you? 

As most have said, I have wedges to cover specific distances.  I ultimately bought the entire set of clubs I have based on the loft of all of the clubs, and the fact that I needed a 52 degree wedge which  previous lofts, (or lack thereof) showed that 52 degree would be a full swing 100 yard club.

All the other clubs in my bag are gapped from there, and cover distances equally.  Now while there are I'm sure a few people on this forum, for whom using a 43, 48, 52, or 56 degree wedge, (or any other loft) from any distance under 140 yards is a less than full swing, but I  think that is a small number.  

So I'm not sure why one would not have a wedge lofted that gives a specific distance and then expand from there.  Under 85 yards which is full 56 swing, I let the circumstances of the shot dictate, which wedge I use, and feel most comfortable executing the shot.

So the quick answer would be 4 43(PW), 48(AW), 52(100 yard), 56(85 yards).  I viewed my wedges as FULL SWING CLUBS FIRST, and practice, and adapt as to what specific loft to use for greenside play.

Driver: Cobra King Speedzone

Irons:  :callaway-small: Mavrik 4-GW

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CG-14 56 & RTX 52

Putter:  :ping-small: Scottsdale Wolverine

Woods:  Gigagolf  3W, 2H, 3H

Ball:  Srixon Z-Star XV 

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