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Anyone have any info on these? Bridgestone 640s Irons

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Picked these up from the Bay on a whim and, at least for the moment, they are fantastic.

Bridgestone PRO 640S irons, 3-S (wedge setup is P, P/S, S)



Problem is that I can't find any info on them anywhere, in English or Japanese, besides a few other for sale listings. They don't seem to be super old, but do have an older NS Pro logo for the shafts than the current one. Additionally, from other old listings, it seems like there was a Pro 640m model (rounded blade with no muscleback like these have) and a Pro 640c model (cavity back), but again no info. Would love to track down the year and the specs would be great.

Any thoughts out there?

Currently reviewing PXG 0311 GEN5 Full Bag:
Driver: 7.5 degree Autoflex 505x

4 wood: Fujikura Motore X F3 6

3 Hybrid: Mitsubishi MMT 80g 

4-GW - 0311P GEN5 Xtreme Dark SteelFiber 95cw

54*/60* - Sugar Daddy II Xtreme Dark SteelFiber 95cw

Putter: PXG Blackjack center shaft 34"

Bag: Vessel VLX Iridium / Sunday Golf Loma

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