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The course I would call my home course is going through some massive renovations this off season. Here is a list of them.

- New double decker driving range (right now single with covered and non covered bays)

- 6 Hole championship course into 9 Hole Championship course.

- 18 hole course all new bunkers on the entire course.

- 18 hole course some green and hazard rework (extending some water hazards)

The course already plays tough and is long enough even from golf tees. From white (back) it is s true challenge and only 1 of the par 5s is possibly reachable in 2. 

The challenge of the course is in two main areas hazards off the tee. There is OB and Biotope (hazard) ok every hole do lost balls are always looming. OB is however only on the left side of any hole (8 holes in total). The fairways are large enough but the real challenge is how the greens are protected. Almost every green has a looming bunker and danger around the green that requires either a higher shot in or appropriate good placement for better angles in. The par 3s are rated easier, but I find them exceptionally difficult. With 18 being essentially an island green (longer is okay) and 9 being tree lined left to water hazard and bunker right side of the green. Both play 160ish yards from white. 

The ratings from white are Course Rating: 73.4 and slope of 133 at 6864 yards.

Rating from yellow is course rating: 71.3 with slope of 134 and 6467 yards.

So what does all this rambling mean? This is not an easy course and from the changes I have seen (screen shots below) it is about to get a lot harder... off the tee which was maybe it's one easier part. 

It's both exciting and frankly scary. It will change how the course plays and make course management even more important. 

What do you think about all these changes? Do you wish your course would do the same? Both on course and practice? Have you had your course go through any of these major changes and what was the experience like? 








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The course changes and resulting ratings/slopes should certainly make it more challenging to say the least.  The expanded practice area sounds great.   One of the things I miss the most from the move from Western New York to Key West is availability of a real practice facility.  We have six mats that you hit into a 60 yard long net.  

Our course is in the last month of a six-month, $3M irrigation project.   Given it's age, the previous PVC irrigation piping started getting brittle and was constantly breaking and leaking.  It got so bad, the course had to hire two guys to do nothing more than putting plumbing Band-Aids on the aging system.  They are replacing all the water distribution lines with polyolefin-based piping as well as new sprinkler heads, pump house and computer-controlled system.   The owner said he'll save about a third of the water (about 100,000 gallons) he uses each day and can put the two employees back on improving the course conditions.   The new control system can be handled on the superintendent's phone, will completely monitor the whole course and let him know if there's a leak somewhere (instead of looking water for hours before it's detected).

Through the summer we had one hole closed each day.  To compensate, the course turned one of our two par 5's into a par 3 with a temporary green and short par 4.   I was able to get permission for our men's league to still play the par five, skip the closed hole and per USGA/GHIN recommendation give our golfers a net par.   The amount of digging, burying and pipe scattered all over the course also created a new set of temporary hazards.  Hopefully by December 1st we'll be back to having our course back with no leaks, firm fairways and correctly watered fairways and greens.  

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