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Red Rooster Rain Gloves: 2023 Forum Review


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Testers Announced! Red Rooster Rain Gloves


Red Rooster has become a go to brand for a lot of our members. We already had several of our members test the at the time unreleased Sussex Premium glove from Red Rooster which came back with glowing reviews. 



 I can personally attest to how impressive these rain gloves are. However I am only one golfer and we wanted you to get your hands in these gloves to see how they perform and let our community know if your experience with these gloves comes close to what mine was. The Red Rooster Rain Gloves offer great feel, texture and performance in wet conditions, not to mention they look pretty cool!

Please welcome and congratulate our testers!






⛳🛄 as of Nov 6, 2023 (Past WITB
Driver:  :callaway-small: Paradym TD w/ GD ADDI 6X Driver Shootout! 

Wood:    :cobra-small: F7 3 wood 14.5* w/ Motore F1 Shaft

Irons:   :titleist-small: T Series - T200 5 Iron
                                          T150 6-9 Iron
                                          T100 PW/GW

Wedge:  Toura Golf - A Spec 53,37,61 degree 

Putter:  Screenshot 2023-06-02 13.10.30.png Mezz Max!

Balls:     Vice Pro Plus Drip (Blue/Orange)


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Introduction (October 17, 2023)

What a privilege to be chosen by MyGolfSpy and Red Rooster!  I still can’t believe that I was chosen to do a review of these Red Rooster Rain Gloves!

Hello fellow Spies!  I am fairly new to the forum, joining earlier this year.  Stumbled on it looking for golf ball reviews.  Now, I am a Spy!  I was born and raised in Bradford, Pennsylvania.  I married my high school sweetheart and we have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren.  My work life has consisted mostly in the financial/insurance world. It has included 19+ years of management, finance, insurance, investments, lending/collecting.  In May 2022, I changed from full time to part time continuing to insure businesses.  Which affords me the time to hit the course a whole lot more, along with wintering in Pawleys Island, South Carolina January – April.  I, actually, golf more in SC (almost daily) than I do in northwestern PA.  I don’t have a home to maintain in SC, so I have more “free time”.  What a life I get to live!!

I started golfing over 20 years ago with my husband and children.  Due to work, children and home life demands I was not able to commit the time to golf as I do now.  A major injury took me away for an extended time with my shoulder not rotating properly.  I was able to get back into regular golf about 5 years ago. My handicap is not where I would like it to be, currently it is at 28.2 which is an improvement this year.  I play at Pennhills Club in Bradford, which is a private club, most of the time. I play at various courses in SC along the lower grand strand area.  These 2 types of golf areas are so drastically different from rough with thick grass to waste bunkers, without taking weather into account.  I am not consistent in my game and am working to get my clubs dialed in for distance and accuracy, but just like you, that varies from day to day. (Some days I wouldn’t want to be following me!)  I have a slower swing resulting in shorter distance off the club.  When I am playing my game the way that I truly can – I am down the fairway with a few balls in the rough.  My putting is my strong point, with 1 or 2 putts per hole.

I get to play in cooler and wet weather here in Northwestern Pennsylvania (90 miles south of Buffalo, NY) and when my hands are cold, besides being wet, my hands are challenged with maintaining my grip of the club without it slipping or twisting in my hands; I, personally, do not want to hurt another golfer or toss my club in these situations.  I currently use HandUp gloves most of the time but have tried many gloves.  I have found that these gloves provide good wear while they remain flexible even when they do get wet. I have looked at wet/cold weather gloves but never purchased them being confused on what they ultimately would provide for me, with a plan to purchase this winter.  I am truly excited to try these gloves and see what all the excitement is about.  I plan on playing with the Rain Roosters 9 holes and my current gloves on the opposite 9 holes, rotating from the front to the back in different rounds.  I want to see how they compare with the driving and chipping ranges as well.  I also want to see how these will help when I am golfing in SC in January - April and will let you know how they hold up.  Ultimately, I would like to see the following – What makes these #1? - How many rounds will they last? – Will they improve grip? – Will they remain soft when dry after being wet? – How is the fit? – Will they look and feel as nice as they appear? (we need to look good on the course, don’t we?) – Will it help prevent slippage when the weather warms up in April? -  Would I invest in another pair? (or 3).

If you have any questions, thoughts or things you would like me to try please let me know.

Thank you again Red Rooster and MyGolfSpy for this wonderful opportunity!!


Final Red Rooster Rain Gloves Review

First Impressions (10 out of 10)

The packaging looks like something that you image holding a special surprise for you.  No brown package here!  It has the Red Rooster branding on the outside of the black packaging.  The personalized welcome was a special surprise.

I received 2 pairs of gloves, a women’s medium and men’s small for testing.  It is a synthetic material that feels similar to leather and provides a very nice feel on the hands.  Nothing uncomfortable about this glove from the finger tips to the thumb and finger webbing to the wrist – there is no pinching or binding of material.  It feels like having a second layer of skin.

Red Rooster would like to add a little enjoyment to playing in the rain and states that these gloves will do that for you while helping “you grip the club with confidence” – helping you “beat back the elements and elevate your game” with the Rain Rooster gloves.



Aesthetics (10 out of 10)

The gloves look and feel like a high quality glove that fits perfectly.

The gloves are just beautiful black gloves with red linings between the fingers, a larger red rooster on the velco wrist closure, and a multitude of red roosters on the inside of the palm side for extra grip. The grip to the Rain Roosters on the palm is comparable to the grip on the bottom of toddler pajama feet, just not that thick. There is elastic stitched on the back of the hand to keep the glove nice and tight.  Tight small stitching in all the right places to hold all this together was almost invisible to the eye.  No loose threads or misaligned stitching.  Trying them on was nothing but comfort – they truly felt like a second skin.  Reminds me of a nice leather driving glove.

With the gloves being black – I noticed that when picking up a wet dirty ball that my gloves did not show the dirt on them but still appeared to be fresh and clean gloves.


Fit and Feel (20 out of 20)

I live in Northern Pennsylvania where weather dips colder in the fall and spring.  I wasn’t sure that the gloves would keep my hands warm and dry.  The gloves provided warmth along with grip even when wet.  The glove is a little thicker than summer gloves but similar to leather gloves.  The fit is snug, it doesn’t slip around on the hand and holds firm.  I had 2 pairs to try, women’s medium and men’s small.  The fit of the women’s medium was a little bit narrower through the palm, than the men’s small but both fit well.  It states it is synthetic but has a little bit of a leather feel to it.  It is easy to take on and off with no stretching out of material – a little more difficult to put on when your hands are wet.  I chose to use the women’s medium as it provided a little snugger fit across the palm area than the men’s small.  However, either glove fit extremely well.  There appeared to have no difference in the men’s to women’s glove other than the fit.  I have used men’s gloves in the past as the gloves hold up better than a lot of the women’s gloves.

My normal wear during a round would be to take my glove off when I putt, however, that seemed to defeat the purpose of having dry hands in the rain, therefore, I did wear them during putting.  It did not impact my putting either direction.  It was very nice to have warm hands throughout the full round.

The gloves had minimal wear during the 5 rounds rounds plus driving and chipping on multiple occasions.  It did lose one rooster off the left heel of the palm.


On the Course (20 out of 20)

These gloves provided so much grip for me.  I didn’t have one time that I felt like the club was rotating or slipping, like I have had with regular golf gloves.  I golfed in the rain and/or the cold; I poured water on the gloves; dunked my hands into a bucket of water – but the grip remained firm and the club did not slip in any way! I played better with these gloves without the slip of the club which was definitely an improvement.  I have only used regular gloves (switching through multiple pairs) and not rain specific gloves.  When I have golfed in the rain, the club slips creating errant ball flight.  This simply did NOT happen at all with these Rain Roosters!  This built a lot of confidence in my “rain” game.  The gloves also did not get rigid and stiff like many gloves when they had dried. 

They get noticed on the course as well.  Several people commented on them – “What are those that you are wearing?” “Wow, those are nice looking gloves!” etc.  It was a great way to discuss the great fit and grip of these Rain Roosters.  The black on the back keeps the gloves in a little bit of an incognito feel but then the palm with those red roosters just draws the eye and people ask questions about them.

The Good, The Bad and the In Between (17 out of 20)

While these gloves perform extremely well in wet weather and are definitely a keeper in my bag, they are a little challenging with a touch screen.  The glove had to be removed each time to use the screen, which resulted in my hands getting wet.  If you pick your ball out of the cup with a side finger grip – the ball does slip through the fingers.  You can adjust your fingers to be able to pick the ball up though without removing the gloves.  With all the things that can go wrong on a wet day, these were the only downfalls I could find.

After 5 rounds of play plus hitting/chipping, I only lost one rooster on the left palm.  The gloves still maintained great grip without any slippage.  These gloves make golfing in the rain simply a pleasure.  I didn’t fear “tossing” a club or have a twist or slip of a club.


Play it or Trade it (20 out of 20)

I will always be playing with Rain Roosters in wet or cold conditions.  The price is very reasonable for a pair of gloves - these will always be in my bag!  I’ve paid more for 1 glove that didn’t hold up in the rain or didn’t hold up at all.  They grip when you need them to, round after round.  These should be in everyone’s bag from the occasional golfer to the professional golfer.  These are for the golfer who finds themselves caught in the rain when weather called for blue skies.  Those who have a golf trip planned to get to the course and guess what - it’s raining – these trips are planned around the course not necessarily the weather.  These will define those trips to a much more enjoyable round!

I may live in Northern Pennsylvania but I do winter in South Carolina.  On those January and early February rounds, I intend on continuing to use these gloves for warmth.  I may not have a great handicap but I love golf.  With a higher handicap, I do get more swings into each round as well.


The Red Rooster Rain Roosters not only provide wonderful looking gloves, but they also perform fantastically – wet, dry or cold!  They are a quality glove that feels like a second skin made with the grip you need when rain or humidity are in play.  They hold up to multiple rounds with little wear or tear.  The price of the pair of gloves is reasonable, especially when you consider that these gloves last and make the game more enjoyable on those “bad weather” days. 

The only downside that I could find with the Rain Rooser was using them with a touch screen is a challenge, requiring removing one to use the screen.

Final Score (97 out of 100)

Edited by BKervin


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Hello fellow MGS forum users. As you can see, I've been a member here for quite some time. I have been using golf boards since around 99/2000. I have a golf supportive wife, 4yo, and 5yo. We moved back to the US from 7 years in Norway this year and I'm excited to be part of the Red Rooster rain glove testing group.

I live in the very NW corner of the country, quite close to Vancouver, BC. It rains here... A LOT. But many times it's not a heavy downpour, more of a drizzle or heavy mist that kind of coats everything in moisture. Still good golfing weather, but a little slippery gripping a golf club so there's many wet rounds played here October through June. I often joke that the rain starts October 15th (my birthday) and stops July 5th, one of my favorite holidays.

As far as my golf, I've been all over the place. Held a pretty steady 7-8 index for many years but took a few years off when we had the kids. Now I've been back and had to relearn some things. Ballooned up to 14-15 last season but it's come down to 9-10 again. I hope to build a sim sooner rather than later and work on my game this winter.

As far as rain gloves I've used, I have used the FJ suede feeling ones for a long time. I tried another brand once and the rubberized portion came off in only two rounds. I'm REALLY looking forward to trying these out. They look cool and the brand has built quite a reputation with MGS.

UPDATE: I’m flying down to Southern CA to pick up a car for the fam bam and will be driving it three days back up to WA. Wife says “you are always talking about that place in Oregon, why don’t you spend a day there? We can take the train to Portland and all drive back together.”  So I said yes please. I’m going to Bandon Dunes Resort!!! Next Friday I’m playing 36 there then 18 at Bandon Crossings before going to meet them in Portland. I should have the gloves for the trip and who knows what might happen there in October! I was in St. Andrews in April and it was 40* with me playing the first day in calm, wind, rain, sleet, hail, sun, clouds, and more… all in just one 36 hole day!  Bandon is supposed to be like that. Hopefully I can put the gloves to some sort of test there…. Or maybe just sunshine and smiles, who knows. Just thought I’d share my excitement!

36 holes update: I was able to play the gloves twice so far. It's been a strangely clear two weeks. It didn't even rain on Halloween. I got one round in with the gloves at Bandon Dunes (Sheep Ranch). We had the first tee time of the day and it was COLD. Almost frost delay cold at 34*F. So it was nice to have a set of gloves for my hands and of course there's lots of dew in the morning so it can be slippery as well. They feel a lot like a regular glove, except for a slightly rubberized feel - it's not much but definitely works well with my full cord grips when wet. They are very different from the usual rain gloves I have used over the years that are made of a suede type of leather. They didn't make my hands all sweaty either which I've experienced with rain gloves. By the end of the round it was warming up and the dew was gone so I went back to a regular glove for the second round.

Today, again, was a nice clear day but as is normal here, the ground is pretty soggy and there was heavy dew. Again, it was pretty cold (not 34*) so everything tends to get wet, even with a nice big golf towel.

I really like the design of the graphics. At first, I thought it might be a little bit distracting but to be honest I never even notice the roosters when playing (see gripped club picture). I also haven't had any stretching nor is there any wear at all, yet. That's a very positive sign as I've had rain gloves in the past that were done after just a couple rounds.

They do seem to run just a little bit small, but not a lot. I typically buy a cadet large, but I didn't see that option. Would be interesting to see how an XL fits my hand.

Hoping that I can play a round in actual rain soon.

And... it rained plenty today!

Today I had a rain round. It started out beautiful, but the forecast was for plenty of rain and the weather didn't disappoint! The sunrise was beautiful, but you could just feel the rain on the way. So we started out and got about 7 holes in before it started. With full on rain vs. dew and wet balls (golf balls!), I did learn more about these gloves.

First off, they continue to be quite durable. I have now hit quite a few shots and they haven't deformed nor have the little micro printed roosters lost many feathers. There's some light rub off here and there, but nothing notable. Also, if anything, the rubberization or whatever the coating is may have become a bit more texturized for even more traction. I do play full cord grips so I'm used to more wear on gloves than your run of the mill golf pride all rubber grip.

Second, there is one thing that I've found to annoy me quite a bit, but that has an easy fix. It's that the red material that is on the sides of the fingers is really slippery. What happens is when you go to take the ball out of the hole, if you are a "side pincher," especially if you leave the pin in, the ball just slips back into the hole. Some holes it takes like 4 tries to get that thing out! I think if they just printed a couple roosters on the red material by the fingertips, this wouldn't happen. I thought maybe if the gloves got really wet like today it would go away, but it did not.

I will say, for hitting the ball when it's dumping water, they just work really, really well. I didn't get that slimy wet finger feel on the inside like I do with the gloves I've used the most. I was even able to reach a par 5 in 2 today without any sort of worry of slippage nor any odd feel while gripping the club. They are very effective.

Final Roundup:

First Impressions (10 out of 10)

When the box first arrived, I wasn’t sure if I was getting a pair of golfing rain gloves or Italian racing gloves by Ferarri. The box looked very premium, and when you open it, the red racing stripes along the fingers created by the red side finger panels got my engine revving. The card about play it forward and the sticker were a nice touch. 

Aesthetics (9 out of 10) 

The gloves look super cool. As I mentioned, from the top, they are mostly black with some red between fingers that create a kind of “racing stripe” look. When you open the package and can see the palms, there’s all these crazy red roosters staring back at you. I’m used to plain black gloves with a little white lettering but I think these are really cool looking, if maybe a bit more “look at me” than I typically choose for clothing and gloves. If there was an option for black between the fingers and just the grippy roosters on the palms, I think I’d give them a 10.

The Fit and Feel (17 out of 20)

The material is nothing like most other rain gloves I’ve had in the past. The ones I play the most are some sort of suede feel. These have a palm and top that feels like a rubberized fabric with a neoprene cuff and sticky rubber roosters. Between the fingers feels like some sort of breathable fabric. I ordered large as that’s what fits me best in 3 other brands. They were a tight fit at first – more tight than I hoped for. But fortunately, they “broke in” and stretched out after about 45 holes. I take that as a sign they flex in the right places and will likely last a long time. So definitely don’t go off the fit as new because I think they will be too loose for rain play before wearing out. The feel is very good. I thought the inside might feel slimy when wet but they feel awesome, even when soaked completely. The feel to the grips is also very good – I play cords and can still feel flushed vs mishits. The feel side is full points and I took away points from the fit.

On The Course (20 out of 20)

I already posted on course comments here but I will reiterate that they work as advertised. It rains, you put them on, you can swing like normal. In the worst round, with loads of rain coming down, gloves soaked through, I was still able rip a great driver and long iron to reach a par 5 in two and full short irons on par 3s is no problem. It’s true I play corded grips but in my experience when it’s wet, really wet, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have good gloves on.

I also experimented with just the left glove as I read something about how you never see pros with two gloves on. If you aren’t Tiger Woods with 36 new gloves in your bag for a wet round, this is a darn good substitute, and you just need 1 glove for the round.

I don’t think a rain glove could work much better so I’m going with full points for a job well done by Red Rooster.

The Good, the bad, and the inbetween (18 out of 20)

There’s lots of good here. They work well, they are high quality, and the little red golfer roosters on mine have only the slightest wear on them after 5 wet rounds plus some warm up balls. To be fair, I can make one glove last 50+ rounds in the summer – for some reason I’m very easy on gloves and the grips I’m using have a soft rubber that you can even play gloveless without issue. Inbetween stuff is the look. They are quite bright with the red racing stripes along the fingers and a giant red rooster on the clasp with like 100 red roosters on the palms. I don’t wear jewelry, don’t drive a Ferarri, and typically have an all black rainsuit on in the winter. They look cool, but I’d opt for some all black ones with just the red rooster on the clasp if I could. I think the only real bad things I could say is that it’s really hard to use 2 fingers to pull the ball out of the hole with the pin in and I didn’t like the initial fit – they did become more comfortable but it took a long time while a regular glove usually fits pretty close from the start. I took 3 points off of the fit section but there’s 3 categories here so I’m just going with 2.

Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20)

100% Play It. I’ve already outlined why – they just work well. In fact, if you only want to have one glove on – I’d highly recommend these for that. The price is so good, you can give the other one to a lefty friend and still not have spent all that much for a high quality glove.


From box to bottom, these gloves look lux. They work well. Perhaps you’ll have a perfect fit from the start. There’s not much left to say other than they are well worth the price, even if you go one glove. I’d REALLY like a toned down color option because while they look cool, I dress in a lot of black. Despite that, I will continue to use these because they are very, very good. I highly recommend them.

Final Score (94 out of 100)







Edited by Clayton
Rain Round Finally!



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Hello fellow spies. I am super excited to have been chosen to be a part of this amazing opportunity and thank you to the guys at Red Rooster.

This is my second time doing a review with this amazing group of golfing enthusiasts here at MGS. 

North Bay, Ontario (400ish km north of Toronto) is home to my wife and I. I'm originally from Niagara Falls where my golf journey started when I was about 12 as a junior golfer and played throughout my 20's. Both parents are golfers so it was inevitable I'd follow that trend. Now 51 years old, I currently play off a 9 handicap after a few years off from the game. I play a little competitive golf in some tournaments but for the most part, I like having a nice time on the course. Nothing super competitive.

I have been a long time user of Foot Joy RainGrip and Srixon rain gloves, so I'll be playing the Red Rooster ones against the ones I currently play to see how they stack up. I also will be testing them at the house as I have a large property that I hit ball on for practice. In addition to that, I'll be making the trek home to play some golf as its warmer.

The timing of this test is pretty spot on for me, as the fall in northern Ontario has a tendency to be rather wet and dreary. As I write this intro, I have received word my gloves have arrived at the house so I will be on the course this afternoon after work. It's even rainy, so it will be a good day to put these things through their paces.

By word of mouth, I have heard nothing but good things about the quality and fit of these gloves, so I'd expect the same for myself when I get them out on the course.


UPDATE......hit some balls here at the house today. It was a little wet as its been raining the last few days. Grip issues were none existent and these gloves kept my hands nice and warm. I had a nice grind session and these gloves did the job they were supposed to.


First Impressions (10 out of 10)

Upon receiving these, you know some time has been put into the care of getting these to you in a safe manner. You even feel like you're receiving something special when they arrive at the mailbox. Inside you will find a nice card that tells you about the Red Rooster crew and the impact they'd like to make on the golf industry.

A nice touch was a personalized message for me from Glen. IMG_1078(1).jpg.525efefb8e3c16611875dc3fb16b23b6.jpg

That's a company looking to make an impression and take minute to make you feel good about their product.


Aesthetics (10 out of 10) 

These gloves feel premium and they fit the part as well.. If I were going to compare these to something I use, I'd say they look and feel like my Foot Joy rain gloves. They are really grippy, so you know if it rains, you're playing through, not headed back in to the car and heading home.

Of course, the big difference is that you get 2 gloves, not just one. I am a feel and visual player and that rooster on the glove is a nice visual for your hand position if you're working on something swing wise for your hand position.

Looking at these compared to my Srixon glove, they are very comparable in look and craftsmanship. Stitching was clean and tidy. The roosters on the palm were never out of place or sync in the fabric and everything was aligned as it should. Kudos to the quality control of these gloves.



The Fit and Feel (18 out of 20)

The glove itself is not bulky at all like some others I have used in the past. I changed to the Foot Joy and Srixon glove because they are not bulky like others I have used in the past. The material does not feel cheap or like its going to fall apart after a couple uses. On my trip, I hit a chunky 4-iron and the club spun a little in my hand. I was fully expecting some of the grip coating to flake off. That did not happen.

Putting the gloves on and taking them off was very easy when they were dry. When wet, it took a bit to get them started to take off but were fairly easy to take off after that. This is where I took the 2 points away.

In the gloves I wear regularly, I wear a M/L. These fit exactly the same as a Foot Joy rain glove. The fingers are not too tight or loose. hand material and fit were not bulky at all and very comfortable. For someone like me, who has nerve issues when it's cold and damp, these kept my hands warm and dry. Definitely a plus for sure.












On The Course (20 out of 20) I'd like give an extra point and I'll explain why.

Here's some context for how I put these gloves through their paces.

On the course, There was a day where it poured rain, and if I were allowed on the course they'd be playable to keep your clubs in your hand. The days that I did play, I ended up playing on a sunny dry day. These gloves were just fine in dry weather as well as wet. 

Gripping the club, left absolutely no worry of a club slipping out of your hand into the pond 30 yards in front of you on a tee shot with driver in hand. In addition to that, the water that did hit the gloves would dry up in no time. There was no flaking of the grip material even 5 rounds in. I was fully expecting that because that has happened in the past. 

Where I found them the most useful on the course was off the tee and long irons. Generally, as a rule, I don't wear a glove from 150 yards in. For the betterment of my game in wet conditions, I tried the gloves on and I felt no difference in feel whatsoever. In fact, moving forward, I will wear both in wet conditions for those 150 yard shots in from now on. 

The extra point I'd like to give is the fact they keep your hands warm. 



The Good, the bad, the In-between (18 out of 20)

I did a little experiment that is a little extreme for these gloves, but it was worth doing it. We'd never see this much water put on them but it shows how well these gloves perform when soaking wet.....and how well they wick the water away from the surface of the glove itself and provide with the grip you'd expect. It doesn't matter how wet it would get on the course, these gloves will take you through your day and keep the clubs in your hand.

I have nothing bad to say about these gloves. however I do have something that's a little in between. I wish they weren't just black. Truth be told, when the sun does come out may be between rain showers or you don't want to change a glove out because the course is very wet, they can get very warm on your hands. Personally, I don't have a sweaty palms issue, but I could see if someone did, there could be a moisture inside the gloves perhaps. Purely speculation but maybe a consideration in future.


Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20)

I'm playing them all day long every time it rains!!!!

After having done this test, I'm going to give serious consideration to trying their dry day gloves and subscription services. You can't beat the price when you look at the cost of a high end OEM glove. These will be in my golf bag for the foreseeable future. Sadly, golf season in Northern Ontario has come to an end, but if I can get down south, they will be in play for sure. From my experience, any golfer from the most serious to a beginning golfer to a  pro could wear these gloves and be totally ok with their game being in good hands. Pardon the pun.



For anyone looking for a wet season glove or a glove to wear in a rain shower on the course, these should be given serious consideration by anyone looking for a rain glove. They are priced competitively compared to the big OEM gloves. They do no make your hands feel wet at all. Great grip, nice feeling material, and warm on a cool damp day. PLAY ON!!

Final Score (96 out of 100)


UPDATE - It turns out these gloves are great for winter golf when there's a dusting of snow. I was out hitting some balls in the back yard and not only did they work well with getting wet, but they also kept my hands super warm. I just extended my future golf season by a month or so if this remains true.


June 10, 2024 - Got out for 9 holes last night between the raindrops. And of course within the raindrops.

These gloves are amazing. After last seasons rain at the end of the year and the large amounts of rain this year, I haven't lost any grip. None of the material on the hand has flaked or given way to normal wear.

I was fully expecting this morning for them to still be somewhat damp but they were dry as a bone. Thanks Red Rooster. Im a full convert to your gloves. More to come as the season goes on.

Edited by JerBooth
Tester Edit

Driver - :callaway-small: Mavrik w/ Aldila Rogue White 130MSI 60X

3-Wood - :taylormade-small: RocketBallz 3 HL

Hybrid - :callaway-small: Apex 2 w/ Kuro Kage 65g Stiff

Irons - :callaway-small: Steelhead XR's w/ KBS Tour-V 90 - 5-PW, AW - Stiff

Wedges - Kirkland Signature 52*, 56*, 60*

Putter -   default_taylormade-small.jpg.f51b0863b47c9f7d3e2ffc3583a5d3da.jpg  Spider S #1 Platinum/White

Grips - Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize

Ball - Srixon Z-star.....Q-Star in Spring and Fall


Jeremy Booth

Swing easy.

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Hello Hello fellow MGS forum members! I'm a fairly new spy within this year. I honestly followed MGS long before I joined, I thought it was just article based but have loved being a part of the community. Like my fellow tester @Clayton I am very lucky to have a golf supportive wife who enjoys going with me and cheering me on and going on Easter Egg hunts (finding golf balls, I haven't broken it to her yet that I rarely use the found balls).

Last year I moved to Fort Worth, TX and have been loving it. Also glad that it extends my golf season a bit. I am also thrilled to have just bought a home that is on a course and am only 12 minutes from my favorite course. I've been golfing since I was 16 but there was quite a hiatus in between. I golfed from 16-21 and played for my college team. I stopped playing for almost 7 years or so and finally picked it back up full time in February. Somehow I'm better than I always was. I am currently around an 8 handicap but need to take another look as I might be down to around 6. I am a very active golfer. I am a consultant who works his own given hours so have alot of ability to go during the week and often on weekends. I would say I average 2-3 times per week and have a nice little net setup in the back yard where I practice basically every day. I also have 2 driving ranges within 3 miles. Golf Blessed.

I plan to test the product in a multitude of ways. Luckily for me it is rain season here in Texas and I will plan my regular playing alongside if I know it will be a smaller storm. I also plan to take it to the driving range and out back. I currently use a Clinch Tactile glove for all purposes. It's amazing wet and dry so Red Rooster has some shoes to fill but I am excited to compare. If this glove comes anywhere as close to as good as the Clinch glove, it will be a mainstay. I like to cycle through a few gloves so they aren't all worn down. I'm excited to try the glove as well since I pre-ordered an MGS glove from them. I just want this glove to fit properly, give that great grip especially when wet. We all know playing in the rain takes it's toll so we need our equipment to perform. I expect this to be incredibly fun to be a part of and I really love writing and analyzing so I hope I can give great information to you all! 

UPDATE: Got the gloves at the perfect time. We have 3 days of rain but not crazy thunderstorms. I have already had a few rainy hitting sessions in the backyard but am planning to play today before I leave for a wedding. I am super excited as the gloves feel and look very nice. Also weather is dropping so the courses will be a little more empty. I love when I can fly through.



First Impressions (9.5 out of 10)

Let's see if these Rain Rooster gloves from Red Rooster Golf live up to the hype. The claim they are microfiber, meant for better grip in rain and lightweight yet durable. They promise great flexibility, breathability, and a snug, comfortable fit.

Aesthetics (9.5 out of 10) 

The Red Rooster Rain Gloves are a standout with their red and black look, peppered with small red roosters. The stitching is well done, and I have had no frays. I deducted .5 points for the red on the fingers. It would look better solidly black with just the red roosters over the palms. I also love the rooster on the clasp.

The Fit and Feel (20 out of 20)

Since wearing the Rain Rooster gloves, I've played three of my best rounds ever, including an all-time best of four under par. The grip is incredible - I didn't experience any slippages, even in wet conditions. The gloves, while thin and resembling leather, are flexible and super comfortable. They've worn well, though the red roosters have faded a bit. Given their performance, I'm planning to use these gloves year-round, as they've noticeably enhanced my grip and overall game. I also will immediately replace them as soon as they’ve worn their life. They’re probably 1 or 2 in most comfortable gloves to me as well.

On The Course (20 out of 20)

On the course, a few folks noticed my Rain Rooster gloves and were pretty interested. These gloves offer the best grip I've experienced. I didn’t think I would get away from my Clinch gloves. They do tend to lose a rooster or two each round, but to me that's no big deal. Even with the fading roosters, their quality and grip are great. I'm convinced that these gloves have played a role in elevating my golf game recently.


The Good, the bad, the inbetween (19.5 out of 20)

The Good. Honestly most of it. One small detail that I really love is the rooster on the clasp. I’ve hit more shots confidently and comfortably in some of the worst weather I’ve played in. I honestly never tried to play in rain before and now I can’t wait to every chance. The only “bad”, which I deducted a half point for, is those roosters wearing off the grip. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter to me as long as they continue to perform.


Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20)

This is the easiest section. Absolutely Play it. I just shot 4 under in the rain. My best round ever. To me, this is penultimate glove. I love them. I also think $31 is a steal for 2 gloves since most gloves are 25-30 for just one.



The Rain Rooster gloves from Red Rooster Golf impressed right out of the gate with great looks and comfort. They are a red and black design with red roosters on the palm, offering incredible grip, flexibility, and a comfortable fit. They’ve contributed to some of my best golf rounds ever played. The gloves' standout feature is their grip in wet conditions, though the roosters on the palm do fade. Their overall performance, comfort, and value at $31 make them my top choice in any weather.

Final Score (98.5 out of 100)



Edited by d0m41n
Review Update

 Damien--Titleist & TaylorMade enthusiast. Bag is feeling betrayed with no TaylorMade items in it currently. Former College golfer.

image.png.d46e5ea58c55d6c5b02a89db1e501fe0.pngCallaway Paradym AI Smoke Max 10.5 

MALTBYLOGO.jpg.0646542edb9be52e2d129f96a13cdf88.jpg Maltby KE4 TC Pro IST 3 Wood & 7 Wood

macgregorlogo.png.2b6b2f0aa401683f12327c6a121cfa9e.png  MACSPD 5-PW Irons

image.png CG14 60 degree

image.png.968287d9caeb64893046ab6bd3357bf0.pngT22 Copper C Grind 56.06 Degree

image.png Cleveland Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #10.5C OS 35"

image.png.13bdddbdaccc707e6f342d9f8e7bfe4e.png OnCore Vero X2 & X1 balls

Red Rooster Testing Review:

Titleist White Box Testing Review:






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Congrats. to this great group of testers, and may you all find them to be great for you when playing in wet conditions.

I have a pair, so it will be interesting to see what other's think of them too, as I typically only use a glove or gloves when the weather is poor.

Driver & Fairway: :titleist-small: Titleist TSR3 10 degree - :Fuji: Ventus TR Blue & :titleist-small: TSR3 15 - :projectx: Hzrdus Black Gen 4 

Hybrid: :titleist-small: TSR2 21 degree - :projectx: Hzrdus Black Gen 4

Irons: :titleist-small: Titleist T200 3G (4) & T150 - (5-G) - :projectx: Project X LZ 

Wedges: :vokey-small: Vokey SM8 54, and 58

Putter: :cameron-small: Cameron Phantom X 7.5

Ball: :titleist-small: Pro V1 & :maxfli: Maxfli Tour

Link to Motocaddy M7 w/Remote Trolley & Bag Review


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Congratulations to the testers. These are great gloves that work very well in wet conditions with respect to fit, feel, touch and performance. They also work very well when the weather turns cold and you need gloves (35-40* F). Look forward to your thoughts and conclusions. 

Driver: Taylormade Stealth 2 plus, LA golf DJ shaft, 55S

3 wood - TM Stealth plus, Mitsubishi Kai’li. Blue, 5 wood - TM Stealth plus,  Hzrdus red, 3 hybrid Mizuno CLK, Fuji pro

Irons (5-PW) - Mizuno 921 HMP, Accra IS 80

Wedges, Vokey SM9 48*10F, 54* 12D, 58* 8M, DG S400

Putter: L.A.B. DF3, TPT shaft, pistol grip

Bag: Vessel Cobra tour stand bag

Balls: Titleist ProV1x, Callaway Chrome soft X LS, Bridgestone Tour B XS or Srixon Z star Diamond

Tech: Arccos, Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder image.jpeg.6421bf4c3e32ba5a27f4fe57d0571222.jpeg

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Congrats Testers! 
I’ve read and heard great things about these gloves, so I look forward to your findings.


D: :ping-small: G430 Max 10k 10.5° turned down 1° flat :Fuji: Ventus TR Blue velocore  6x

3w::ping-small: 14.5° G425 Max Alta CB 65s

3h: :ping-small: G430 18° Tour 2.0/Stiff

7W: :callaway-small: 21° Rogue ST Max LinQ 7X

5i-6i:  :srixon-small: ZX5 :projectx: 6.0

7i-PW: :srixon-small: ZX7 :projectx: 6.0

48°: :vokey-small: SM-9 

54° & 58°: :mizuno-small: T-22 Denim Copper

P:   :L.A.B.: Link.1

Ball:  :vice: Pro Plus Drip

Bag:  Ghost MGS Anyday 14 way

"And so, we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past." - Fitzgerald

” The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   

But I have promises to keep,   

And miles to go before I sleep,   

And miles to go before I sleep. - Frost

"That you are here—that life exists and identity,

That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." - Whitman

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Congrats testers! I don't expect much less than rave reviews based on how the Red Rooster test went earlier in the year. Awesome company, great products!


Driver: :cobra-small: DARKSPEED X 9* Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 6X 

Fairways: :cobra-small: Aerojet Max 3W & 7W MCA Kai'Li White 60 Stiff

Hybrid: :cobra-small: King TEC 3H MCA MMT 85g Stiff

Irons: :cobra-small: Aerojet 6-GW KBS $-taper Lite Stiff

Wedges: :cobra-small: Snakebite Black 52/56 Hi-Rev 2.0 Black Stiff

Putter: :scotty-cameron-1: Super Select Newport 2.0

Ball: :maxfli: Tour X :titleist-small: ProV1x


Cobra 50th Anniversary Member Special Challenge (link here)

Cobra Darkspeed X Driver Unofficial Review (link here)

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Looking forward to seeing the results and thoughts on these gloves. Congrats

Incredible recovery shots are set up by an equally incredible miss.

D-    Cobra Aerojet 8.0 Hzrdus Blue S.

FW-  Callaway Mavrik 3&5 wood

Srixon ZX MkII 2 iron

Callaway Epic forged E19 4-GW

Taylormade MG 3 56 degree 10 bounce (personal grind to 6 degrees or so)

Cameron Furtura F5r  / Odessey Ai One Three T

Maxfli Tour and Tour X

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3 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Please welcome and congratulate our testers!





Congrats testers

My Reviews:

2023 Official review - Rapsodo MLM2Pro!

2022 Official Review - Edel SMS Wedges

2021 Official Review - Tommy Armour Impact 3 Putter

2020 Official Member Review - BagBoy Chiller Cart Bag

Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme - Unofficial Review by xOldBenKenobiX

Honma TR21 4 Wood - Unofficial Review by xOldBenKenobiX


Driver - :cobra-small: Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme 10.5, UST helium 5  Wood - :honma:TR21 4 Wood, Vizard 20-60  and TW GS 5 Wood Vixard FD 55  768205649_Screenshot2023-06-0213_28_25.png.53900da2fbc8d481e66d2a00ab6ac775.png 301 Combo 301CB and 301MB    231036130_Edel_Golf_Logo_v2_grandecopy.png.13cc76b963f8dd59f06d04b1e8df2827.png.6bd9ee8247ca1cc0415f39bf5fdfe313.png. SMS 48*, 56*, 60*   Putter: Lucky golf putter. Ball:  ::titelist-small:  ProV1, ::Arccos:: Smart Sensors. Shoes: a couple ::footjoy-small:: A couple of :nike-small: A couple of Adidas ,   Yeah I have a shoe addiction.::SuperSpeed:: Started at 79mph, finished 1st stage at 91mph


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Congrats all! Looking forward to your reviews on these. 

In my Big Max hybrid bag:
:mizuno-small: ST-X 10.5* Kai'li Blue R Flex
:mizuno-small: ST-Z 15* Kai'li Blue R Flex
:mizuno-small: ST-Z 4h Linq Blue R Flex
:cleveland-small: Launcher 5h
:wilson_staff_small: D200 6i-GW
:cleveland-small: CBX 54* & 58*
:cleveland-small: Huntington Beach #10
:maxfli: Tour S

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4 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Testers Announced! Red Rooster Rain Gloves

Please welcome and congratulate our testers!






Congrats to the testers!! Good luck with the test and playing in the rain. 🙂

In My Sun Mountain C-130 'merica Cart Bag:
Driver: :taylormade-small: BRNR Mini Driver, 11.5*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 60g
Driver: :callaway-small: Ai Smoke Ti 340 Mini Driver, 11.5*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 70g
Fairway: :mizuno-small: ST230 Max 3w, 15*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 70g
Fairway: :mizuno-small: ST230 Max 5w, 18*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 70g
Fairway: :mizuno-small: ST230 Max 7w, 21*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 70g
Hybrid: :mizuno-small: ST230 Max 5H (25*), Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX, 80g (will likely re-shaft with Red RDX)
Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX923 Hot Metal Pro, 5-GW, UST Mamiya Recoil 95 F4
Wedges: :mizuno-small: S23, 54* & 60*, UST Mamiya Recoil 95 F4
Putter: Maltby Moment X Tour @ 35" & 71*, Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0, White/Red
Ball: :maxfli: Tour CG, Personally Testing :OnCore: Vero X1
Technology: :ShotScope: H4 w/ Tags, Pro L2 Rangefinder & Testing the Vortex Anarch Rangefinder.


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10 hours ago, Clayton said:


Congrats!  You'll love these!  Great in rain and in the humid weather here in Florida.  Good luck!

:Sub70:Driver : Sub70 839D

:Sub70:3 wood Sub 70 pro

:Sub70: Hybrid Sub 70 849 18*

:Sub70:Hybrid Sub 70 839 21*

:Sub70:Irons Sub 70 639 combo

:Sub70:Wedges Sub 70 659 approach 50*, 286 full face groove 54*

:seemore-small:Putter FGP

:titleist-small:Ball  Titleist AVX

Grips: Best Grips std leather

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so what I want the testers to see. I just took my red rooster rain gloves out (I purchased after hearing great things). I noticed some of the red roosters on the palm of my trail hand started rubbing off after the first round. Is that normal? Curious if the testers see this.

Follow my journey to enjoying golf and going low

Driver: :callaway-small:   Epic Max LS :kbs: TD Cat 4 70g (back up :Fuji:Ventus Black 6x 44.5" )

3wHL: :callaway-small: Rogue ST LS 75x  Tensei AV Blue w/ xlink

7w: :callaway-small:Apex UW 21* MMT 80S

DI: Caley 01X 18* with :kbs: PGH Stiff plus 95g

4-AW: th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg  0211  with:kbs: Tour Stiff 2.5* up 3/4" long, Soft stepped, MOI matched

Wedges     :cleveland-small: Zipcore 

Putter::L.A.B.:Directed Force 2.1 69*/35" in blue 


Ball:  :Snell: Prime 4.0

Shot Tracking: :ShotScope:

Bag: Vessel VLX 2.0

Grip: Lamkin Sonar +  Midsize 

Glove: :redrooster:

My Reviews:

Caley 01X Driving Iron Review 2023

Max Swing Speed Training and Speed Progress: Current Speed 120 in the MGS Speed Challenge (updated 3/15/23)

 :1332069271_TommyArmour:TAIII #2  Review here: TAIII Impact #2 Putter )

 :cleveland-small: Zipcore Tour Rack 54/full and 58/mid (review here)

th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg  0211  2019 Unofficial Review




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31 minutes ago, Vegan_Golfer_PNW said:

so what I want the testers to see. I just took my red rooster rain gloves out (I purchased after hearing great things). I noticed some of the red roosters on the palm of my trail hand started rubbing off after the first round. Is that normal? Curious if the testers see this.

It is normal for some of them to come off, but I haven't seen any dropoff in the grip.

:Sub70:Driver : Sub70 839D

:Sub70:3 wood Sub 70 pro

:Sub70: Hybrid Sub 70 849 18*

:Sub70:Hybrid Sub 70 839 21*

:Sub70:Irons Sub 70 639 combo

:Sub70:Wedges Sub 70 659 approach 50*, 286 full face groove 54*

:seemore-small:Putter FGP

:titleist-small:Ball  Titleist AVX

Grips: Best Grips std leather

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On 10/12/2023 at 5:08 PM, Vegan_Golfer_PNW said:

so what I want the testers to see. I just took my red rooster rain gloves out (I purchased after hearing great things). I noticed some of the red roosters on the palm of my trail hand started rubbing off after the first round. Is that normal? Curious if the testers see this.

I'll let you know when I get them them how they look after first round.


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OK late to the party but...

  Congratulations Testers!!!!   

Barb @BKervin, Jeremy @JerBooth, Damien @d0m41n, and @Clayton

Looking forward to how your Red Rooster glove testing goes 🤚


Derek 🖌️ Verified Hack, ~21 handicap 🙂  Golf for exercise and peace of mind.  ⛳

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|> Wedges: Worx 429668682_worx30.png.ecb184a97c8fb80112252b57c05f40c2.png (55)  Lovett 1857218720_LovetSandWedge2(2)30v.jpg.e22c477791c7dd1d962d07e9624df8cf.jpg (59) 

|> Flatstick: L.A.B. Golf DF2.1  ⛳ 2104071333_DrizzleStickLogo25.jpg.4a85e684857a33281ff6a12753532913.jpg  1935535164_ZeroFrictionLogo25.jpg.4af6ce349cb7b5117d2a8bb409c4b51f.jpg :OnCore: :footjoy-small:

⛳  :1590477705_SunMountain:C130 Supercharged 🌲  :Clicgear:3.5+  🌳  1197970276_COBALTicon15tall.jpg.92ebd5a63e6ab7d194096885e37eeb52.jpgQ6 Slope   🏌️‍♂️ SwingU2023logowhite30.jpg.238c607458394f36c7b0cd29738166fc.jpgPremium  

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295785881_PGAHOPE_H_4Ch30.png.6317ecb613080e94b9fe996cd81462c1.png Graduate/Mentor     1698190715_StickHackLogo2021(3)20pixelstall.png.f28e1067b8bbf26fbd9d4c6c277f1a5d.png "The World's Greatest Golf Club Without The Course" Member #334 

2020 Official Tester - PuttUp mat logo_full_331d238c-3cab-4f84-ac72-d09e86f448c5_300x-12.png.8c8aee17ee565b3b96970802313957f9.png ⛳  2021 Official Tester - Inesis Waterproof Grip Golf Shoes :Inesis:

2022 Official Tester - L.A.B.Putters 1382751340_L.A.B.Golflogo30.jpg.c054d635e47d481685d732a542e111af.jpg  ⛳ 2023 Official Tester - Red Rooster Sussex Golf Glove  :redrooster:

2023 Official Tester - Lean Lock Putter LeanLockLogo.jpg.79bf29d6bf78b2208e2a58de63e92193.jpg  ⛳  2024 Official Tester - Callaway Smoke Drive:callaway-small:

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13 hours ago, BKervin said:

Guess what happened today?

The Rooster has flown the coop and is headed my way!

I'm so excited to get these in (on) my hands!!

More to come - stay tuned

Yes, supposed to land Tuesday here. I have a "business" trip to CA and driving back up to WA so hoping to stop and play somewhere on the way. I'll have them with me.



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My gloves showed up! They look nice. The card says they are cabretta leather but they feel a little different from typical cabretta. Maybe some sort of coating on them. I’m at the airport getting ready to fly down to CA. Then I begin the drive up to Bandon. We will see what sort of weather I end up with. 



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  • GolfSpy_APH changed the title to Red Rooster Rain Gloves: 2023 Forum Review
On 10/25/2023 at 7:58 AM, BKervin said:

I got a text from my hubby that my gloves have arrived!!

However, I'm out of town until next Tuesday.  The suspense is killing me!


Only 2 more days before I get home and get my hands on the Roosters!!


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