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Why Don't They Listen????

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June, 2011 I sent this email to Ecco Golf.  Realize, at the time, "spikeless" shoes were soft spikes as there were still metal spikes out there.  True story.  There were not any truly spikeless golf options short of wearing turf cleats or something like that (I don't remember exactly when True Links Wear came to market, but it was after).  Within a few years, Adidas started offering options and then shortly after, everyone else, but I feel Ecco missed the boat here.  They could have cornered a huge market:

To Whom it May Concern,

I purchased the Ecco Street Premiere golf shoes late last summer (9/2010) - they were very hard to find at the time and I had to purchase from an online retailer without the opportuntiy to try them on.  I wear a US size 9 and wide - depending on the brand it can be up to 4E.

With the wide foot, I chose size 43, which actually worked out OK with respect to width, but they are definitely too long.  Recently, as these are more available, I had the chance to try a 42 (and would have purchased in a heartbeat if they fit better), but alas, they were too tight, so fortunately the 43 was the right choice with respect to what is available.

That being said, they are still too long for me to be the perfect fit:  my question to you is this:  you have a truly revolutionary product on your hands.  The shoes are so comfortable and wearable that I wear them everywhere.  When I am going to play golf directly after work (which is a couple of times a week), I actually wear to the office, all day long, and then hit the course and walk 18 holes.  When I'm asked (which is quite frequently), how I like the "Freddie Couples" shoes, I respond with the question of "do your feet hurt after walking 18 holes?".  I've yet to hear anyone say "no", it's always "yes."  And my reply is "mine haven't since I started wearing these shoes".  They are truly exceptional in that regard. 

I have knee injury that has haunted me since childhood - playing golf is the only sport I have, and I've always disliked traditional golf shoes because they hurt my feet and knee when I walk the course.  The Ecco Street Premiere is a game changer - absolutely the best of a running shoe and a golf shoe all rolled into one.

If you had half sizes and a wide offering, I can promise you I would buy, wear, and wear out at least one pair of shoes every year, and happily buy another.  In fact, with your current complement of colors, I would probably buy a few pairs and mix them up.

Can you please expand your size selection - I have a feeling you would grow your market for these by at least 25%. and I personally would be one happier golfer!  All of this being said, I still must say thank you - though not the perfect fit for me, these are still the best golf shoes ever - I have not touched another since purchasing these.

Kirkland V2 Wedges, Wilson D9 (DG 105) 5-GW, Callaway Epic Flash 3+ and 5w (Hzrdus Smoke 6.0), Ping G425 3 and 4 hybrids (Alta cb 70), Titleist Tsi 2 (Hzrdus Smoke 6.0)


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I was looking to purchase new golf shoes over this Black Friday and was seriously thinking about Ecco.  However, I saw their sizing and lack of wide sizes and decided against giving them a try (even though the retailers I was using had free returns).   I live in Key West and the closest brick and mortar location to try on golf shoes is over 160 miles away.

On one side of the argument, you have to give them credit for keeping to who they are and staying true to what made them successful.  It's obviously been good for them.   I guess you could lump in Sqairz golf shoes in the same category.  The industrial graveyard is littered with companies that deviated from what they were good at.

I just searched and found that only 17% of the population actually has wide feet.   If you're already successful, why change your designs and make major changes to your manufacturing, inventory and other related areas for that limited market?  And I'm one of those wide foot width golfers! 

Of course, the "wide" designation is not standard and varies dramatically across manufacturers.   That why I try to stay loyal to one or two golf shoe manufacturers because I know that they will fit (even though between them the stated sizes are different).

Ping G430 Max driver 10.5 degrees with an Alta Quick senior shaft
Mizuno GT180 3 wood, with a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 50 gram senior shaft  
Callaway GBB Epic Heavenwood, with a Mitsubishi Diamana 50 gram senior shaft
Ping G 20.5 degree 7 wood, with a stock Alta 65 gram senior shaft
Callaway Paradym X irons, 5-AW with Aldila Ascent Blue 50 graphite shafts
Edison wedges:  50 degree and 55 degree, KBS Tour Graphite A flex shafts
Putters:  L.A.B. Direct Force 2.1 putter, 34.5" long, 67 degrees lie
2022 MGS Tester:  Shot Scope Pro XL+ with H4  
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I have a pair of Ecco Biom 3 Hybrid gtx, and, they have 2 layers of removeable insoles to allow for a wider width. I don't know if the shoes you tried had this feature, but, the next time you try on a pair of Ecco's, you might check if removing allows for the width you need.

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