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Fit For Golf Training App - 2024 Forum Review

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Thank you MGS staff, Fit for Golf and all of the MSG community members for this opportunity.  I will endeavor to elucidate and impassion your desire for fitness in golf and in life, rather than engender fatigue with bombastic prose.  I mean, you know, from here on…

My name is Scott and this is my second testing opportunity.  I am definitely an advocate of these tests; I refer people to the testing forums whenever the opportunity arises and I couldn't be more appreciative for any opportunity to contribute.


Golf - I grew up playing in the northeast and have been the source of greens-keeping crews’ nightmares for about 45 years (I think I actually had clubs before I was out of diapers so maybe a couple of more years). These days I primarily play out of Eastern FL and Western WA to a 5 handicap.  I play recreationally and in organized tournaments throughout the year as well as a weekly evening league; all of that is strategically planned to ensure my chiropractor’s kids can go to really nice, private colleges.

Fitness 🏋️‍♂️- What do I know about fitness?  I don't have an academic background in Sports & Exercise Science, fitness or biomechanics.  My experience is practical and started out of necessity during an active military career and grew into a lifelong desire to stay fit; (hmmm) there’s that word again.  I ran physical fitness programs and developed training regimens to help others qualify for certain programs that had physical performance requirements.  I may have dabbled in an active life over the years (see pic, since everyone else is including them, that was Boise, ID; air temp was in the mid-30s. It was warmer in the water than it was out of the water, which is why I look like I might have been working as a non-union glass cutter 🤣).



These days everything is mostly body weight and HIIT with an occasional weight room session and consistent running during more temperate weather.  I find that running helps walking the hilly WA courses (I walk 99% of rounds in WA) and staying energetic in the Florida heat.

The fitforgolf.blog website provides a good background on Mr. Carroll and I peaked my interest in the training.  I am really excited to see how my golf game, and general fitness can benefit from one or more of them.  And I'm really jazzed to have the opportunity to play with it a bit and pass an assessment along to others.

-       One initial, but very minor concern, is that he states that the program is designed to be started as one transitions into the off-season.  This absolutely makes sense.  Since we are starting as the season starts one of the things I will be looking at is how seamlessly the program works through the later, advanced, stages and returns to Phase 1 (Off-Season).

-       There are 37 Blog entries and 29 Podcasts averaging a bit over an hour each.  While I would love to review every one of these for my own education and for input to my review, but hey folks, I do have to get some golf in, oh and a few workouts too.  Right? 

Okay, let’s talk evaluation!  I may have grown a little…corpulent over the last couple of years.  But…(don’t ask me how this works) I still appear to be in decent “shape;” hey, round is a shape!

I'm really looking forward to getting started.  Once I do: 

-       My plan is to at least sample the Beginner (101) and Fundamentals programs.  That may change once I get into the app, but I’d like to be able to understand the gap between 101 and the more advanced programs.

-       Objectively, metrics will most likely be based on:

o   What demonstrable improvements occur in repetitions, sets, weight or time depending on the workout format?

o   Range of motion improvement?

o   How has my game been affected (scores/hcp)?

o   Has a there been a measurable change in clubhead speed or ball carry?

o   Any other measurable impact in health or fitness.

-       Subjectively speaking:

o   How do I feel after the workouts?

o   How do I feel after working on a program for a period of time?

o   How do I feel the program has affected my other workouts and general fitness?

o   How do I feel my swing has benefited/suffered?

o   How do I feel after a round since starting the program?

Okay, that might sound like a lot to digest right out of the gate...but let's put this program to the test!



Edited by Subdiver1
Initial post
  • Driver - Ping G400 9°, Project-X Evenflow Black 6.0S 65 gr. 
  • FW - TM M3 3-wood 15°, Project-X HZRDUS Red 6.0 75 gr. mid-spin
  • Hybrid - TM M4 19°, Project-X Evenflow Black 6.0S 85 gr. HY 
  • Irons - TM P790, 3-PW, Oban CT-115, PXG 311 P Gen 6
  • Wedges - Mizuno T20 Ion blue 52/9 & 56/14, N.S. Pro Modus3 S-flex
  • Putter - Evnroll ER2 Garsen Max grip
  • Getting a grip - oversize Winn DryTacs and Bionic gloves
  • Ball - ProV1, AVX, Maxfli Tour, PXG
  • Bag(s)/cart - Vessel Player III Rovic RV1S and Alphard V2


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Congratulations testers!!! Hope you get the most out of it!

WITB-Foremost 551's - 3w, 5w, 5-SW (circa 1998), Top Flite 460cc Driver, Adam's 7w, Warrior GW and 60⁰, Odyssey AI-One DB putter.

Just an old newbie golfer, trying to learn and improve 1 club at a time.



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Congrats, fellas. I’m really keen to follow along with this test as improving my fitness is a big goal for myself and I’ve been looking for apps like this to help me on my journey. 

Driver:  cobralogo.png.60692cdc05482efd83e68664e010b95f.png Aerojet LS, Ventus Blue Shaft - 6S
4 Wood:  callaway.png.e65d398fb0327017a369499fc6126064.png Rogue ST Max 16.5, Tensei White Shaft - 7S
Utility Iron: mizunopro.png.90cc4fb9895830e28063d9a5be416145.png Fli Hi 3-iron, HAZARDOUS Smoke Black Shaft - S
Irons:  mizuno.png.f0e7b21135cb6273b3c1430866904467.png JPX 921 Tour 4-P, Project X Shafts - Stiff 125g
Wedges: cleveland.png.f21f4d2361520fdf1bbd9d515a2f11e6.png 52º, 56º, 60º
Putter:  odyssey.png.58c727e37eb7efda62bce4f7b8881bd9.png Ai-One 7 T CH, 34"
Preferred Ball: srixon.png.f177578dda27a20ef80a0a8b1ae96e3b.png Z-Star Diamond
Pushcart: bagboy.jpg.0dda53b5175958e1b5686f22b90af744.jpg Nitron
Rangefinder: bushnell.jpg.c51debd06066fa243dea7f14d69a8dba.jpg Tour V5 Shift

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Congrats everyone, here's hoping this works for you. I have used this app some before and really enjoyed it.

:callaway-small: Epic Max LS 9° :Fuji: Ventus Blue 6X  (2021 Official Review) | :callaway-small:Epic Speed 18° Evenflow Riptide 70g 6.0
:titelist-small: 816 H1 21° Mitsubishi Motors Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Chemical industry Mitsubishi  Rayon Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, mitsubishi, blue, company png |  PNGEgg Diamana S+ Blue 70 S | 
image.png.08bbf5bb553da418019f0db13c6f4f9a.png SMS 4-5/SMS Pro 6-PW  image.png.267751aa721ee9cf3944fa2ff070b98c.png  Steelfiber i95 S (2023 Official Review)
:ping-small: Glide 4.0 50°.12°S/54°.14°W/58°.6°T PING Z-Z115 Wedge Flex | :cleveland-small:  SOFT 11S Super Stroke Mid-Slim 2.0
:ping-small: Hoofer Bag | :titelist-small: Pro V1 | Right Handed | Tracked by :ShotScope: V3

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Congratulations everyone, this is one particular test I'm looking forward to the results. Do any of the testers have/use the Stack System and plan to integrate the collaboration I've been hearing about in the app?

Ian Lydon

Driver: Callaway Rogue 9.5

3W: Cobra LTDx

3H: Callaway XR 16 Pro

Irons: Titleist T100 (2023) PW-6, Titleist T200 (2023) 5-4

Wedges: Sub 70 (52 and 58 Tester)


Putter: Ping Anser G2


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Congrats all! Looking forward to seeing what you get out of the program, and how it works for all of you.

In my Big Max hybrid bag:
:mizuno-small: ST-X 10.5* Kai'li Blue R Flex
:mizuno-small: ST-Z 15* Kai'li Blue R Flex
:mizuno-small: ST-Z 4h Linq Blue R Flex
:cleveland-small: Launcher 5h
:wilson_staff_small: D200 6i-GW
:cleveland-small: CBX 54* & 58*
:cleveland-small: Huntington Beach #10
:maxfli: Tour S

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Congratulations testers!  Looking forward to following your progress with this.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver

TaylorMade Stealth 3 wood

Titleist U510 Hybrid (3H)

TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons

Vokey SM8 Wedges (52/56/60)

Odyssey Ai-ONE 7S Putter

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Great group of testers! Congrats @MaxEntropy. @berkeleybob, @Subdiver1, @ILMgolfnut, @taylorjonasher & @PJVicary! Have fun and let the hard work begin! 

WITB (link to detailed post here):

Driver:  Cobragolflogo.png.602fb363b272aeca0ae57ab591da02de.png LTDx 9* (ProjectX BlueSmoke Stiff)

Fairway metals:  TITLEIST_logo_15px.png.86858562876473681822bdce0336ecd4.png 3W TSR2 14.25* (ProjectX BlueSmoke Stiff) | PXG_Logo.png.e8b8454bf242754d2326ecb0a719cd30.png 5W Gen4 0341XF (Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 75 S)

Hybrid: PXG_Logo.png.e8b8454bf242754d2326ecb0a719cd30.png4H Gen4 0317XF (Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 75HY S)

Irons:   Sub70.png.5f7ea5565c2690f7d237f327e2e5238a.png 659 CB 5-AW (Project X Rifle 6.0)

Wedges:   Sub70.png.5f7ea5565c2690f7d237f327e2e5238a.png 286 54* & 58* (KBS Tour 120 S)

Putter: LABLogo_25px.png.d348c70a35f07dfed1742feb45210a2f.png DF3 OFFICIAL MEMBER REVIEW HERE ‘24

Ball:   Vice_logo.png.282566e7be35424dbb3a5d3359e6385f.png pro drip: red & blue | MAXFLI_logo_15px.png.137df4bf59bf3628d99abc6ca08fd43f.png Tour S

Pushcart:  clicgear_logo.png.5569d627daa35e79384784c8a4e886f4.png 4.0 | '23 MGS Clicgear 4.0 Pushcart Tester | Link here

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Congrats to the testers! I look forward to following along, as you work toward the best versions of yourselves. 


D: :ping-small: G430 Max 10k 10.5° turned down 1° flat :Fuji: Ventus TR Blue velocore  6x

3w::ping-small: 14.5° G425 Max Alta CB 65s

3h: :ping-small: G430 18° Tour 2.0/Stiff

7W: :callaway-small: 21° Rogue ST Max LinQ 7X

5i-6i:  :srixon-small: ZX5 :projectx: 6.0

7i-PW: :srixon-small: ZX7 :projectx: 6.0

48°: :vokey-small: SM-9 

54° & 58°: :mizuno-small: T-22 Denim Copper

P:   :L.A.B.: Link.1

Ball:  :vice: Pro Plus Drip

Bag:  Ghost MGS Anyday 14 way

"And so, we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past." - Fitzgerald

” The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   

But I have promises to keep,   

And miles to go before I sleep,   

And miles to go before I sleep. - Frost

"That you are here—that life exists and identity,

That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." - Whitman

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Congrats, testers! I'm hoping to see a rendition of Ben Crane's workout video..


Driver:            :cobra-small: Aerojet 9* | Hzrdus Black Gen 4
Fairway:         :ping-small: G410 3W 13* | Alta CB 65
Hybrid:           :titleist-small: TS2 18* | Tensei AV Blue 70 S
Hybrid:           :ping-small: iCrossover 20* | Kai'li White 80
Irons:              :taylormade-small: P790 5-PW | DG S300
Wedges:         :titleist-small: Vokey SM9 | 52, 56, 60 | DG S200
Putter:            :L.A.B.: Link.1 | Accra x LAB

--- LAB Golf Link.1 Review ---

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Congrats testers. Enjoy. It’s made a big difference in my overall health. Love it up!

Follow my journey to enjoying golf and going low

Driver: :callaway-small:   Epic Max LS :kbs: TD Cat 4 70g (back up :Fuji:Ventus Black 6x 44.5" )

3wHL: :callaway-small: Rogue ST LS 75x  Tensei AV Blue w/ xlink

7w: :callaway-small:Apex UW 21* MMT 80S

DI: Caley 01X 18* with :kbs: PGH Stiff plus 95g

4-AW: th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg  0211  with:kbs: Tour Stiff 2.5* up 3/4" long, Soft stepped, MOI matched

Wedges     :cleveland-small: Zipcore 

Putter::L.A.B.:Directed Force 2.1 69*/35" in blue 


Ball:  :Snell: Prime 4.0

Shot Tracking: :ShotScope:

Bag: Vessel VLX 2.0

Grip: Lamkin Sonar +  Midsize 

Glove: :redrooster:

My Reviews:

Caley 01X Driving Iron Review 2023

Max Swing Speed Training and Speed Progress: Current Speed 120 in the MGS Speed Challenge (updated 3/15/23)

 :1332069271_TommyArmour:TAIII #2  Review here: TAIII Impact #2 Putter )

 :cleveland-small: Zipcore Tour Rack 54/full and 58/mid (review here)

th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg  0211  2019 Unofficial Review




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2 hours ago, DonnieGolfs said:

Do any of the testers have/use the Stack System

I don't have it, but I've looked into it. Perhaps as the test goes on (and I find a spare $350) I will incorporate the Stack into my training. 

Obsessed with chasing the dimpled orb.

More about me:  WITB type stuff


Fit For Golf tester 2024


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Congrats testers! Can't wait to follow along and see the progress made with the program! 


Driver:  :taylormade-small: Qi10 Max

Hybrid: 🐏 FX Max 5h

4i-9i: 🐏 FX Max 10

Wedges: :titleist-small: 48°, 52°, 56°

Putter:  :mizuno-small: M.Craft Type VI

Ball: :maxfli: Tour X


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9 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Please welcome and congratulate our selected testers!







Congrats team!! I look forward to all the comments and updates and stuff as you move along in the program. Good luck on the process!

In My Sun Mountain C-130 'merica Cart Bag:
Driver: :taylormade-small: BRNR Mini Driver, 11.5*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 60g
Driver: :callaway-small: Ai Smoke Ti 340 Mini Driver, 11.5*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 70g
Fairway: :mizuno-small: ST230 Max 3w, 15*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 70g
Fairway: :mizuno-small: ST230 Max 5w, 18*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 70g
Fairway: :mizuno-small: ST230 Max 7w, 21*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 70g
Hybrid: :mizuno-small: ST230 Max 5H (25*), Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX, 80g (will likely re-shaft with Red RDX)
Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX923 Hot Metal Pro, 5-GW, UST Mamiya Recoil 95 F4
Wedges: :mizuno-small: S23, 54* & 60*, UST Mamiya Recoil 95 F4
Putter: Maltby Moment X Tour @ 35" & 71*, Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0, White/Red
Ball: :maxfli: Tour CG, Personally Testing :OnCore: Vero X1
Technology: :ShotScope: H4 w/ Tags, Pro L2 Rangefinder & Testing the Vortex Anarch Rangefinder.


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Congratulations testers!! 👏  I look forward to hearing what you all think of this product and whether it helps your game.

:ping-small: G410 Plus, 9 Degree Driver 

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 16 Degree 3w

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 19 Degree 5w

:srixon-small:  ZX5 Irons 4-AW 

:ping-small: Glide 2.0 56 Degree SW   (removed from double secret probation 😍)

:EVNROLL: ER5v Putter  (Official Review)

:odyssey-small: AI-One Milled Seven T CH (Official Review)





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Congratulations Testers! I'm looking forward to see how you guys progress Through this program and see how it helps you overall with your swing and flexibility. 

Mixed bag of goodies: Taylormade M2 driver, Titleist F15 3 wood, Nike 5 wood, Mizuno 923 Hmp irons, Cleveland zipcore wedges and Odyssey 3 ball putter.

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On 2/6/2024 at 7:44 AM, DonnieGolfs said:

Do any of the testers have/use the Stack System and plan to integrate the collaboration I've been hearing about in the app?

I do not have the Stack System, but I do have SuperSpeed. It will be interesting to see if I might be able to integrate it. We are supposed to have a call with Mike Carroll at some point. I will definitely ask if he has any recommendations on how best to do it.

Edited by MaxEntropy

Driver:  :callaway-small:Epic Speed 9* (set -1) MMT 70X
3W:bridgestone-small: Tour B JGR Recoil 760ES
3H, 4H: :bridgestone-small: Tour B JGR 19*, 23* Recoil 780ES
4-AW:bridgestone-small: Tour B JGR HF2 Modus3 Tour 105
SW: :cleveland-small: RTX Zipcore Black Satin 54*
LW:Sub70: TAIII Black 58*
Putter:ping-small: Scottsdale TR Senita
Bag: BigMax Dri Active Lite
Ball:taylormade-small: TP5x or :titleist-small: AVX (yellow)
Pushcart: BigMax iQ+

Test Currently In ProgressFit For Golf 2.0

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Congratulations testers!  I am looking forward to reading your reviews.

  • Bag             1590477705_SunMountain.png.3391233ea391e8b6fde951d09bc76f6b.png  C130, 14 way Cart Bag
  • Driver         Titleist2.png.8b09d3ee0000870a77d83dce357a0efd.png       TSR1
  • Fairway.      635785482_Cleveland3.png.bafd9f7d003e9f8afcafc6c28e307467.png      Halo XL Hy-Wood 4+
  • Fairway      default_callaway-small.jpg.aef84328349c576af498d3d5dca1addb.jpg                GBB Epic 5
  • Hybrid        default_callaway-small.jpg.aef84328349c576af498d3d5dca1addb.jpg                Epic Flash 3H
  • Irons          635785482_Cleveland3.png.bafd9f7d003e9f8afcafc6c28e307467.png         Launcher HB, 4 through PW
  • Wedges     635785482_Cleveland3.png.bafd9f7d003e9f8afcafc6c28e307467.png         CBX2 - 54 degree, CBX Zipcore 52 degree
  • Putter        Seemore3.jpg.1cb64ec83d2511c1ee1a386340a04d4e.jpg       Seemore Si1 Putter
  • Ball            Titleist2.png.8b09d3ee0000870a77d83dce357a0efd.png        Titleist pro v1x
  • Other        2000014788_ArccosSig.jpg.af5434230b907b708eb89aebd4125f95.jpg




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