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How'd you play?

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8 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

And he proceeded to answer “well he is getting old so maybe”…..

hahaha *you're* getting old ... ... better not introduce that kid to any of us actually old farts on this forum 🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣

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3 minutes ago, cksurfdude said:

hahaha *you're* getting old ... ... better not introduce that kid to any of us actually old farts on this forum 🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣

He’s a wise a$$ lol. He’s got lots of years before he can take me down…..hopefully

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18 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

Took my son out for his first 9 of the year. He played really well first time out. Struggled here and there but had some real gems. Of those a chip in for par on the 3rd hole! 

he later had a really good drive best of the day on hole 5 and I said “wow buddy best shot of the day” he corrected me and said I think my chip in was better”….I stand corrected kid. 

we had some good room on the Course and we did some putting/green reading and some sand work….he surprisingly picked up on the sand shot pretty quick. All in all he had a great day.

as for me +3 but the highlight of the day you ask? When the starter asked him “so are you going to beat your dad today?” And he proceeded to answer “well he is getting old so maybe”…..I proceeded with this off the tee:


the starter quickly responded with “you got a few years kid”….damn right he does.

was a great day and can’t wait to get more rounds in with him through the year 


That's awesome Mark! It sounds like the two of you had a fun day on the course. Congratulate him on the chip in for par for me. That's a day to remember. 

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Headed out of work to play 9 before dinner this afternoon, but I played pretty terribly. I was hitting my 3 wood well off the tee, but was fighting my irons, and poor green conditions took away the part of my game I can pretty much always depend on. I think I just need some range time to work out the kinks, because it feels like I’m close to where I need to be. 

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Headed out today for an early Friday twilight game with coworkers for 18.  First time I have played a full 18 in a LONG LONG LONG time.  Walked the course instead of riding despite the hills. I did have a few high points with some drives that were ahead of the others by 20 to 40 yards, a couple of good putts from longer than 6 feet, and topped off with one birdie and two pars.  Then there was everything else.  My consistency is no where near where I want it to be, too many scatter shots.  My short game needs me to practice and try to get back the one part of my game I was most proud of.  I have a lot of work to get me back to where I was before I stepped away from the game, but even though I topped too many, three putted more than I would like, and had the worst score of the foursome, I was very happy to be back on the course and in the fresh air.  Now if only the SW Idaho area can keep the weather at a level where it is comfortable to be out for 4 hours in the high desert air. 

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16 hours ago, EasyPutter said:

Totally awesome!  I can imagine it being the same age 🙂

Looking at the Google Maps satellite view, that must be front row viewing from the clubhouse!  (Does the clubhouse get hit often with golf balls?)

I say with great confidence that the aceless thread will be valid for me for a long time as only an act of God will cause such a thing as past shots have stopped where the cup had recently been by the traces sometimes visible proving I was late getting my ball to that spot.

On the clubhouse being hit, seen the roof being hit and balls ending in the car park but never seen a window hit. I've learnt over time where not to park my car.


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16 hours ago, GrumpyGolf said:

Nice one!!! (see what I did there?) 

On a side note - Did you have to change for this pic?  You are dressed better than 98% of the golfers I see these days.

Nope I didn't change for the photo just my usual sartorial elegance. 


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Perfect conditions today, barely a breathe of wind, a very rare occurrence. Best round for quite a while. Started really well, 2 over after 9, 8 pars and a double. Driver was working, perhaps the best round with the driver I’ve ever had. 

Started the back 9 well, with 2 birdies, one after hitting my approach to 2 feet, then chipped in on the next.

After that things went backwards. I’m blaming the appalling cover band at the winery next door that started up when we reached the 12th tee. 
Double, double, bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey,  bogey and a par to finish was a bit disappointing.

After my recent lack of golf and poor form pretty happy with how I played.

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playing tight  short course with lots of water   +7  not bad  

hit a 2 water balls  putts were not dropping until  the back 9

Had these wedge short from 80-120 wedge shot had bit of trouble adjusting and hit in to the pond behind the green

80 years and in I was confident to get to putting range

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On 5/20/2022 at 12:34 AM, Alf. S said:

Haven't post for a while but want to share.

After playing the game from the age of 13, at the age of 61 I hit my first hole in one yesterday.

Playing a tie at my Home course West Lothian Golf Club https://www.westlothiangc.com/course/. 18th, right in front of the club house, 135yds par 3 down hill with wind behind. A sweet hit Approach Wedge over the protecting bunker. Pitched about 2 feet from the hole and gently rolled into the hole. Got applause from the clubhouse and the Senior League team were on the 1st tee so they all congratulated me which added to the occasion

More than made up for losing the tie 3&2.

What made it sweeter is that I've been having problems with my irons and had the shanks up until a little work on the range on Wednesday. 



I got ya beat- started at 8, first hio at 65, then the next about 6 months later…


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:callaway-logo-1: Paradym 9 wood on HZRDUS reg flex

:taylormade-small: P770 / P790 combo set on Ventus R-6 shafts 6-AW

:mizuno-small:  T22 Denim Copper 54°, 58° on Kinetic X Trajectory 


:edel-golf-1: E.A.S. #4   (“Fang” or “Adele”)

:titelist-small: ProV1x, or, Maxfli Tour X

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1 hour ago, cksurfdude said:

Can we talk just about my putting and cheerfully ignore everything else? 😉

--> 15 putts over 9 holes with really good first putt distance control ... 3 x 1-putts and *NO* 3-putts!


Nice putting👍




Left Hand, 

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5 wood; Ping 425, Senior Shaft 55 gr       
7 wood; Ping 425, Senior Shaft 55 gr      
5 hybrid; Cally Steelhead, Hazardous R2     
Irons; Mizuno JPX 923HM 7-GW Recoil 460 F2
Wedges; Titleist S9 54*, Mizuno SW 56*

Putter; Waaay too many to list

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