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1 hour ago, zrumble said:

You ever have one of those rounds you just can’t finish? That was me today. Hitting drives 280 in the fairway, hitting GIRs, but just slightly too far away to convert. Had 6-7 putts stop within 2 inches. Ended up with a 77. 

Yup, been leaving putts a few inches short the last 2-3 rounds.

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:callaway-small: MavriK Sub Zero 9* on EvenFlow RipTide 6.0 50g

:cobra-small: Speedzone 3-wood on Tensi blue S

:cobra-small: F8 5/6 wood on Aldila NxT GEN MLT R

:Hogan: Combo iron set -8,9,per Icon 5,6,7 PtxPro 4-UiHi on Recoil 780 ES f4 Stiff shafts (best clubs ever)

:benhogan-small: Equalizer 50°, 54°, 60° wedges on Recoil 780 f4

:edel-golf-1: E.A.S. #4   (“Fang” or “Adele”)

:titelist-small: ProV1x

:callaway-small: .Org 14 cart bag

Adidas Tour 360 shoes



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Yesterday was my last day with SS V2, Shot a 44/43:87, a little final editing and all was good. Changed out all my Tags for V3.

Today was my 1st day with SS V3, Shot a 45/43:88, with very little post round editing.

Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft 

Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3-4W(16*) & 5-6W(20*) w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft 

Hybrid: Cobra F8 3 Hybrid(19*) w/Recoil ES regular shaft 

Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts 

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  

Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black).  

Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.


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1 hour ago, Sluggo42 said:

Yup, been leaving putts a few inches short the last 2-3 rounds.

I’d rather hit my irons less crisp and make every putt, than feel like my iron swing is flush, and watch putts stop 1” short. So hard to convince yourself to just hit it 1” further lol

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Stats: 5'4", Male, R-Handed, Moderate Tempo, Driver SS 115mph

Driver: Taylormade SiM Max 9*, TM Ventus Blue 6X
3w/5w: Callaway X-Hot, S-flex Fubuki shafts
3h: Tour Edge EXS Pro, Smoke Black 80g 6.0
4i-PW: Mizuno MP-4, DG S300
Wedges: Titleist SM7
56* Wedge: Callaway Jaws w/ 12* of bounce

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20 hours ago, jlukes said:

+3 on the front, Even on the back to shoot a 75

1 Double, 4 bogeys, 1 Eagle, 1 Birdie 

Struck the ball so well today throughout the bag. Only thing that let me down was bunker play. 

Almost aced a 304 yard Par 4 and tapped in for Eagle! 




And I thought my 288 yard drive on Friday was good.

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In the bag:
Driver: :titelist-small: TSi2 Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 6.0
Fairway: :Sub70: 939X 15° Project X Even Flow Blue 6.0
Hybrid: :Sub70: 939X 3 Hybrid Project X Even Flow Riptide 6.0
Irons: :wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged 4-GW Project X Catalyst 80 6.0
Wedge: :cleveland-small: Smartsole S
Putter :Sub70: Sycamore 005 Wide Blade
:Ogio: Alpha Convoy 514
Balls::Snell: MTB-X or Black

Cart: :CaddyTek: CaddyLite ONE Ver. 8

God Bless America🇺🇸, God save the Queen🇬🇧, God defend New Zealand🇳🇿 and thank Christ for Australia🇦🇺!

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Yesterday adventure started with a drive to Chickasaw Point Golf Course, in OK, WELL, a storm came thru and it was suppose to leave and but it decided that it was going to stay over the course, with no intentions of clearing and the course started to get really saturated. Unable to play, decided to travel south west away from the rain and ended up at Mansfield National, (not the first or 5 choice but a course of convenience) 

All and all not a bad round considering, the fairways where good, the greens have seen better days. You know there might be an issue when the paint the greens green in June.

Anyhow, we played and enjoyed the round, one of the toughest par3 i played, 243yds, to a left pin position from a blind tee shot into the green. Not sure its a fair tee box.

Played with a new Ping G410 LST driver, and it was absolutely  amazing, by far one of the most consistent driving performance I have ever had. I eliminated the right side of the fairway , all shots was a just smallest of fade that held the line i was aiming at. The fairways I missed were not bad shots, just a little more left than intended . (was accustomed for the ball to cut back with my other driver, this one just stayed). And the last one I missed right because i wanted to adjust tee box position and didn't hit at all. (Re-tee from where I have been teeing off all day and it was down the fairway, moral of the story if is working don't change it )

Not a bad round, could have been much better without some sloppy chipping on a few holes. This is building confidence for playing next week.




Edited by MrBandit
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Driver:  TourEdge Exotic Pro 9.5 with  NIPPO N.S. Regio Formula MB+ 65 Stiff
3 -Wood: TourEdge Exotic C721 13.5 with Hrdz RDX Blue Stiff
4-Hybrid: Cobra King F9 Hybrid
Irons: Mizuno MP-18 MMC - 5-PW , w/SteelFiber i125
WedgesCleveland RTX 4 RAW - 52 ,56, 60
Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven S, 34in
BallsTaylorMade Tour Response, TaylorMade TPx  & Snell MTB-X-
GPS:  :skycaddie: LX5 Watch

TESTED: NIPPO N.S. Regio Formula MB+ 65 Stiff.
TESTED: SkyCaddie LX5 GPS Watch

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Yea..., beer never was an ingredient for lower scores for me- but it did make for some fun times with the boys.. but that was many years ago

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:callaway-small: MavriK Sub Zero 9* on EvenFlow RipTide 6.0 50g

:cobra-small: Speedzone 3-wood on Tensi blue S

:cobra-small: F8 5/6 wood on Aldila NxT GEN MLT R

:Hogan: Combo iron set -8,9,per Icon 5,6,7 PtxPro 4-UiHi on Recoil 780 ES f4 Stiff shafts (best clubs ever)

:benhogan-small: Equalizer 50°, 54°, 60° wedges on Recoil 780 f4

:edel-golf-1: E.A.S. #4   (“Fang” or “Adele”)

:titelist-small: ProV1x

:callaway-small: .Org 14 cart bag

Adidas Tour 360 shoes



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10 hours ago, The 19th Hole said:

Took a short trip down to Monterey yesterday (sat) to play Poppy Hills GC in a small club turni (but more like a friendly gathering of 20 or so people). The course was being very strict on their Covid Policies. Don't arrive too early, no holes on the putting green, chipping area closed, restaurant closed, leave right after your round, don't touch the flag sticks, Only 1 person per Cart...which was all well and good; fully understand. But they did seem to go a bit overboard. Only 25 practice balls per person before round only and 10 min warm up time (like they literally had an employee sitting there behind your practice who hands out the 25 balls and times you) and they wont let you buy more balls regardless of the fact that they had 15 or so stalls spaced out to use, and there was never more than 4 people hitting at a time. The topper for me though was an extension of the 1 rider per cart to the following: Groups of 4 players, 1 rider per cart, 2 carts per group...So they are making half the group walk, but charging the same amount to all players. That irks me, regardless of the fact i was planning to walk anyways. Still don't like that...

On to the round, after not getting in my typical 80 or so warm up shots, or getting to roll my ball into a cup prior to playing I wasn't sure what to expect. It was an overcast day, but just warm enough that I could take the jacket off (helped that I was walking). Started off a bit rough hitting a trap off the first tee, but being a par 5 was able to recover pretty well for par. Hooked my tee shot into the trees on 3 and struggled to recover and lead to a double. Few holes later and a few missed putts and I was already 4 over for the day with 12 more holes to go still...time to open a beer...And good timing too, finished the front going Par, Birdie, Eagle! To get back to 1 over for the front nine. Sadly, with exception of 1 good par 3 on the 15th, the rest of the round didn't keep up and I fell back down to a solid, but somewhat disappointing 5 over 76 (par 71). Putting let me down a bit as I lipped out about 4-5 putts inside 6 ft (most of which more in the 3' range). All in all it was a nice round and was happy to get my first eagle of the year in the books, though I have no idea how I managed it:

Par 5 9th hole, little short @ 489 but playing uphill and slightly into the wind. It s a bit of a double dogleg with a trap protecting the inside corner on the tee shot. After playing my driver right center I had about 211 up hill to the flag. The flag was probably about halfway between the right edge of the green and where the flag in the stock photo below is, which means the landing area is quite small once you carry the trap protecting the front edge and to avoid bouncing though to the trap on the backside. I decided to choke down on a 3 wood and punch it up there best I could. Somehow I managed to hit it flag high on the fly AND it stopped before running off the green into the trap. Left me about an 18' putt which I rolled in for the 3. 



This photo had me thinking I was better than I was. You can see my tee shot up in the fairway about 50 yards off the green (just in front of the cart path sign in the fairway). Out drove my playing partner by about 60 yards. Riding high! Shamelessly even looked back at him and fake flexed. Hit my approach shot to the green and was left with about 7' for birdie. After marking my ball and cleaning it off I saw it...The fresh evidence of a cart path bounce. Apparently I didn't fly the corner by as much as I thought I did and was graced with a VERY beneficial bounce. Ego shattered, I missed the putt and tapped in for par before admitting to my partner the truth...







Nice round, great pics.  Looks like a nice course.

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Driver:  :honma:TR20 460, Vizard 60g Stiff

FW:  :tour-edge: CBX 119 3w, 15,  Project X Evenflow Blue 65g Stiff

Hybrids: :taylormade-small: SIM DHY 3 & 4H, Diamana Limited Hybrid 75g Stiff

Iron: :mizuno-small:JPX 919 Forged 5-GW, Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Stiff

Wedges: :vokey-small:SM8 54 S Grind, 60 M Grind

Putter: :EVNROLL:ER7B 

Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V1X

Tested the Honma TR20 460 driver

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Shot 78 on Father's Day at what is normally is a difficult course for me. I think my best round there before was 84. Played really well from the tee. Hit 12/14 fairways. Iron play was really solid. Almost holed 2 chips. Putted really well besides one 3 putt where I just read the break on a 30 footer completely wrong and missed my 6 feet. The comeback just missed by a 1/2 inch. But all around very happy with my round. 3 birdies is the most I've had for a while as well.  

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Titleist Blind Tester

  • Driver: :ping-small: K15
  • Woods::cobra-small: F6 Baffler AD DI 8S
  • Hybrid: :callaway-small: Apex 20 AD DI 85s
  • Irons: :srixon-small: Z585 5-6, Z785 7-PW, Modus 120x
  • Wedges: :cleveland-small: RTX4 50, Modus 120x:taylormade-small:, Hi Toe 56 & 60, Modus 120x
  • Putter: :EVNROLL:  ER3 @ 33"
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Absolutely pitiful golf over the weekend...87 and an 86....just poor ball striking, all around, putting a lot of pressure on my so-so chipping to get it up and down.  Obviously, it didn't fare well.

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Driver: :ping-small: G400 Max 9 degree set to +1, Aldila Extreme Green 55 gram R shaft 

Fairway: :taylormade-small: M4 3W (16.5*) 5W (21*) 7W (24*) -- stock R shafts.

Irons: :callaway-small: Apex CF19 6-9, PW, AW KBSTour Graphite  70g shafts R

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CBX2 52,56, 60 degree wedges

Putter: :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab 7S

Ball: :Snell: MTB-X

My Photography can be seen at Smugmug

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Three-putted the final hole for bogey to shoot 80 [emoji35]

It happens. Didn’t deserve a round in the 70’s with hitting 5 wedges inside of 100yds fat and missing GIR because of it. Three putted a few holes as well. Some days it just isn’t happening! Lol

Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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Instagram:  @tony_rosselli_

Twitter: @GolfSpy_CS


Pre training max driver speed: 124mph

Current: 130mph


Driver: :ping-small:G400 LST 8.5* with HZRDUS SMOKE 6.5 70g 

Woods: :taylormade-small: 2007 Burner TP 3 wood and 5 wood

Irons:  :srixon-small: Z765 4-PW (1 degree flat) with KBS $-130 shafts

Wedges:  :vokey-small: SM7 50/12/F, 54/10/S and 58/12/D

Putter: 681811256_Odysseylogo.png.499799aea6663befa411c8db1d859702.png Stroke Lab Ten S 33"

Ball:  :taylormade-small: 2019 TP5X

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